Saturday Night Live Assessment

This was possibly the worst Saturday Night Live ever. Certainly the worst this century. Dana Carvey seemed confused as to what constitutes comedy.


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      1. I agree with you on certain parts of the show but I did like the Wayne’s world clip. They were good to the point that for a moment I thought this was an old rerun. I didn’t see until they talked about the oscars then I realized this was new and noticed the lines on the face. My hubby and I are big Wayne’s world fans so I guess I didn’t see what you saw but again do agree on other parts of the show being odd at times and didn’t seem to be good. I agree to that. My favorite time of year or season as you will with SNL is campaigning. I mean Tina’s impression was just priceless! I need to go to bed 🙂

    1. I was going to saying something about them, but I didn’t want to sound like a “Hey you kids off my lawn” kinda guy.

    1. He is Jay Pharoah and he’s very good.

      The toughest part of being an impressionist is having good material. Just mimicking someone isn’t enough. His material was OK, not great.

      1. The overall skit wasn’t good at all. I just thought the impression was spot on. Thanks for the name. I didn’t know who it was.

  1. I started recording it so my husband could watch tomorrow when I saw Dana Carvey was on it… stopped the recording and erased it half way through… He certainly has lost his touch.

  2. Thanks for saving me the trouble. Do you think he killed the show or did the writers fail him? The writers haven’t been setting the house on fire lately. And Dana Carvey hasn’t been relevant in decades. (Some of my grad level students were 4 years old when Bush 41 left office.)

    1. I was not there and can only go on my observations. It seemed as if he was only going through the motions. It was as if someone thought the classic characters in these signature bits was enough to carry them without including fresh comedy. It was not.

  3. I caught it at about 12:15 and I was upset that I had missed so much of it. That was before watching it for ten minutes. I had to turn it off. Bad. Bad. Bad.

  4. Horrible, awkward and difficult to watch. There is a reason why you don’t hear much from Dana Carvey anymore. I think Mike Meyers carried him for a long time.

  5. I thought Dana Carvey was funny last night and a breath of fresh air to a disappointing season of SNL. Seth Myers has got to go on Weekend Update. The writing is terrible. I DVR’d some of the show and will watch it tomorrow to see if my opinion changes in the daylight.

    1. Firing Seth won’t be that simple. For some years, the head writer (and possibly a sidekick) *is* the presenter for Weekend Update. The parts of that I often switch out of are Wiig’s gigs. For some reason, the Pundits think she’s great. Not for me. But, then it could be that she’s given lame writing, too.

  6. I slept through it, woke up for the first Linkin Park song, then fell asleep again. Thanks for letting me know I didn’t miss anything!

  7. I only watched the last half hour — forgot it was on. I will admit I thought the last skit (about the OMD tribute band playing at the Packers fans bar) was kinda amusing, but only because that was the music of my youth and parodies of it will never fail to crack me up. :}

    SNL hasn’t been worth watching since Tina Fey left, and even then it was uneven. As an avid watcher of The Daily Show, “Weekend Update” is always too painful to endure…

  8. Meredith, you are correct. I bet I am really disappointed in SNL because there is much better “news” on Comedy Central! Love the Daily Show!

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