Super Bowl Cupcakes

She felt our kitchen only had two appliances: the refrigerator and sink. That was fine as she also thought we also had 24/7 maid service.

What you’re looking at is a photo of my daughter’s handiwork. She baked cupcakes for a Super Bowl party she’ll be attending. Am I astounded? Yes I am.

Minus the time she spent in a dorm Stef lived in Connecticut 22 years. During that time she felt our kitchen only had two appliances: refrigerator and sink. That was fine as she also thought we also had 24/7 maid service.

If Stef had lived here alone the house could have been resold with both the dishwasher and stove in mint condition. Somewhere on the way to California (possibly while on the plane) she learned to bake and (smelling salts please) clean! Her apartment is kept reasonably spotless.

Someone’s going to enjoy cupcakes this afternoon and temperatures in the seventies. It seems so unfair we’ve missed all this.

9 thoughts on “Super Bowl Cupcakes”

  1. That is the sweetest story I’ve ever heard! Quite funny asz well! My kids can’t seem to find the stove, and cleaning up? What’s that??? They swear I’m the Maid!! lol

  2. Geoff, I have four children, and each one have shocked me also. My last son recently have 13 month old twins. A boy and a girl. I am in awe, what a great father he has become. Every day I shake my head and smile………….Remember children are a mirror reflection. 🙂

  3. Beautiful cupcakes!! They will be a big hit I’m sure. Geoff I too remember when she was born, so grown up now and beautiful. One more thing, there are pictures of Stef and Helaine from your vacation where I think they look more like sisters than mother and daughter. And oh yes…you look great too!

  4. I taught my son well….how to do laundry…cook….clean.
    I love it when he says to me…gotta go, have to make dinner for Jackie (the girlfriend). He is quite the catch…now if my husband could figure out how to get a dish into the sink….

  5. Your Stef will hopefully be my daughter Liz. She is off to college next year and if her room is any indication, I will be called to hire a cleaning service after one week! Not to mention the only foods she is interested in cooking is mac and Cheese (Kraft – uck!), Raman, Pizza Bites and Meatballs – Lord help her dorm! Although, I think this is pretty much dorm food, but I’m hoping that by the time she graduates, there will be a miracle and all my attempted lessons, time in the kitchen will pay off…here’s hoping! BTW, she made great cupcakes! 🙂

  6. NICE JOB STEF!! Tell Stef next time she is home, I will make her a batch of buttercrunch for her if she makes cupckes.

    Hope to see you son.

  7. Our daughter used to say that “the floor is the biggest shelf in your house.” but now she is out of college, earns more money than her mother, has a boyfriend, and understands that clean is a good thing. At least most of the time.

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