Does Anyone Want To Be My Oprah?

I wrote my friend wondering if the show would ever need a computer expert to help non-sophisticated users

My unfolding story has had a number of positive effects. I’ve heard from a lot of people with whom I’d lost touch. Thank you for coming out of the woodwork.

Today I heard from someone I first met one summer over 20 years ago. Back then ABC used the Channel 8 studios to produce a series of experimental pilots. My friend was the network’s rep in our building.

It’s was pretty cool to see these shows go in and out of production over the course of a week. People you know today, but mainly unknown then, came to New Haven. We had Joy Behar, Rush Limbaugh, Curtis Sliwa, Bobby Rivers, Richard Belzer and a gaggle of others as hosts, producers and guests.

Anyway, my friend now works on the Nate Berkus Show. I have it on the TV right now. Nate is an Oprah discovery.

Oprah’s got the eye. Nate is comfortably charming on the tube.

I wrote my friend wondering if the show would ever need a computer expert to help non-sophisticated users? I don’t know.

It seems like something I could do. I know computers. I do TV. Right now I have some time on my hands. It could be fun.

Maybe someone wants to be my Oprah?

9 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want To Be My Oprah?”

  1. Geoff,

    Why not just start doing your own thing now? Set up the camera, do a computer Q&A with your Facebook and website fans, and see where it goes? Might be fun.

  2. I’m sure you’ve accumulated quite a stash of chips over the last 25 years. Cash some in. You’re (over) qualified for any number of technical or talent positions. Cash in some chips. Don’t be modest. Ask for the position you dream of.

    1. I met Gayle while she was working in Connecticut. I remember thinking, “Wow she’s tall and attractive.” She was very nice in the seconds we spent together.

      I did go on to steal borrow her outstretched hand used in promos and teases to show we would be on at five. I hope she doesn’t hold a grudge.

      I have no idea how to get in touch with Gayle which is probably how she wants it!

  3. Geoff I will be your Oprah til the end…whatever you do I will follow you…and I agree with Lon…with all the fans you had and have now…you can go places!

  4. Geoff,
    No not the new OWN network, I keep turning it on and
    guess what they keep showing repeats all the time. I keep
    calling Channel 8 and did send another e-mail to Lin Media
    too let them know how much we miss you. My daughter came
    to Channel 8 with Girl Scouts to meet you 8 years ago we saved
    it on tape because you were nice enought to let the troop be on

  5. Someone would LOVE to be the person who discovers YOU!!

    This is a story about a regular ol’ weatherman who over 26 years became The People’s Weatherman—and not just that, he became such a dear friend to all of the viewers that when his contract was not renewed, they rallied in the streets (soon, I think), brought down the station’s Twitter page, and wrote REAMS of letters to the parent company in protest!

    Hey! How many meteorologists cans say THAT??!!

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