Almost Like Old Times At The Olive

The only real difference was we left in separate cars and went in separate directions. Quel Dommage.

I haven’t been to the Greek Olive in a long time. I went tonight and had dinner with a few of my former co-workers. To protect the innocent I’ll avoid names.

It was like old times. I had a cup of soup, Chicken Caesar wrap and a few gallons of coffee.

We schmoozed. We dished.

The only real difference was we left in separate cars and went in separate directions. Quel Dommage.

16 thoughts on “Almost Like Old Times At The Olive”

  1. I’m glad you are all still remaining friends. You all resonated a great personal kinship on the air.

    It’s good that you’re protecting them, and I’m not bagging on any of you at all, but they shouldn’t be in fear of reprimanding for hanging out with you on a personal level. If that’s a legitimate fear, then the atmosphere at WTNH must be quite toxic.

  2. — Quel Dommage.

    I haven’t heard that pun since high school; my friends took French (they were pansies) while I endured Latin.

    — If that’s a legitimate fear, then the atmosphere at WTNH must be quite toxic.

    In spades.

    1. Robert, I don’t even know what “quel dommage” means. (I took Spanish in high school.)

      Geoff, it’s a shame to read you refer to your old colleagues as your “former co-workers.” I wish they were your “still are” co-workers.

      We surely do miss your weather reports, Geoff. You got a raw deal.

      I agree with poster Tim. Enjoy your time off. Don’t get on Helaine’s nerves too much. (Just kidding! {|-)) I just hope your break isn’t too long and that you’ll soon be back on the air again at some TV station. (Channel 8’s loss will be your new employer’s and their viewers’ gain.) Hopefully it’ll be a station where at least some of us here in Connecticut will be able to watch you.

  3. I’m glad to hear you were out at the “Olive” with the crew. I’m sure it was a mixed blessing, but it’s good for you to continue those relationships. On-air you all showed a kinship that endeared all of you to your public. I’m sure parting was difficult under the circumstances, but life moves on………….and so will you.

    You are truly missed Geoff. And with gallons of coffee in you, I know I don’t even have to say “don’t go to sleep yet……” because there won’t be any sleep for you until the wee hours of the morning, lol.

  4. I just discovered the Greek Olive this week. I had dinner there (early) tonight. I’m kind of sorry I missed seeing y’all there! I’m definitely sorry I’m not seeing you on TV every night!

    I’m also happy to hear you’re still spending time your old co-workers. Nobody should ever let a company decide who they can be friends with.

  5. I am glad to hear you had a good time with your old coworkers and friends—I am quite sure you had a lot to talk about.

    I so miss your on air personality! The viewers were robbed of a goodbye from you but that seems to be the new age we are in…cold and unfair.

    I hope you continue to at least keep this site up and running once you go on to bigger and better things my friend. It was wonderful over the MANY YEARS to watch the pride you had in your family and in meteorology–second to none.

    As I have said numerous times I wish you and your family the best and I hope once you find a new job it is local–and you let us viewers know about it or whereever it is.

    I still watch the early news once in awhile but I appreciate all the years you gave of yourself so willingly. Good luck

  6. Last night was the first time in a LONG time I didn’t miss you terribly! It’s because today is the first day I was staying hunkered down at home to do my taxes (and my FAFSA) and didn’t need to know the weather! What WAS the weather today? lol… I am now starting to miss you again because the news is on and in a few minutes I will get my “Geoff Lite” forecast… sigh. All that technology is only as good as the forecaster’s interpretation and the delivery of the message… *SIGH*

  7. This blog entry brought me a smile. I loved when you’d take “dinner” photos of the old gang. I think one of my favorites was the one of you sitting forlornly in Michaels…. My husband can so relate to that. Of course, after reading your post, I want a chicken caesar wrap….(sigh..I have an eating disorder…can’t stop.) 😀

  8. Without naming names, of course (either those at dinner or those who weren’t), did the dishing include who, if anyone, is slated to join you in being an ex-8-er? Or were you the Incan virgin sacrificed to appease the Nielsen God? Do they really expect a bountiful harvest now?

  9. It is a good thing to have dinner with those who are still your friends. It is tough when you have to hide who they may be, especially since it might impair their employment. Too bad WTNH doesn’t realize how much they hurt themselves or their obligation to the public who give them their ratings. They have hurt themselves and all those who still work for them due to their behavior. Isn’t this what we teach our children not to do?

    That being said, glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you resurface on another local TV station after your contract is up. Definitely will be looking forward to your view on the weather once you are able to broadcast it again!

  10. You are fortunate to have good REAL friends who are not intimidated to remain loyal to you. Good for them!!

    When I had my “issue”, my employer threatened my employees OUTRIGHT not to send a flower, a card, or make a phone call to me or they would follow me out the door! But what was really sad is that they caved and did as they were told! 🙁

    Keep living, Geoff! Have a ball!! You are way too good for that station—and the more I learn about them, the stronger I feel about that! Ptui!!
    There is much more to you than just being the local weatherman! We all know it and will be here on a daily basis to let you know that we love you and support you and will wait with you to see what new adventure will come to your life! And it will! (Your karma is GREAT!)

  11. I still have an occasional lunch with the people I worked with at my ol’ employer. I was retired over 9 years ago and still get together for a nice chat. It’s good to keep in touch. It’s harder when you’re a personality and can’t be public about it. Glad to hear you had a nice time.

  12. I don’t get it. This is the United States, you Geoff Fox, and myself can have a meal with whoever we want. Corporate America should not be able to dictate who we socialize with. BTW my wife will not allow channel 8 on for any reason anymore in our house and to top it off she is from rhode island and doesnt even understand the longevity and iconic nature of your persona, but the LIN television people have angered her greatly.

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