Exercising Or Exorcism?

Have no fear, that’s not the DVD I ordered. Those folks are nuts!

I have promised Helaine I’d get in shape since the beginning of time. Now we’re doing it. I’m not sure if this is exercising or an exorcism!

We knew going to the gym wouldn’t work for us.

Sorry gym people. You are much more motivated than I am. Adding travel time to a gym won’t work. We bought a DVD instead.

Hands now: How many of you have seen the P90X commercial and visualized yourself looking like that? Have no fear, that’s not the DVD I ordered. Those folks are nuts&#185!

The P90X program actually is well reviewed online, but nearly everyone also points to a pre-program test to make sure you’re up for that level of training. The test was unnecessary for me!

There is a wimpier brother to P90X called Power90. That too is well received and what I ordered.

I have never ordered anything online with so much upselling! Before finishing the deed I had to say no at least four times for add-on and additional features.

The world doesn’t want to be that much of an Adonis!

Helaine and I are doing the program together. We just finished Day 2. The instructor is good. The exercises reasonably easy to replicate.

I can feel it and it doesn’t seem beyond my potential capabilities. Both yesterday and today I stopped a few times. The program cautions you not to overdo it. In fact you’re encouraged to underdo it at first. That was an easy sell with me.

You are also supposed to take a “Before” picture before setting out. Right. Good luck on that.

I’ll let you know how it works. All I can say now is the journey has begun.

&#185 – My friend Theresa is a fitness animal and has conquered P90X. She is nuts only in the nicest way. Please Theresa, don’t beat the crap out of me.

6 thoughts on “Exercising Or Exorcism?”

  1. I so understand that upsell at the end! I love TurboJam and when I’m allowed to work out again, I will jam… and I’m with you. There are few times when I will go for the ‘easy’ road. I’m with you on the break thing! 🙂 Enjoy it! Funny thing, it is addicting! 🙂

  2. Geoff I have so been telling myself the same thing and just can’t find the motivation. I might just look into this…good luck!

  3. I work out regularly but I’ve just never been up for P90X – I just don’t think my 50 year old bones could take it. I will maybe look into the Power90 but in the meantime will stick to Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred (or is it Shed? I can never remember). That is also a take at your own pace til you get it going workout – and it has 3 levels.

  4. Geoff you should buy a Nintendo Wii. You should get the Sports Resort game with it… and buy the Wii Fit game with the balance board…one evening of playing this with your wife and the next day muscles you didn’t know you had will ache… and it’s a lot of fun!!! YouTube the Wii Sports Resort.. see how much fun it is!

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