It Used To Be A Bank

As my friend Steve was taking me around I asked if there was still a vault? Yes!

There are cool places to work and then there are COOL places to work. I visited one of the latter today. Connecticut Radio Network International is located in an old bank building near the Hamden/New Haven line.

I remember when I first came to Connecticut driving by the building and seeing their “ON AIR” sign where you’d expect one for the drive-in window. I thought there was a radio station in there.

As my friend Steve was taking me around I asked if there was still a vault? Yes! It’s now a conference room with a conversation piece for a door.

Is it a practical building for an office setup? I don’t know. I don’t work there. But if you’re looking for a wow factor at work, it’s perfect.

14 thoughts on “It Used To Be A Bank”

  1. I did work in that building, the plumbing leaves a lot to be desired. But very cool on the conference room!
    I guess when the boss ssys “we are not leaving this room untill we figure this out”
    He could really enforce it!

  2. I worked one summer as a temp receptionist for CRN. I was only 18, but even way back in the day I thought it was awesome. It was a strange layout for sure, but really fun and funky.

  3. I was so happy when they repurposed that building. It used to be a bank when I was a child, that area of Hamden was called the Bank section…Always loved the architecture and how it sits on that triangle-shaped corner.

  4. An old bank in Cleveland was converted into a restaurant! They used the “vault” room as their private dining room…door and all! Very cool, indeed!!!

  5. It is amazing what they can do with bank buildings – there is a Irish bar and restaurant called RiRa in Portsmouth, NH – it was built inside an old bank building…

  6. I remember it being a bank, too. Then it was a radio station. Didn’t Glenn Beck work at that station a long time ago??? I think that was the one.

  7. Isn’t one of the Max Restaurants in Hartford in an old Bank? I think PLR may have bee n in the building in Hamden at one time.

  8. For those who are interested it is now a thriving media marketing and communications company employing over 70 people and housing the CT Radio Network (hence the on-air sign). Every day CRN CT sends out programming and commercial to stations all over Connecticut and the USA.

    It is a cool place to work.

  9. There is a restaurant in Arlington, MA, named Flora that is housed in the building that was the former Arlington 5cents Savings Bank. The vault there is used as a private room also.
    I need to add my voice with those who have found you on your blog to fill the void that is Channel 8’s loss.

  10. This is not terribly on the subject, but not really OFF it, either – every time i drive by the bank that used to be the Krispy Kreme on the Berlin Tpke, I wonder if the money smells like doughnuts…

  11. Yes, there was a restaurant in hartford called the last national bank. it used to be a bank and my family went there often to celebrate events. it was very good.

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