I Love Leftovers

“We should start a leftover restaurant,” I said. “We’d cook it fresh then serve it the next day or maybe the day after that.”

A few days ago Helaine made turkey bolognese sauce which she served over whole wheat pasta. It was delish and there were leftovers. Perfect.

That kept me from being too disappointed when our dinner plans fell apart. There was bolognese waiting. Tonight it was even more delish!

I suspect the additional time is why leftovers always seem more infused with taste. In many cases leftovers beat the original meal.

“We should start a leftover restaurant,” I said to Helaine. “We’d cook it fresh then serve it the next day or maybe the day after that.”

She looked at me. It was that look only wives can give husbands.

OK, it’s a stupid idea for a restaurant. If it was a good idea there’d already be a chain called “Leftovers.” Everyone wants fresh food… or do they?

Leftovers are the unspoken bonus that comes with a home cooked meal.

17 thoughts on “I Love Leftovers”

  1. I am the queen of left-overs. We eat them all the time. I call my left-overs makeover meals. (So, don’t you dare steal it!!!!) And yes, a number of dishes get better with age. Our left-over beef stew tonight is a prime example.

  2. Without sounding like a dork (is that possible?) I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. Most make me laugh and a few make me think. I have a new appreciation of them since Jan. and I hear your voice narrating as I read. I realized, today, that your ability to weather the recent turmoil lies in your ability to see the humor and wit in daily life. Kudos to you. And, yes, I know the look your wife gave you. I have had that look om my face a few times in the past 25 years.

  3. Geoff,
    I agree left overs are far better then the first time around meal many times I actually make a meal the day before and put it in the fridge and serve it the second night. Or will freeze it for another day. Homemade soups are always yummy the second day.

  4. I’m with you Geoff. There’s a whole variety of meals that are best leftover. The reason is simply that while the ingredients set, they marry and many times sauces have time to thicken. I wouldn’t say all meals are better as leftovers, but there are enough of them to choose from. So, I say, perhaps you have an idea in the making. I know it sounds “off”, but interesting all the same.

  5. You’re right Geoff….leftovers are a bonus…if there are any , that is! There never seems to be any when my sons are home from school (but there definitely is when they aren’t). I have not yet learned to cook for less people when they are not here. Some people love leftovers and some people don’t. I remember growing up and my father hated them…not sure why but that seems to be the way my sons are…one of them loves leftovers, the other not so much 🙂

  6. Some things (like what you mentioned) do well as leftovers – some things do not…but leftovers can be a bonus “spur of the moment” meal…

  7. The only problem with a leftover restaurant, it that leftovers are sometimes the best part of going out to eat…though not sure I’d want leftovers of leftovers….

  8. And the other bonus re leftovers is that you can just throw them in the microwave and warm them up – rather than spending an hour cooking. No wonder they taste better!

  9. Pasta = good left overs. Turkey = good left overs. Steak = can’t be a left over item… Not in it’s original form anyway. That would need transforming into something else. Maybe there’s a special way to reheat it that I don’t know about?

  10. Hi Geoff, I agree with every thing Sue said. Miss you on tv but love this blog! As far as left overs lasagna is the best also beef stew, just saying…

  11. Hi Geoff, I also agree with Sue and love reading your blog. I too can hear you narrating as I’m reading! I love the way you view life and embrace its ups and downs. Your humor is a gift!I wish you the best in all life has to offer and remember- what goes around comes around! Just saying…

  12. Love leftovers. It’s what makes those great holiday meals even greater! Family and friends are great. Nothing beats that stolen turkey at about 2 a.m…

  13. I can’t believe that you’re only just discovering leftovers! I take them to work and warm them in the microwave and all my co-workers are drooling over them when they come in and smell them. Many have asked for the recipes. I never read your blogs until I could no longer watch you on TV and now I have to get my “Geoff Fix” here every night. Don’t ever tire of writing your blog. It’s bad enough that we can’t watch you on TV.

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