Snow Is Ugly/Snow Is Beautiful (Photos)

Mother Nature: You’ll note I now have my photos. Please feel free to melt what’s left.

It’s been a while since we had a substantial snow. Don’t feel sorry. We’ve been storing the white stuff as if there was a “Snow 401-K.” There’s still plenty everywhere!

I carried my camera while heading to Rick’s house this afternoon. There was beauty to capture. There was ugliness too. Let’s start with that.

Snow falls white, but it’s a dirt magnet! After a few weeks the snow is coated with soot and dirt. Ugly!

Nearly every road in Connecticut is now flanked by this ugly snow.

On the positive side Jepps Brook has started to poke through its snowy blanket a few hundred yards from here. The same goes for Sleeping Giant, what passes for a mountain in South Central Connecticut.

Mother Nature: You’ll note I now have my photos. Please feel free to melt what’s left.

3 thoughts on “Snow Is Ugly/Snow Is Beautiful (Photos)”

  1. On one of those snow days when I was fortunate enough not to have to go into work, I was watching Regis & Kelly. She called the dirty snow “snirt”. I think it fits!

  2. We really miss you on the air, Geoff.
    As I watched the weather tonight, I said – if Geoff was on , he’d be telling us about the sun flares and how it could effect us as particles hit the earth.
    Amazing how you could educate us in just a few short minutes.
    All the best…..

  3. I know I’m in the minority but I would like some more snow before the end of the season. Not the 20+ we had while you were on vacation, Geoff, but just enough to pretty up what we have left. The summer heat and humidity crucify me so this is the time of year I can actually breathe pretty well and hate to see it go.

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