Observations On Tomorrow’s Snow

Brad loves winter and snow as much as anyone I know. If he’s sick of it… well it’s like Lindsay Lohan complaining about the moral deterioration of America!

Oh my God! I just watched Brad Field say of the winter’s weather, “This is enough.” Brad loves winter and snow as much as anyone I know. If he’s sick of it… well it’s like Lindsay Lohan complaining about the moral deterioration of America!

Meanwhile it’s snow again for tomorrow into Thursday. Not a huge storm, but still a royal pain.

As always the computer models have agreed to disagree! The NAM is all snow while the GFS is a mixed bag on the shore with some sleet mixing in (though a smaller piece of the pie) all the way up to the Massachusetts border.

At work I’d be anguishing over this forecast. This afternoon I am calm.

I’ve included a map of the current (as I write this) Weather Service watches and warnings.

In one of those confusing situations that unbending NWS policy can produce the shading over Hartford and Middlesex Counties aren’t for this storm, but flooding on the Connecticut River. It’s flooding which isn’t really affecting anyone and is currently receding. Connecticut River flood warnings are most often (not always) for situations no one cares about!

More snow will fall than will accumulate! Some will melt on contact. Some will settle into what has fallen earlier. Whatever we get will slow things down, but won’t be a back breaker.

Spring is almost here.

24 thoughts on “Observations On Tomorrow’s Snow”

  1. I just heard Brad say the same thing! LOL He’s looking forward to Little League practice! I’m looking forward to any outdoor activity that doesn’t include SNOW! 😉

  2. THIS is what I miss – You have a knack for explaining this is a way that educates and informs. You help average folks like me UNDERSTAND the situation. If you ever decide to run a CT Weather site, That will be my go-to, not TV.

    I’m betting there will be no measurable accumulation here in Branford.

    1. I so agree I said almost the same thing yesterday. Geoff is one of a kind and you can tell he enjoys the educating of his fans !!! WE CONTINUE TO MISS YOU,GEOFF !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with the above comment. You have a wonderful way of explaining the weather which is both informative and amusing…your presence on the tube is greatly missed!

  4. Thanks for the read on this “spring snow storm”. Figures, we just broke the motorcycles out of hybernation. They will not be pleased. Hopefully, as you said Geoff, “some will melt on contact”….I’m hoping that “much of it will melt on contact!”
    Hurry back, we need your forecasts….

  5. Came here to get the “real” forecast for tomorow – flying out of BDL in the afternoon, sounds like we will get out of here! Thanks…

  6. I was so happy to see your weather comments. What a great surprise! I check your blog every couple of days since you went off air. You still hold the prize for the clearest and easiest to understand forecast. Your humor thrown in makes a miserable forecast ALMOST enjoyable! Please come back SOMEPLACE where we can watch you!

  7. Geoff, have to drive to Philadelphia tomorrow. The Weather Channel says it will be all rain there. Is there a way to figure out which route would be the least worrisome?

  8. Geoff you are miss ! I can remember the first day you started I was just a young girl and I use to watched you with my grandma and still did as I got older. Nobody will ever take your place ! Thank -you for all those wonderful years! And one more thing for the record the new weather man is making alot of mistakes. I never know what the day going to be like .I have to look out my window . They lost a great guy !

  9. Had one of those Geoff Fox moments in the garden last weekend. You know when Geoff says, “Now that spring is upon us – if you’re gonna start working in the garden, make sure you make some noise around the shed so the winter critters don’t get surprised… ” Took the advice and sure enough, a skunk ran out the back of the woodpile. Thanks buddy.

  10. I am SO glad to get a forecast from you, Geoff! 🙂

    I am glad Cox Cable is battling TNH for coverage in the Cox areas. I hope TNH LOSES!!! They DESERVE to be taken off the air! And the mindless people who still watch can get out their RABBIT EARS and try to suck in the signal! LOL

    I hope you are enjoying the fact that you no longer have to stress about the forecast.That is the silver cloud of early retirement!

  11. Yeah, now that you’re gone it’s all about Brad Field and Bruce Deprest. In truth I always navigated the few minutes between all three of you to average the forecast. Sadly you are the only network forecaster I ever saw lose his position and surprisingly the one I liked the best.
    I came from Albany – the true home of meteorology by anyone’s definition – since for years all the Northeast meteorologists came out of SUNYA. When I came to Connecticut you were the clear replacement for Bob Kovachick whom I missed from the NBC affiliate in Albany. Bob is still there after 20 plus years but he’s showing his age not by any means in quality of forecasts but in gaining weight. I think the meteorologist is the home you always come to – even more than the anchor people. I think someday Mark Higgins for all the pressures he may be facing, will someday pen an autobiography. The title will be “Never Fire the Weatherman”.

    1. Bruce and Brad are both friends and excellent forecasters who care about their viewers. They both went to Lowell State in Massachusetts.

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