A Quick Forecast Update

For most locations this storm will be a minor inconvenience.

As of this afternoon there is a new model to look at. The storm has moved into the realm of the RUC (Rapid Update Cycle). That’s a short term mdel run every hour. It is in agreement with the NAM and GFS which both seem a little warmer than last night.

What this means is a shift of the rain/snow line a little farther north. Not much, but at this stage of the game even 10 miles is a big deal. A combination of rain and snow usually means we only deal with the rain.

For most locations this storm will be a minor inconvenience. Accumulations should be slushy if there’s any snow to accumulate at all. I won’t be surprise to see Hartford, Middletown, and Storrs with no need for plows. On the shoreline you’re off-the-hook.

It’s still cold and wet enough for significant snow in the hills and some other areas close to the Massachusetts border. I’ll be looking for pretty pictures from friends in Warren and Kent.

20 thoughts on “A Quick Forecast Update”

  1. Geoff,

    Nice to still be able to rely on your weather advice. Alan (above) has had the same thoughts I had: who needs the TV to get good weather advice these days? Er.. what we do need — as I’m sure you know — is a coherent economic model for web content providers…

  2. Thanks Geoff ! But if you could move that rain line just a little closer to Sharon CT would be greatly appreciated !!!!

  3. You have always been the most accurate. I have to check here because there is no one else I really trust. You are not always right on, but you are the most consistent and right more often than any other in the region.

  4. Let’s see, hulu.com. + Geoff Fox weather when I go on facebook, hmm = @ minimum Channel 8 obsolete if not television altogether. Peace.

  5. Thanks, Geoff; We miss you very much. It’s so rare when someone not only really knows his stuff but can comunicate it in a way that makes them a real presence not just on your tv but in your living room-like a trusted old friend. We can’t watch the evening news on WTNH anymore and the other stations just don’t cut it. As far as we are concerned although we respect many good on air people on WTNH those idiots in management got rid of their greatest asset. Good luck in what ever comes next for you.

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