Charlie Sheen: A Jerk Is A Jerk Is A Jerk

I think tonight qualifies as actually committing career suicide; show biz death at one’s own hands.

Sweet. Seriously, it’s sweet. Charlie Sheen got booed off the stage by people who paid money to see Charlie Sheen! This is how the “Violent Torpedo of Truth” made its debut in the Motor City Saturday.

What couldn’t be done by Charlie versus a porn star (why are there no porn character actors, only stars?) at the Plaza, or Charlie versus Chuck Lorre at Warner Brothers was done by Charlie on his own. Tonight qualifies as career suicide–show biz death at one’s own hands!

The most important thing to be gleaned from what went down at the Fox Theater in Detroit is writers rule!

Charlie may think he was everything to “Two and a Half Men.” He was not.

He was funny because the writing was funny. If Charlie could deliver well that was just a bonus.

Charlie was probably confused by Chuck Lorre’s ability to fashion stories in his own own voice. He mistakenly thought the dialog was actually Charlie speaking.

Guess he knows now.

As ‘talent’ I want to side with talent. Charlie Sheen made that totally impossible. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk.

In the land of literal and metaphorical whores Warner Brothers made what seems like a morally correct decision in letting him go. If there was any question til now tonight Charlie confirmed the judgement.

11 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen: A Jerk Is A Jerk Is A Jerk”

  1. I feel bad for Charlie’s Dad who was an actor I admired and seemed to care about his sons. My niece got free tickets to see Charlie in CT, I await what she says. That said, I loved his show but…poor guy needs help. I hope this helps him realize that. Such a sad situation.

    1. Susie….I would hold on to those tickets….they may be worth something …someday. Just not entrance to a live show by Charlie Sheen..that just may be cancelled.

  2. It is hard to remember that his outrageous behavior is due to his psychiatric illness. He is in need of a good psychiatrist.
    But no one ever goes voluntarily to a shrink while they’re in that manic omnipotant megalomania phase.

    My favorite phrase for Bi-Polar disease is “what goes up must come down” (OK, I stole it from Newton). Those of us with the disease tend to get better by keeping regular hours, sleeping well, trying to minimize situations where we tend to get “wound up”—and of course, taking our medications. It is certainly easier to do that in middle age than it was when I was in college! LOL

    I fear for him when his mania breaks and he realizes what he has done to his life, his family, his kids. They better watch him closely and at THAT time, have the car running to get him into a hospital for treatment.

  3. Don’t know whats worse, that this guy is on such a downward spiral of narcotics induced self destruction or that the media is so keen to cover every moment of it.

  4. I’m not sure “jerk” is the right word for an addict. I’m pretty slow to recommend people go to rehab or a 12-step group, but clearly Charlie is driven by forces outside his own control. This makes me very sad.
    Also, as a writer who started out in life wanting to be an actress, I understand both sides. After 10 yrs away from acting a director put me in his play without an audition. This he did based on my flattering and well-written reviews of his esoteric plays in San Francisco. Within two weeks I quit. Acting, I had forgotten, was not so easy.

  5. Many people have tried to deny they are unraveling mentally and emotionally the way he has been doing. It is sad for all of them. For the sake of his family, I hope he does get help and not end up terminal.

  6. Yay! He’s finally getting what he deserves, but I hope he’ll soon decide to get the treatment he needs. He does make good subject matter for a Peeps contest the Denver Post is having. My daughter made a funny diorama based on Charlie. I tried to attach a photo of it here, but couldn’t. It’s on my Facebook page.

  7. Although Charlie Sheen has been the fonder of many news media, late night talk shows and blogs we need to focus on his mental state and not make light of or criticize his recent actions without knowing the facts. I believe it is unfair to name him a “jerk” at this time without knowing the full scope of his mental state. Unfortunetly he has surrounded himself with enablers looking for a quick buck and taking advantage of his instability and celebrity status. We need to stop labeling him with unfair name calling and hope he gets the much needed mental help and treatment he obviously needs. Let’s have some compassion for him and others that suffer from mental illness.

  8. Charlie was a jerk a decade ago and more. I think it’s perfectly fair to call him one now.

    He most likely does have a psychiatric illness that needs to be treated – is that proven or just speculation at this point? But there are aspects of his personality that are all Charlie and would be so no matter what his psychiatric condition or whether he took meds or not. I hope he gets help, but as of right now, it doesn’t appear he’s planning on it or that anybody in his inner circle cares enough to get him the help he needs. It’s a sad end to a career but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I’m certainly not going to apologize for agreeing that he’s a jerk.

  9. Call him whatever, he has a major problem BUT…. the people that actually spent $$ on tixs, NOW what to call them?
    Misbehavior etc, in todays society is looked upon as a wonderful thing, therein is the problem.

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