The Reason For More Rain: Me!

Coincidence? I think not. I’m the moral equivalent of having your car washed.

More rain on-the-way for later tonight (I’m writing this Monday at 6:45 pm). On top of that is the chance for thunderstorms. Wind too!

I started to think about the gloom through Tuesday afternoon and realized why it was happening. I have another voiceover audition! I don’t want to say I’m jinxed, but this will be my fourth audition and each one was on a rainy day!

Coincidence? I think not. I’m the moral equivalent of having your car washed.

The Monday/Tuesday rain unfortunately is not the exception. I’ve attached a printout from the GFS model over the next week. Each of those vertical green lines represents rain. Higher lines mean more rain!

12 thoughts on “The Reason For More Rain: Me!”

  1. Maybe the reason for the rain on your audition dates is because… the sun will come out tomorrow? lol sorry couldn’t help myself 🙂

  2. So that must mean you’ll have a bunch more auditions! You’ll let us know when you land one, right? Then we can figure out the weather correlations – all very scientific.

  3. I said our crappy weather over the winter was because the weather gods were pissed you got let go!

    Apease them! Just get a great job…then we’ll have an incredible summer! Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Geoff…if you say it, I believe it…Nobody explains it better than you! I hope that you get a job soon, but please don’t stop informing us about your whereabouts! 🙂

  5. I’m thinking about last summer, how hot and muggy and unbearable it was…this seems just fine, to me! It’s good for snuggling in, reading a book, and having something yummy to drink. Not so good for auditions, though. Best of success on this one!

  6. Bring the rain on Geoff!! Well, at least a little bit. Raked, airated, fertilized, seeded and reseeded the lawn, and a nice soaking rain will make the effort all seem worth while. Until it’s time to break out the mower!!
    Good luck with the voice over.

  7. Geoff: I just thought I would join the thousands of people who enjoyed watching you on Ch.8.
    I’m 63, and you are who you are, that never changed, and so keep being you, and don’t be suprised when “the email” comes or “the call”, saying, “hey geoff, can you start on……………..LOL.

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