I Need Your Vote For My Good Deed

Vote once and encourage your friends to vote as well.

Last week I decided to offer the design of a simple website to a local charity or civic group. Let’s face it, without a website today some people don’t think you exist! I got a bunch of very worthy entrants.

I asked each entrant to write a little bit about his or her group. You can read those descriptions here.

Now it’s your turn to chime in!

All this week you can vote for the group you’d like to see get the website. They are listed on the right side of this page (and every other page on “My Permanent Record.”

Vote and encourage your friends to vote as well. If you click the “Like” button at the bottom of this entry it will post a link to your Facebook wall encouraging more folks to vote.

Good luck to all our worthy entrants. I look forward to designing your site.

22 thoughts on “I Need Your Vote For My Good Deed”

  1. Tough choice, but “RAGE/ Random Acts of Generous Emotion” would reach a more “at-risk” audience and has a powerful mission.

  2. Geoff, The Beacon Falls Congregational Church gets my vote. It sounds like they could really use your help.

    Miss seeing you on-air and I hope you hit a winner with your recent auditions 🙂

    1. Denise, Be sure you vote in the section to the right —->
      commenting here doesn’t count as a vote.

      Thanks so much for your support!

  3. R.A.G.E gets my vote as It reminds me of something we used to do years ago called ‘Good Fridays’ where you would do something nice to someone just out of human kindness.

  4. RAGE really needs a full website to promote generosity. I believe RAGE will truly benefit in their commitment to make a difference in this world beginning with our children. With a new website, RAGE will be unstoppable!

    1. aww Patty there are so many worthy things that matter, and a garden is so much more than just pretty flowers 🙂

  5. OK — here’s the deal. All these groups fulfilled my qualifications. The winner will be the group that receives the most votes. Voting ends Sunday night.

    No sniping. No fighting.

    Seriously–no good deed goes unpunished!

  6. I know you do and you always have. It just seems as if they “losers” will be so disappointed. Good deeds are always rewarded.

  7. RAGE is my choice as it has much to offer the people of CT. Altho is has been in existence about 5 months it is well organized, has many volunteers and is offering a wide variety of services- homeless, schools, children advocacy etc. With a good website it will be seen by more people, who will make donations that will allow this project to expand its services.

  8. What a wonderful idea. I am voting for Beacon Falls Congregational Church. My brother in law would have been so grateful to be able to have the site completed for his church. God bless you Brian, we miss you!

    1. Mindy – I know Brian put in many many hours on his labor of love that is our website. He was taken from us far too early, I know he had great plans for our church and it’s site. I pray we win this contest so Geoff Fox can take it to the next level and honor Brian’s work! Your family is always in our prayers for comfort. Love, Liza

      1. Mindy-

        We all miss Brian dearly– even four months later I think of him on a daily basis– he was a huge presence in our church, and, sadly, left a huge void. He was an amazing, genuine and talented person. This would be such a wonderful, wonderful way to honor and remember him. Like Liza said, all of you are in our prayers for comfort and peace, but we all know Brian is with the Lord.

        Love, Johanna

  9. Geoff, you are doing a wonderful service. Aside from the website which is very generous of you, you have provided much needed exposure for these organizations as well. I hope others who have the experience and knowledge will step up and do the same for the groups that are worthy but lacking in votes.

  10. My vote is for RAGE/ Random Acts of Generous Emotion. That one seemed to hit home. Geoff, you are such an amazing person for touching so many peoples lives.

  11. My vote is for BFCC. I did not have the privilege of knowing Brian Jose (I started attending the church about a month before he died) but it’s evident hw much he was loved and how hard he was working to get a website up and running. You’re doing a wonderful thing Geoff. It was just a few days ago when I was asking someone if they knew what you were doing. There are so many people who miss you. Hope all is going well.

  12. BFCC sounds like they could really benefit from you sharing your time & talents with them, Geoff… and it’ll continue on to all the folks who benefit from the site in the future… great way to help many, many folks!!! AND, hope all is well with the job-hunt – miss you on the air! but great following you online.

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