Facebook Scamming And Spamming!

Maybe she didn’t do it directly, but by giving permissions to a Facebook app provider she was the enabler.

I’ve written before about how Facebook is becoming a spammer and scammer’s paradise. Obviously they’re not reading my blog. It continues to get worse. That’s worrisome as Facebook becomes more our virtual town square every day.

You just got spammed on your Wall, by someone simply tagging you in a photo. Interesting way to do it.

That was a message from my friend Peter. He saw how another friend seemingly tagged all me and all her other friends inside a graphic that was really an ad. She says she didn’t do it.

OKAY….i did not sent anyone a message or poke you….DO NOT OPEN ANYTHING….IT IS A VIRUS…..

Maybe she didn’t do it directly, but by giving permissions to a Facebook app provider she was the enabler. Most of us have grown used to clicking approval or permission without looking at what we’re doing. That is always the case with these attacks.

Facebook approves these scummy apps automatically. That’s got to stop! Facebook is a famously profitable enterprise worth billions. It’s time they took responsibility for what goes on within their virtual walls.

And then there’s this:

C’mon Facebook. Really?

12 thoughts on “Facebook Scamming And Spamming!”

  1. Yeah… this sort of thing is why I locked my facebook account down and only allow actual friends to view and post to my page. As a for profit company, Facebook makes it’s money via advertising and providing access to it’s members. I don’t mind the ads on the side of the page but the fact they do not pre check apps is disturbing.

  2. Its frustrating. I am an active member of facebook and I do enjoy the time spent connecting with people. But half my newsfeed is people ‘liking’ every link, every game, almost anything that comes across their page. Its ridiculous really. Don’t people realize that facebook collects ALL that information to spam them with ads?? Take at look at the ads down the side of your page and think about it. My daughters do youth cheerleading, and I helped coach their team. SO all the ads on my page are pretty much all cheer related. Pay attention to who you are giving your information to folks!

  3. I had to turn my FB chat to “off line” because for the past week, or so, “my friends” have been sending me IM’s telling me to look (click the link) at the pix they just photo-shopped of me. The IM’s have been popping up on my screen like popcorn!! Are people THIS fkn stupid?! I’d been “bitching” on FB for people to STOP clicking on “stupid shit” (apps), yet most of them continue to do so. I’m done “bitching”. I’ll turn my chat back to “online” next week. And whatever IM’s I get from “friends” that are “spam”….those friends will then get UN-friended. I’m done with stupid people!!

  4. I never click on an app since the first time I looked at one & it said by ‘allowing’ it opens up my FB stuff to just about everyone and everything. I check my security at least once a week and keep it pretty tight. I don’t trust FB but enjoy the connections I have made. I also do not download any photos anymore and have marked every one of the ones I do have as being copyrighted. I’m thinking of taking them all down anyway.

  5. Dawnie – both my wife and I have gotten these from friends over the past few weeks, and it turns out their profiles were hacked because of – quite frankly – user inexperience. They learn the lessons afterwards, and it is a pain in the atrse to clean up.

  6. dont know how my settings are or just lucky but never had a problem with facebook knock on wood maybe settings are tight and the friends are alsso

  7. Hacking into legitimate sites has become rampant. I visited my hometown’s FB site and an obviously entity had posted multiple sexually explicit comments/come ons! I was appalled. I don’t want to see that stuff never mind children.

  8. I had to recently tighten my Facebook privacy because of certain undesirables peeking at my status update and purge a few friends from work because of that peeking, so now the only people who see my updates (or my blog feed) are my friends.

    On the plus side, I do have quite a few tech savvy friends who have shown me how to opt out/opt in on quite few new features on FB to make my experience easy as pie.

    Note: you can now do secure surfing on FB by changing your account privacy setting to “https”.

  9. As I’m reading this my antivirus pops up and tells me about 2 new intrusions so I read my entire report and it tells me so far this month 13,047 known phishing sites on my computer! And here’s a tip for parents silly enough to have their tween’s and teen’s on Facebook don’t let them use Facebook Places app which is like a GPS and the pervs trolling around Facebook and your kids that don’t have the correct privacy filters on their account can be stalked without even knowing just by saying they’re at the neighborhood Dairy Queen having a blizzard! I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook! It drives me nuts! I miss plain old e-mailing friends like the old days. Ha!

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