More Facebook Scamming And Spamming

Here’s a screengrap from my friend Wayne in Hong Kong. All these women want to meet him.

Now I feel bad! I thought I was savvy about all the Facebook scams and spams. Guess not. Here’s a screengrap from my friend Wayne in Hong Kong. All these women want to meet him.

Obviously these are phony accounts set up to try and extract something from poor Wayne and the rest of us!

5 thoughts on “More Facebook Scamming And Spamming”

  1. There’s a Google ad right here on your blog that says type in an Email address; find name, address & photos. Email
    Maybe this is why my Facebook account is being hacked. Please don’t publish this. Things are bad enough.

  2. here’s an interesting story – our local (northern Fairfield county) police dept is creating phony accounts that appear to be a teenager attending the local high school. they are asking to friend as many local teens as they can in the hopes that teen accepts (even though they don’t know that person). The phony account uses a cute picture, creates a nice bio and this way the police can watch all the goings-on of that person and see what’s going on around town (parties, whatever). As a mother I understand this but my daughter found out about it early on and no longer accepts friend invites unless she personally knows someone. She was very angry at the police for doing this and felt it was extremely devious. I don’t disagree.

  3. Mary,

    Why are you mad at the police? If the child was doing what they are supposed to, i.e. not friend strangers, not put every item about their life online, then there would be no issue. This is why parents not only have to be friends with their children on Facebook and the like, but also have complete access to the account. Children know how to block certain people from seeing posts and it would be easy to make it seem like there is no activity on the facebook page when in reality there could be significant information being given out.

  4. Good discussion. Any discussion regarding Facebook raises these concerns. Our concern was that we teach our children to be cautious regarding predators creating false accounts and then the police do it anyway, however vigilante their motives may be. I’m naive, I like our leaders to model the behavior I want our children to follow. But bottom line, I want the police to be vigilante too. I want them to source out drug activity, etc from the community and this is one way to do it. But it doesn’t send a great lesson. Does the end justify the means?

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