A Change Google Needs To Make

I scanned the answers and picked the one which seemed closest on point. It was from 2006!

I don’t think the Google-boys read my blog (though Google itself indexes my blog within seconds), but if they do I’ve got a suggestion. It relates to how we use the Internet and wasn’t much of a problem when Google rubbed its first back.

I was wondering if its possible to record the HDMI output of my cable box or Roku. I went to Google and entered: record hdmi. I scanned the answers and picked the one which seemed closest on point. It was from 2006!

In the general scheme of things 2006 isn’t that long ago. In technology it’s forever. The answer described a lack of hardware which might not exist anymore.

There is a solution. I use it when I think of it, but I don’t always think of it.

On the left side of the Google results page is a link to: “Show search tools.” That reveals a menu which allows you to limit searches to certain dates like the last week, month or year.

As the Internet begins to age it’s time for Google to do a better job of aging their results. It won’t be easy because in many subjects older is fine. In technology it decidedly is not.

4 thoughts on “A Change Google Needs To Make”

  1. I Love Hate Technology. I’m looking at years of HI8 recordings that have to be corn-verted to the next generation of media. It seems every year the next technology is better than the last one and it will never get old. well, now it is.
    Brings me back to when I bought my Pickering 380C cartridge and the guy said it would always be around. the next time I went to buy one they didn’t know who made it.

  2. Did you find out how to make the recording? I think my mom knows how do do this. Let me know and I can ask her.

  3. I’m trying to get my ol’ sony HI8 EV-C100 deck going. If I can I’m ok. If not I think my next purchase will be a Sony GVD200 Digital 8mm Video Walkman deck from J&R in NYC at $475. I am not going to buy a used one that may have problems. Too much at stake here. My families history is on the line. I’ve already made my reel to reel audio recordings to CD. now, I can unload the ol’ reel to reel recorder. start to clean the computer room up and make room for whatever.

  4. Geoff —

    Check out the Blackmagic intensity products – they have a PCI Express board and also an external USB 3.0 box that allows for HDMI ingest. They’re great for using with HD camcorders as many will output raw, uncompressed video through their HDMI output.


    The big question is whether or not the content coming out of those boxes is HDCP protected. Component recording would be a doable alternative.


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