Hello Garage–Goodnight Moon

I hung bicycles on pegs on the wall, vacuumed cobwebs, disposed of a deceased mouse and threw out stuff we once said we needed, but really didn’t.

Spring is here… well at least temporarily. The Sun was shining. The birds were chirping. Helaine was plotting. She had garage on her mind. She was not to be denied!

As garages go ours is in reasonable shape. It’s a two car garage that houses two cars.

Actually we once squeezed three cars in! Don’t ask how. I’ve either forgotten or more likely I blocked it out.

Like most garages we had a floor full of dirt and sand dragged in this past winter. There’s also that stuff that seems to grow or possibly get deposited by aliens.

“How’d we get four basketballs?” I asked Helaine. I really have no clue.

I hung bicycles on pegs on the wall, vacuumed cobwebs, disposed of a deceased mouse and threw out stuff we once said we needed, but really didn’t. The trash includes an old pair of roller blades responsible for the world’s largest black and blue (and yellow) mark.

We peeled back the layers of our acquired loot like some sort of archeological onion. Things we hadn’t seen in years came into view like the plastic tubs filled with books we read to Stef when she was a little girl. I’m not sure they’ll resonate with Stef today, but Helaine and I were touched to see “Goodnight Moon” and “Oscar’s Rotten Birthday” (a book I used to read to Stef in all the character’s voices).

At some point we’ll probably have a tag sale. The books won’t be included. We will make sure they go to families whose children don’t have books. I’d feel better to see them go as gifts from us.

At the moment we’re really tired.

13 thoughts on “Hello Garage–Goodnight Moon”

  1. Geoff, I have 17 year old twins and I read Good Night Moon to them every night for years….can still say the entire thing by heart! And I would never put our copy in a tag sale either!

  2. How is it that my son is 8 months old and we have yet to purchase Goodnight Moon! Isn’t that a must have….. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring it.

  3. Geoff, I still have books from my son’s childhood that are now in my granddaughter’s bookcase. I think you should keep those books… Especially Oscar’s Rotten Birthday so someday you can read them to your grandchild!!!

  4. Those are great books! I also loved “Runaway Bunny” and “Are you my Mommy?” Brings back happy memories 🙂 Sleeping Giant Toy and Book Co. are having a great sale right now…60% off…there were still some great books & toys left today although they are selling out quick! My son, (also Geoff) is expecting their first child so “he” will be one happy and spoiled I might add grandchild!

  5. There is nothing in the world quite as good as seeing those old books get “recycled”, be it to grandkids/nieces/nephews or even strangers who will read them to their kids. We had some used books in our library for our 3 children and it was fun to wonder about who read them before us. Great plan, Geoff–keep that magic going!

  6. I agree with Laura…save the books for your grandchildren. I read my granddaughter books that were once her mother’s and uncles’.

  7. I cleaned out my garage yesterday too. No copies of Goodnight Moon but I did find a Hello Kitty lap desk for the car that my 12 year old daughter would be mortified to be seen with now. I also counted 9 basketballs, all of which, I’m told by my kids, are absolutely essential.

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