They Made A Promo For Me (video)

This starts running over the weekend. I hope you get a chance to see it on-the-air and that you’ll join me Monday on FoxCT.

I went to work Thursday for still photos and a promo shoot. This evening Chad Sherman emailed me the finished product. I got it at 10:30. He wasn’t working that late, was he?

This starts running over the weekend. I hope you get a chance to see it on-the-air and that you’ll join me Monday on FoxCT.

[jwplayer mediaid=”9794″]

If you can’t get the video to play click here.

77 thoughts on “They Made A Promo For Me (video)”

      1. I think after your first “Don’t go to sleep yet” on the air there will be thousands of HURRAYS resounding across Connecticut!!!!

      2. Geoff,

        I think that P90X (Lite) exercise regimen you’ve been doing is paying dividends…….you look “buff”. Nice job with the promo!

    1. Great to see you again. These other guys are ok. But not as exact as you are. and being in outdoor work. I need to be exact. I miss your commentary as well. Hey now 61 has to make apps so you can promote them at the end of each forecast! LOL. See you monday!

  1. Geoff,
    Love your new promo Fox on Fox! Great work! Good things happen to good people. I’m very happy that you can stay CT to bring our weather reports and more to ALL. Enjoy your new adventure in life. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

    PS. Love to hear how Helaine celebrates your 1st day on your new job! All the best to you both.

  2. Just saw the commericial on Fox for your return! A collective “yay” went up throughout our household! You will so fit in with this wonderful group of News folks! Even the news stories are “different” here–they balance bad news with really good news. The personalities are lively and funny. This is going to be so much fun to watch when you get into the mix!

  3. I’ll be searching for it all weekend, and nobody is allowed to bother me at 4 and 11 on Monday!! You’re going to have a very big cheering section in homes all over CT that day (and the days to come.) Hugs!!!

  4. To use a quote from Gerald Ford when he became President, “Our long statewide nightmare is over” – now that we’ll have Geoff Fox back on the air come Monday! Welcome back, Geoff! Now to pick up where we left off…!

  5. Geoff,

    My wife and I wish you the best… we turned over watching Fox with Rachel ever since they refused to renew your contract. We believe that good actions returns good karma and you are living proof. If none of this ever happened to you, you might not ever know the thousands of people of this state that ador you. And now all of us that caused a “distraction” will be joining Fox on Fox. When I saw your picture Friday with the other Fox weather people you looked just right and happy. It is such a paradox how one station saw your expertise and viewer following and took advantage of it, while the other station just looks really bad now.

    Can’t wait to see you again Monday night.

  6. Hi Geoff!! I finally got to watch your video and I love it!! It was awesome to see you. I wish you much success and I can’t wait to hear you say “Don’t go to sleep yet”!!! You are a great teacher (helped me with Photos) and I am eagerly waiting to learn again..
    See you on Monday!!

  7. Welcome back Geoff! A great professional joining a great news broadcast! Too bad it was not in New Haven. It is my city. Too bad they punked out on a man who is like an old friend to so many of us. Success!

  8. TiVo is set. A huge congrats to you Geoff and to us as well. Your back! Hey WTNH… take your low budget, arrogant, pompous attitude and sit with it in the empty bleachers with the rest of your no news broadcast fans!

  9. This household is thrilled to know we’ll be watching Fox on Fox! We felt kinda lost all winter without you to give us the weather. We’ll be cheering on Monday too. 🙂

  10. I saw that clip tonight during the 11PM news. I thought it was great. I also heard your radio interview with Helaine this morning. You are both hilarious. I’m so glad to have you back.

  11. I saw it on the 11 PM news. Great to have you back where you belong—in front of a weather map. I do also enjoy you weather postings here on the blog. Does this mean that you won’t be able to post it here anymore. You are such a personable teacher.
    So is Helaine going to have a Girls Night Out–starting Monday?
    Do you work and then start Passover on Tues? It will be a special one for you and the family, this year.
    PS–I am up this late because I am baking breads and poppy seed & Prune rolls for a church bazaar later today—last one’s just came out of the oven–the aroma is heavenly.

  12. Congratulations Geoff. Looking forward to Monday. Glad you are staying in CT. Wishing you continued success and all the best. You deserve it.

  13. I think we’re ready….

    Change all DVR’s to Fox – DONE
    Download mobile APP – DONE
    Change favorites page – DONE
    Sign up for FOX weather alerts – DONE
    Cancel the other station on all above – DONE

    Now to enjoy the weekend knowing good things are in store for Monday! Congratulations!!!!!

  14. I CANT WAIT for you to tell me when to bring my plants in, when to cover them, and when in May you think was the very last frost.
    It is amazing how you became such a part of my daily living!

    You are right where you belong and I could not be happier! Oh, count on thousands watching you from that glorious Monday!

    Love you to pieces, and I am thrilled for you. Things feel they’re returning to normal at news time again.

  15. Congratulations Jeff!
    I’m not an evening news watcher but I think I’ll make it a point to catch your science segment and definitely check out your premiere on Monday.
    I listened to your interview on WPLR and it made me sad to here how it’s changed. I worked there in the late 80s as Larry Manne’s secretary and maybe it’s because I was so young and it was so long ago but I can’t imagine that happening to you with the people who worked there then. I always say that was the best time in my life.
    I hope this is a big new beginning for you!!

  16. Congrats Geoff… The wisdom of WTIC in bringing you back on the air quickly has had me smiling since I first heard the news. Somehow I had a hunch that’s where you’d land. Our best to you and your family… glad things worked out the best for us all. You’re NOT just a TV person to most of us, it feels personal. Thanks for Hanging with us.

  17. Geoff: Looking forward to Monday night and your return!! NOW we can go to sleep!! Congrats and All The Best in you new digs! Fox on Fox – None better!!!!!
    Sharon and Jerry

  18. Hurray!!!! I’m so glad you are back on the air…thank you for staying in CT…I haven’t been able to believe any of the weathermen I have tried to watch…I get more accurate weather from your blog…can’t wait until Monday!!

  19. Excellent Geoff. So happy you are back on the air and thank you for not leaving CT.So happy for you. Best is back after a brief vacation.

  20. Wonderful promo!! I’ll be looking for it this weekend. Can’t wait to actually see you back on air! My whole family is excited!

  21. It’s wonderful to have you back. Won’t be home for the 4pm news Monday but will set my DVR. See you live at 11 though.

    I especially liked it when Fox wrote on their Facebook page thanking all their new fans. I think that it shows that they listen to their viewers and don’t ignore them like WTNH did. I thought it was awful that no one ever received a response from them for emails, letters etc supporting you.

    On to bigger and better things for you. Congratulations and thank you for staying in CT.

  22. Loved the promo, I am so looking forward to getting back to a evening weather forecast. I can’t wait to see the science segment you will be doing. Most of us love to learn and I know you will continue to be a great teacher. Thank you, Terry

  23. The only thing bad about this is that I’ll be out of CT on Monday and won’t be able to watch it live. I’m so glad that you’ll be back on at 11 telling us all not to go to sleep yet. My husband has fallen asleep on the sofa too many times because there wasn’t anything to wait up for, now it will be back to normal.

  24. Geoff I loved the promo and I can’t wait for Monday. I set my DVR for the 4:00 news (just in case I’m not home) I’ll be watching at 10:00 and 11:00!! Can’t wait

  25. You looked great, we are former Ct residents and after we moved to Fla 5 yrs ago we would watch via the internet, and follow your blog.
    I hope we can see your broadcasts and tech & science segments on the internet.
    At any rate congrats Geoff in your new digs. Oh and we did catch your interview on PLR with Chaz and AJ. And channel 8 hopefully tanks and that butt kisser along with them.( I think someone needs to retire).

  26. In the 1990s I was living in Orlando, with it’s sticky heat, giant bugs, and terrible pizza. I was constantly homesick for Connecticut so I would watch your Inside Space series on SciFi to get a taste of New Haven. Ever since then, Geoff Fox has meant home. Welcome home, Geoff.

  27. I am SO happy!!! I am surprised at how happy it makes me to see you back on TV. And I can’t wait for “Don’t go to sleep yet”! Now, can we go back and erase all the horrible weather we’ve had since you were last on the air? Coincidence? I think not…..

  28. Nice job, our house is thrilled to have you back !!!! Also meant to blog earlier on the radio spots, I was lucky to be working from home Friday and listened to them both. Both very entertaining and you said some things about the whole situation, that I had suspected to be the case. Nice you can finally vent a little, still in a classy way (I think you were too kind). Having Helaine call in on WPLR was awesome. Nice to put a face (voice) with the name. She was hysterrical !!!! I can see why you’re still “seriously in love” I think a quote from Ronald Regan says it best (probably for all of us) While waiting for thier wives, with the prime minister of Canada (Brian Mulroney, I believe at the time), they watched as the ladies limo pulled up and as they got out, Regan Said “we sure did marry up, didn’t we?”

    Nice to have you back, you will shine as always !

  29. Love it!! I’m so happy for you…and all of us out there in TV land who hoped and prayed this would happen. So glad you can say, “Don’t Go To Sleep Yet”. That’s the Geoff Fox trademark.

  30. I’m giving up my 4 PM Judge Judy fix on Monday. And that’s BIG. We’re walking on air since hearing of the great news!

  31. Love Fox on Fox. Don’t go to bed yet, at least on Monday. Good Luck. Sounds like a better door opened for you.

  32. Congratulations Geoff: Fox on Fox….class A promo. I am so happy to see you back….you know I will be watching.

  33. Whoo Hooo!!! So many people like me are happy to have you on a channel that I was watching (along with Channel 3) since the WTNH debacle. It will be nice to have your smiling face looking back at me when I check the evening news.

  34. Nice to have you back in our homes again Geoff and a big thank you to the folks at WTIC for making it happen!

    So when do the “Fox on Fox” Tshirts start appearing?

  35. Yeah!!! I’ll be watching.
    I’m a little tired of looking outside to see what the weather is.
    So glad for you Geoff!

  36. Geoff,
    I saw the video on the Friday night 11pm newscast.
    Went by so fast.

    It looks so right. Looking forward to your return on Monday.

    All the best


  37. As wonderful as this must be for you Geoff, for your fans in CT it is twice as wonderful. We have missed you and can’t wait til Monday. Good things DO happen to good people.

  38. Hola Geoff….

    Nice promo…a lot better than Dr..???? oh never’t wait until tomorrow to see you in full action again..and the rest of the team… FOX ON FOX= FOXXXXY NEW MOMENTS IN THIS NEW CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE.. lol..

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