After An Exciting Weekend It’s Back To Work

Dan told me I could show up at 3:00 PM Monday. Yeah, fat chance! It’s my first day. I’ll be early.

It was a rainy Sunday night, but I still took the drive up to Hartford to get another look at the weather equipment I’ll be using at FoxCT. The forecast itself will be formulated the same way as before. How I show it is totally different!

Dan Amarante was there tonight working. He helped me get a feel for it. Comfort and ease won’t happen overnight!

It’s been a pretty exciting weekend. Over 5,000 people have shown up on my brand new “Fox on Fox” Facebook page (click the like button on the right hand side of this page to be part of the fun). A new 15 second promo began airing Friday. Today’s Hartford Courant was wrapped with a single sheet which included a half page ad featuring me.

We all have our weaknesses. Mine is print journalism! Seeing this ad in the newspaper is just incredible. I can assure you an ad like this is a first for me.

Monday is my first real working day. Dan told me I could show up at 3:00 PM. Yeah, fat chance! I’ll be early.

I’m very excited.

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  1. Now the weather will be worth watching again! Good luck, Geoff! Looking forward to your first forecast from your new home!

  2. I’m so excited for you Geoff. I think this change is going to be very good for you. Working at a different station, with new equipment (or at least new to you), and new personalities to work with is good for the soul.

    I don’t think it will take very long for you to feel comfortable in your new digs. Just remember that you have so many of us routing for you. You’ve already made your mark to your viewers. You don’t have anything to prove to us. You’re only the “new guy” to the station. So, just go to work and do what you do. We already love you.

  3. WooHoo! Congratulations Geoff!!! I have my DVR set to tape the 4pm and 11pm newscasts, although I’ll also be watching live!!!!

  4. Wishing you happiness and success in your new job. Looking forward to seeing you. I know you will be wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You think *you* are happy! Yeah right
    Viewers’ lives are adapting to the feeling of normalcy and everything feels so right!
    You belong on my TV screen, telling me about the weather of the day. Bringing it home by warning me about wearing a jacket, bringing my plants in for the night, meteor showers and occasional oddities of Mother Nature. It was terribly rough without you.
    Thanks for staying in Connecticut.

  6. I have to say that I have not an ounce of Seasonal Affective Disorder but rather I am so preoccupied that I don’t even notice the weather, Geoff! My father was a meteorologist with the United States Coast Guard. I have a soft spot for weathermen. I love the subliminal about weather reports. Like that “Nice” forecast in the promo. But wouldn’t a funny sketch for SNL be a weatherman with Seasonal Affective Disorder? LOL. I am so happy for you that I don’t even care if it rains for four days, and that’s what’s happening this week, right? Best, best wishes for your first week! All the congrats in the world!!

  7. Geoff,
    Wishing Fox on Fox a Happy Day 1st Day and all the days to come! Exciting times are ahead for you I’m REALLY looking forward to your forecasts and your humor too! So HAPPY you are remaining in CT. Remember the Cream always RISES to the TOP! You are the Cream! Congratulations and Best wishes!

  8. This is all great, I have missed seeing you on TV! Now if you can just get them to work on the mobile app! I have a blackberry and the app is very slow and freezes quite a bit!

  9. Geoff, nice ad; you look quite happy! I’m very happy for you. I may have to move to Connecticut so I can get the weather news from you.

  10. Go for it Geoff. We are all very excited for you! And to begin on a sunny day! Beautiful! I am on vacation this week, finally, so let’s make it a good week!

  11. Cannot wait to see you today @ 4pm, 10pm, and if I make it – 11pm ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nerves are normal – you’ll be fine. Your a natural. Good luck to you on your first day!

  12. Geoff, I must admit I have been getting my daily dose of the news from sources other than the networks. I expect that to change. I made it a point to check out FoxCt news at 11 last night. The broadcast itself has a much more professional and polished feel and look about it. It was pretty obvious even to me that the tech. tools available to you for the on air presentation are much improved over the resources that were available to you in your last job. I can easily understand your excitement! Here’s wishing you the very best of luck in your inaugural today! I’m sure it will go well! Your an absolute natural and your following bears witness to that. Just be yourself and your good fortune will continue.

  13. I’m so happy I get out of work at 4 PM and I only live 1.3 miles from work. I’m going to run home and watch Fox CT weather. I can’t wait to see you. Please don’t forget all your followers down in Fairfield County. Best of luck to you on your new job. Congratulations!!!

  14. What a great ad that was in the Courant!! Yes, you do look VERY happy. So are we, finally…you know, when someone does something nasty to a member of our family we get really pissed. I’m going to e-mail FOX and thank them for stepping up to the plate here!!

  15. Already got you set for “record”…just in case I’m not home in time for 4:00…and the 11:00 is also set on “record”….just in case I doze off in my nice big red chair…we all love you Geoff…you just have to feel all that love when you look into that camera tonight….

  16. Hey, Geoff, why not consider a science and technology piece on how FOX CT does the weather, and compare it to earlier methods? I would imagine that the technology at FOX CT is a lot more advanced than what you had at WTNH.

  17. We’re all doing the ‘the world is back on its axis’ happy dance – can’t wait. It feels (from here) like watching a kid head off to the first day of school – but you already know where your locker is and how to get to the lunch room, plus there are 10,000 or so ‘friends’ watching out for you. Have fun!!

  18. I know you’re very happy but it’s hard to believe that you’re happier than all your fans! The time is dragging today! 4PM is coming sooo slowly!

  19. Happy First Day, Geoff!! I’m so happy for you! We will be watching! Have Fun, do what you do best!
    Your “Fan Family” has your back! ; )

  20. It’s 1:45 PM on Monday…you said you’d be in to your new job early so you are probably already there. GO GEOFF!!! We’ll be watching.

  21. Great to see Geoff BACK where he belongs, forecasting CT weather. That was a Great start, with today’s 4 PM slot (not even overtly nervous).

    I still find it hard to believe how POORLY Channel 8 treated a near 30 year employee?? Dr Mel,a one time admired individual sure lost most of my esteem for him — with those STUPID “New Weatherman” commercials. Alas, since you left TV 8, I (and my wife) no longer watch any of their newscasts – specifically because of your inelegant ‘firing” !!

  22. You knocked it out of the park! Geoff, you just are “the best”. No brag, pure fact! Welcome back! ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. Jeff…Way to go!!! We are so excited that you are back and still in CT. We even DRV’d the 4:00 news to be sure we didn’t miss a second of your return. We no longer watch WTNH due to their lack of ethics, integrity, etc. It is a good day! You’re looking great too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Nicely done. I’d never seen FOX, but I’m impressed with the professional look and feel of their newscast. Not flashy, but a class act.
    See you at eleven…..waiting to hear those words….

  25. I watched the FoxCT newscast at 4, Geoff, and you didn’t miss a beat. You handled the forecast like you hadn’t been away. Congratulations!

  26. I saw your 4:00 broadcast. I liked everything about the other people on the air and the appearance of the studio. You did an excellent job, of course. As Lou said, you didn’t miss a beat. I enjoyed the chat room. It was wonderful to see you back on TV. Congratulations!

  27. Contratulations Geoff!!!! Watched all your weather today. It is so great to see you back on T.V. You look great. It didn’t matter if the weather forecast was for rain, as long as you are back.

    Congratulations to Fox also for recognizing such a talent and hiring you. Looking forward to all your interesting information too. “Don’t go to sleep yet……”

  28. Congrats Geoff! Things will only get better every day. You have handled the past few months with amazing class and dignity, even on the radio interview. Since you were not on TV, I discovered your blog, and am so glad I did! My family stayed up last night to watch you at 10, and the world seems right again. Way to go!

  29. Been waiting for You to show up on TV again Geoff. Have been watching Your Weather coverage since You began at Channel 8 several years ago. You and Dr. Mel became the best weather team on TV. Too bad Mel didn’t quit to come join you at Fox. I never realized that Fox TV was as good as it is. I have been trying to find a better station to watch, and I just found it. Ch. 8 made some bad changes when they got their new manager. And the new toys they got did not help either. Those robot TV cameras are really messing up… One almost crashed into one of the Girl reporters as it was heading right into Her face. All those new robots did was put a few people out of work. (Camera operators) Their biggest mistake was grounding Chopper 8. I guess it cost them too much with the fuel prices going up all the time. Good luck at Fox 61. I’ll be checking in. Chuck “NiteOwl” Lund. (retired)

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