Note: I Don’t Walk On Water

No one, certainly not me, can predict the future accurately every day without fail. I don’t walk on water!

Early tomorrow afternoon I will get in my car and drive to Hartford. It will be my first day working since January 7th. It will be my first new job since 1984! It’s a new beginning and a new challenge. I’m very excited.

Let me be perfectly clear, the only reason I was seriously considered by FoxCT is you. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Whatever talent I bring to the table is nice, but they’re after you (in the nicest way).

I hope you’ll come along.

It’s been cool this weekend for Helaine and me to see the new promo playing on-the-air. There’s also a full page ad in today’s Courant and digital billboards along the interstates. How can I not be psyched?

As I’ve watched FoxCT I’ve noticed they have more of a commitment to actually covering news than I’d experienced before. You’ll notice more reporters, more live shots and fewer technical screw-ups.

In the control room a few days ago one of the engineers took pride in bragging about the zero downtime they experience with their live trucks. That might not sound important to you, but my former colleagues who read that sentence will cry.

I know some of you live in the towns directly adjacent to New Haven and wonder how this Hartford based station can compete with your old standby? That will be a decision for you to make–I understand. However, I have read comment-after-comment on Facebook noting how FoxCT has been beating the others on shoreline stories, sometimes scooping Channel 8 in New Haven! Sad, but true.

Truth is FoxCT management understands a significant chunk of the folks who might follow me are from the southern half of the state. They don’t want to squander your love.

The first time I walked into the combined Courant/FoxCT newsroom I was apprehensive. That apprehension was gone within a minute! The attitude was positive and the folks I met (some of whom I’d worked with before) had the mojo that comes when you’re winning (and not in the Charlie Sheen sense).

FoxCT’s ratings are up. The buzz around the newsroom centers around expansion, not retrenchment!

I read ALL your comments here on the blog and on Facebook. When there’s a flurry (a blizzard?) of activity I’m sometimes not physically able to answer every one. A number of times I’ve seen you mention forecast errors from others and claim I wouldn’t have blown that one! Maybe… maybe not.

No one, certainly not me, can predict the future accurately every day without fail. I don’t walk on water! I can’t promise 100% accuracy.

Here’s my pledge. I will work my ass off to give you the best forecast I can.

If I am wrong it will never be because I didn’t spend enough time or pay enough attention. I use the best science available, but I’d go back in time and find Miss Cleo and the Psychic Friends Network if that would make me more accurate. I strive to get it right every time without fail. There’s never an advantage in being wrong or hyping something that won’t happen.

Because Rachel Frank has tomorrow off I will be doing the weather at 4:00, 10:00 and 11:00 PM. I’d like very much it if you would join me. If you want to send a message to my old bosses or a thank you to my new bosses this is the way you do it. Everyone will be looking to see what you do.

You are the prize!

Don’t go to sleep yet, Fox on Fox is still to come.

94 thoughts on “Note: I Don’t Walk On Water”

  1. I love ya Geoff!!!! Never really watched Fox (other than my little American Idol addiction) but I will now and thast’s a promise…I will follow you without a doubt!!!! And thanks for staying in CT!!!!

  2. Again, you speak so eloquently, even of the network that left you behind. That speaks volumes to me. You have a style and grace that is lacking in so many areas of today’s workplace. I’ve been trying to watch some Fox News. Trying to get used to it. Get used to the set and the personalities. I am ready to switch. The very best of luck to you tomorrow. I’d love to be watching your premiere at 4, but I’ll be in work. I’ll catch you at 10. (and listen, if you could drag Darren over to Fox,then my news day would surely be complete!)

  3. I told my husband today, as geeky as it sounds, I can’t WAIT to see you on TV tomorrow. I will be following you…that is a promise I intend to keep! :o)

  4. It would definitely be great if Fox would cover more of New Haven County. Although with Channel 8, they will play the same story over and over for more than 1 day and it still says “LIVE” on the screen..and you know it’s not because it’s 11pm and the story is in the daylight…I will definitely watch though. Good luck tomorrow and it’s great to see you back.

  5. Don’t be nervous 🙂 1st day jitters and all. I’m just hoping that we will be able to get a streaming vid feed down here in Fla.
    Nothing quite like tuning in to listen to your weather reports via the internet!!!
    Anyway we wish you the best of luck in your new home.
    I hope you guys beat the pants off those other guys ratings wise. What dummies letting a valuable resource like you go.

  6. Best wishes to you Geoff and the Fox team!
    Here’s to the start of a brand new day~
    I’ll be there tomorrow and the days that follow, with a happy heart~especially when you tell us SNOW is on the way next winter 🙂
    My news/weather will never, ever come from your former employer.
    You are a gracious and humble man, full of information and a great weather forecaster.
    the way you, and your fans were treated by LIN is unacceptable~
    See you tomorrow!!!!! YAY!!

  7. I will be HAPPY to send your old bosses a note of “thanks” for providing you to be part of a growing team of positive folks. And I will be HAPPY to make your new bosses happy by bringing them my attention. It may have sucked being out of work and caused an uproar among your fans but it is already beginning to feel like this only brought some positives out to have the folks in tvLand pay attention to the folks out here who keep them going. Many of us are happy for you and the new beginnings this provides to you and us too. Looking foward to seeing you on air Monday and each day afterwards.

  8. Geoff, So hapy to have you back on TV. But I have to say I have been most impressed by the very classy way you handled all of this. You are an example of grace and class. I have shown my children (17 tear old twins) your posts as an example of how I hope they will handle themselves in the face of adversity. You are much to be admired….and not just because of your weather forecasts!

  9. I have a very busy day tomorrow but I hope to catch the 11pm newscast at the very least. You did remind me of an old high school science teacher of mine who used to say ‘we can all walk on water, you just have to freeze it first’ and then explain its meaning as its always good to stop and take a step back at what your doing rather than rushing on in and making mistakes.

  10. Geoff, we know nobody can get a forecast right every time. We don’t mind about that.

    What we love, Geoff Fox, is the gallant, kind, caring, and honorable man you are. You have shown us for 26 years how much all the science behind the forecast means to you and you taught US to care, too.

    We’ve cared about Helene, Stephanie, your in-laws, everyone you introduced us to. We went to your parades, your public appearances, and you meant the world to us.

    What TNH didn’t understand is that you were part of OUR family, the CT family—even more than TNH was! And when they hurt you in so unceremonious a manner, we were ANGRY!
    And they ignored us in as ignorant a manner as they ignored YOU!
    I conclude that the “je ne sais quoi” that a beloved public figure has, they just don’t understand and so cannot appreciate it. It’s ironic, because that’s the business they are in; but it explains why they are doing so badly at it.

    I am so looking forward to your first appearance!! I am so excited about the great fanfare you are getting from Fox: the billboards, the full-page ad, the great promos because I feel that you DESERVE it and finally you will be in a place where you are appreciated.

    Yes, Geoff, you will be bringing us all with you and you will be doing us a FAVOR by expanding our world to include our local Fox station, which is so far superior to Channel 8 that I am embarrassed for the people who are left behind.

    So you just do what it is that you have been doing for the last quarter century and you will be fine. Because we come to you for so much more than simply the weather. We come to you because we’re family!

    Best of luck! You’ll be fabulous!

  11. Hi Geoff:

    Do you know if FoxCT does a live on-line broadcast of their news?

    I am cable free and live in Milford so I’m not close enough to pull in Hartford with OTA (antenna).

    Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you again.

  12. Geoff – you’ll impress us as you always have!

    To be honest my wife and I didn’t watch wtnh much for news since it always seemed new haven focused. But we recordered it and FF to the weather! Our current 11 news station offers good stories, decent if not accurate weather, but a decent amount of technical issues that drive me crazy. That and it seems even some of the anchors give opinion too much. I don’t mind a good side story or their opinion while chatting but that’s about it.

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching the 10pm fox-ct news. Especially since I was hearing rumors of them adding you to the lineup. All in all it seems like great (and fun) reporting not all gloom and doom (but that’s in the mix since it is news and it happens) the weather segment covers the state and has cool sequences which helps understand the weather. Now I must convince my wife to switch channels 😉

    Off topic – I’m also very interested in your technology pieces you mentioned.

    Oh and to your old station manger… You really don’t get nor understand social media – just a hint it works best when all parties involved communicate ;-). Currently I follow a few local news personalities and it is so cool and rewarding when they personally respond via twitter or FB. Ryan, Lauren, Monica, Racheal, and Jeff (note not just fox-ct people – you can figure out what the other station is) so I’ll stop here…

    To your new station manager, great job in keeping up on modern technologies while keeping great content in place. Social media is great at keeping your audience and staff connected. But you need great original content to kick off the chatting.

  13. Geoff,
    While you may not walk on water, you sure as hell walk on solid ground. Which is why we are all so happy to have you back. The network you use to work for screwed you and the state over by doing what they did, yet in the end they have given us all the best gift ever. Maybe now is the time to say thank-you to WTNH for letting you go, and letting us as viewers have you in a place where you can do what you do best..stand on that solid ground and give us the weather. Cant wait to see you back where you belong!

  14. Geoff….

    I usually watch the 4 PM News on FOX 61 and on Friday Nights at 11 PM. I am glad you are back on the air and that you are staying in CT. Also think it is great you will be working with Rachel Frank who has a bright future as a forecaster and having you there will only make her better and better.

    I think Fox 61 gets it and your former employer does not.

    Best of luck but i know you will do wonderful.

  15. Good luck Geoff. It will be great to see you back on TV, this time in a much better studio with lots of supporting cast. I hope FOX-CT will cover more of what’s happening here in Fairfield County. Most of your competition thinks that Fairfield County appears on the map only to provide them with a place to stand in front of when talking about the rest of the state. Anyway, see you at 4, 10 AND 11 tomorrow.

  16. I will be there tomorrow! I have been watching FoxCT since you left that other station (and NBC30 from 5 – 6:30), so I won’t be exactly a new viewer, but I did switch over a few months ago because of you……so it should count just the same! A great “expansion buzz” would be to add newscasts from 5 – 6:30 PM like the other local stations…..then I wouldn’t have to change the channel at all! 🙂

  17. I am rather sorry that I won’t be able to see your forecasts at 11:00 – I just can’t stay up that late anymore. However, I will be tuning in at 4:00 to watch your Science and Technology segments. I alway enjoyed it when you were able to bring us the science of weather.

    Thank you for staying true to you. You really could have had a field day with Chaz and A.J. but you didn’t stoop to that level. I know it’s been said before, but you are a class act!

  18. Congratulations, Geoff! We’ll be watching.

    I am very glad you are still here, however, I have to admit that a part of me wanted you to find a job in California so that you would be closer to your daughter. I guess “Someone” believes you’re still needed here. 🙂

    Much happiness to you and your family.

  19. Geoff,
    te escribo en espanol por que quiero que sepas que tambien las personas de habla hispana admiramos mucho tu trabajo y estamos muy contentos de que nuevamente te podremos volver a ver en TV, eres el mejor metereologo de CT, sin duda alguna, por eso te apoyamos.
    Felicidades otra vez.

    1. Gracias por lo mucho. Los hablantes de español son grupo de mayor crecimiento de Connecticut! En muchos sentidos, también es el grupo más propenso a necesitar atención la televisión y los periódicos puede brillar.

      Espero verte el lunes!

      Geoff – aka Senor Zorro!

  20. Good Luck tomorrow, Geoff! Don’t think you’re going to like the drive too much, but it’s not much different than trying to go south on I-91 to New Haven!
    It will be interesting to see exactly how the viewing #’s change for the channels. I expect you will bring in a substantial new crowd.
    I found it interesting that you mentioned the technical aspect at FOX v. TNH. Since the changeover from analog to digital, I think there is so much more “dead” time, video out of sync with the audio, etc., etc. Glad to hear FOX has their act together, because TNH has more and more gaffs and errors every day.
    I sincerely hope that you will be able to say “Don’t go to sleep!” at the end of the 10 p.m. broadcast. Your “peeps” will be ecstatic.
    See you tomorrow!

  21. Isent a message to FoxCT, congratulating them on their very wise decision to hire you. Next day there was a return message from Doug Stewart, Operations Manager. Short, but THERE! You have no idea how that impressed me. Class.

    BTW, you are going to add even more class to the station. Hugs, Geoff.

  22. I can never even remember the weather forecast after hearing it on the TV. I also don’t care if the meteorologists are off because it’s nothing is always 100% accurate. If it does not snow and it was suppose to snow, I would definitely not mind… I wish weather was longer because then there could be more analysis. Good luck, Geoff. I never like WTNH because they cover shoreline news. I’m more of a Hartford guy and I like that you are on FOX 61!

  23. Yes, I’ll be watching! I’ve relied on your weather forecasts for years and have always appreciated your honesty about the accuracy of a forecast. I also appreciate how you take the time to make your forecasts understandable. Congratulations and best wishes for many, many successful years at FoxCT!

  24. Geoff, Im glad you are on the air again, and thank you Fox network for hiring him, I will be watching Fox all the time for my news and weather info, the weather forecasts are just not the same without Geoff Fox reporting it, he is a wonderful person and brings life and fun in our lives, so no, we will not go to sleep yet 🙂

  25. I’m already there… after what WTNH did I couldn’t really watch. Best of luck in your new job… our hearts are with you… how can you lose with a logo like ” Fox on Fox”? We’ll be watching!

  26. No worries, I “unliked” the other place after they unliked us by getting rid of you and Matt. The weekends were hopeless without Matt’s raconteur style and the weeknights unbearable (ok, except for Ann & Kramer) without you. I watched the Fox 61 weekend morning show for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the program and anchors who actually 1) were comfortable on air and 2) seemed to know what they were doing.

  27. Best of luck tomorrow – and we are all glad to have helped persuade your new employers that hiring you would be a good thing for them. I’m glad they are making a big splash with the announcement – it’s such a positive thing, and it shows they recognize what viewers respect. I’m impressed that someone there answers emails and responds to FB posts – I think they ‘get’ this new technology thing. Imagine! And I continue to be impressed with how classy you’ve been throughout this whole saga – lots of people could learn something, though those who need to probably wouldn’t realize it. See you tomorrow! (I can’t wait!)

  28. Say BYE BYE to News 8 and welcome to FOX on FOX.We will all be watching tomorrow (4 PM ).All the best to you and your family.Cheers

  29. Geoff, I am also SOOO looking forward to hearing you on-air again. And I’m no longer hesitant about switching and getting Hartford-centric news – thank you for that! Tomorrow is the first day of my being a channel 61 viewer!

  30. Congratulations, Geoff! I am not sure who is luckier, you or us.
    I have my DVD set for your forecasts tomorrow, just in case I am not home.(I am on vacation this week….sunny forecasts will be appreciated!) I will be sending an e mail FOX CT thanking them for making such a wise decision. As each season begins I send you an e mail asking for the date and time to put it on my classroom calendar. At the beginning of March I sent an e mail to channel 8 weather center requesting the information for spring. Sadly, I did not receive a response. I wanted to see if they would be as helpful as you….alas, not to be! Fox CT will be my new news station beginning tomorrow! Good luck to you and remember we are here for you.

  31. My family will be watching on Monday and everyday after that too! Watching you walk this journey while modeling grace and humility has been inspiring. Your fans supported and taught you….and you supported and taught (and are still teaching) us. Good luck tomorrow!

  32. See you then!!!!! I have been with you from day ONE and can’t wait to have my favorite forecaster back. That being said, I am so happy for you, your family and the viewers of Connecticut. We have many forecasters on many networks to choose from but you are part of our family and we are grateful to FOX for giving you this wonderful opportunity. Good luck tomorrow!
    Way to go FOX network someone was listening to us!

  33. When one door closes, another one opens, and this opening looks much better than before! I wish you the very best!

  34. Since you left, I have been surfing CT news channels and had sort of zeroed in on FoxCt. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of shoreline news that they have. When I first started watching, I was curious about the staff and emailed them a question which wasn’t shown on their site and instantly got an answer. I also have emailed TNH in the past about different things and never got an answer except when I emailed you. We’re now Fox forever watchers! Best of luck. No point in me repeating all the great comments that I just read here. They’re all true. Can’t wait for the next ratings to come out to see how WTNH compares to FoxCt. See you tomorrow! The VDR is set for 4PM every day in case we aren’t home. We usually watch 10PM anyway and will watch 11PM when we’re still up.

  35. I switched to Fox after WTNH did not renew your contract. I LOVE Sarah and Logan in the morning and the evening anchors are pleasant as well. I do not miss WTNH’s technical issues, but I have missed your forecasts. Good luck!!! WTNH made a huge mistake and has lost me – a 20 year viewer to Fox CT!

  36. Way to go big guy!! Lisa and I knew it would not be too long before you landed a new gig. Great to hear you will still be with us in CT. Looking forward to seeing you back on the air and we wish you and you family the very best!!

    Rik & Lisa Lammers

  37. I am not from the southern part of the state but I always use to watch channel 8 so I could watch you. I will be watching fox from now on.

  38. Geoff… We didn’t follow you because you walked on water… but because you were one person on TV who didn’t try to walk on water unless it was solidly frozen, and smart enough to know the difference.

    I live WAY up in the NW corner of Connecticut, about as far from Channel 8’s turf as you could get, but chose to follow that station’s news/weather primarily because I like the way you present the weather, and the information about what’s causing it. You never talked to us like we were idiots, nor talked down to us, but explained the weather patterns in plain English that folks can understand if they want to. Heck I even learned what Millibars are!!

    It’s your honesty, your humor and your overall guy next door manner that we like, and why we were so upset that you weren’t kept at your old job, and that they wouldn’t listen even after the fact to how deeply felt that ran. FoxCt was wise in picking up the chance to present you on their network. The fact that the page was still active after 4 months says a lot. We BELIEVE!! Welcome home into my LR…

  39. If some of these science and technology segments are as good as I think they will be (and remember from years ago with hurricane hunters, shuttle launches and the like) I would not be the least bit surprised to see them repurposed by the corporate cousins — like WGN or Channel 11.

  40. I have watched you faithfully since you arrived on the air in Connecticut and nothing will change now!! It was my sincerest wish that you would remain with us in Connecticut. Thanks to Fox 61 which has been my new news station since January. It’s a great fit, the sky is the limit (no pun intended)! The DVR is set for 4:00, can’t wait to see your smiling face again.

  41. Geoff, Good luck tomorrow. I will be watching at 4 PM I will be sure to get home before 4. I retire early. Some nights I wake up around 10 or 11 can’t sleep. I always tuned into 8, but
    now I will turn to fox. Good luck again.

  42. My household is THRILLED that you will be back on the air. Much as we miss Darren and Ann, we switched to Fox News after both you and Matt left. After all the switching around of the anchors in the last year we weren’t pleased with the results but we stayed up with you and woke with Matt on the weekends because you are both weathermen we trust. While they seem like perfectly nice guys, we aren’t impressed with the new weather guys. Best of luck to you and be careful with the longer drive. Go Fox on Fox!

  43. I won’t be home until 4:30, but the DVR is set..I can’t miss your first forecast on FoxCT! So happy for you!! Congratulations!!

  44. I bet you feel like the night before the first day of school!!
    All the best tomorrow, I will be DVRing your first broadcast. Next on list: email to Fox 61 to say “thanks & way to go!” I had already become a viewer, but Fox on Fox now cements my loyalty.

  45. Geoff,

    Congratulations! I could not be happier for you. When I quit WTNH right after they fired you, I switched over to Fox CT. I think they’re a great group and you will be the icing on the cake for me. Glad I got there ahead of you to save you a place! Best wishes for the next 20-something years.

  46. Geoff, one more thing…. don’t forget to CHANGE your “Resume” section on this website…Now you can proudly update it with FOX ON FOX!!! YAY!

  47. Geoff,

    I had been a faithful viewer of channel 8 for all the time you worked there and even before. I have to admit there were times I would be bored with the news broadcast but never with your weather segment. I considered watching another channel but didn’t because of you. When you were let go I then let go of my allegiance. Fox management was very smart to hire you, not only for your loyal fans but for the class and expertise you bring to the job. When thousands of viewers react the way they did to your termination the management of the station should have taken notice and done something. They not only failed you Geoff but us as well. Viewership can bring in more revenue for advertisements. I believe FoxCT made out, I know your fans did. I wish you much success and will be watching all your broadcast tomorrow.

  48. Great News Geoff!! Fox on Fox!! At long last accurate forecasts with a wonderful sense of humor thrown in. My husband & I are looking forward to watching you on Fox 61. We missed you.

  49. Dear Mr. Fox, We’ve watched you since you first started at WTNH. You were never just the weatherman…you were our friend. We came to love your whole family. I personally loved all the Helaine stories and my son remembers all about Stephanie and he loved seeing your dog on TV. We wish you much success on FoxCT news and will be watching you and our new News channel every day.
    The following message is from my son, Eric (He’s a bed-ridden quadriplegic) and he is now over the moon with joy at being able to see his “friend” Geoff on TV again:
    “Congratulations on your new job! I hope you like your new job at FoxCT news. I’ll be watching you every night from now on, I promise.
    Your friend, Eric”

    1. Thanks so much for the note. My wife was especially touched by what you wrote and asked me to respond to Eric.

      I am at a loss to truly understand what you face every day. I suspect few of us can. That I bring you joy and happiness means the world to me. You will be on my mind when I go on-the-air later today.

      All the best.

      Your friend,

  50. We have been waiting for you, at Fox. So excited when we saw the commercials. Let me tell you what a fantastic photo behind the Fox 61 desk. Looking damn good!

    My father is up for the weekend from Philly and he will try to watch when he gets back home. Let’s see if dad can figure it out. (haha) He is going to have to figure it out se he can learn from your technical expertise. They send much more success in your new adventure, and enjoy the holidays.

  51. I’ll be watching you from Easton. After 25 years, I can say Goodbye WTNH, hello FoxCT. I’m so happy that you’re staying in CT. I’ve learned so much from you over the years. Congratulations and Good Luck!

  52. I had already switched in mid January to watching FoxCT after WTNH didn’t renew Geoff’s contract , both in the morning and at 10:00. I’m thrilled that they hired Geoff for their team and look forward to tomorrow when our beloved Geoff takes to the air again. Congratulations to FoxCT for recognizing the exceptional traits that makes Geoff Fox a Connecticut treasure.


    A Former WTNH Distraction

  53. Hey Jeff,
    At least you won’t have to worry about icy roads–for at least another 6 or 7 mos. It is good to hear the excitement in your voice and comments—I’m looking forward to tomorrow night! Here’s a toast to many good days/nights ahead.

  54. Geoff, I’m with you! Can’t wait to do the switch from Ch. 8 to Fox. Been waiting for just the right reason! And I have it – I’ll be so glad to see you again old friend!!

  55. Hi Geoff:

    You can count me in, I’ve already set my break time for 4pm to catch you on Fox-CT at work. Real glad you said Yes.

    Ya know, we’re really happy to see you doing what you seem to be bread to do, weather / science and tutoring us in the ways and whys of things (nature), well, happen.

    I do hope this is a great fit for you and them. Were excited that your on television again and doing some good science reporting (again) but I’m sure we want you to be happy as well. That is more important.


  56. Geoff,

    Good luck tomorrow!

    Don’t let the drive up there drive you crazy, it’s not all that bad.. (I do it daily, though my job is certainly not exciting as yours..)

  57. Dear Geoff,
    You go right up there tomorrow and have a wonderful time. We all wished this day would come, and…Here it comes! Wishes do come true! Thank you, Geoff and thank those wonderful folks at FOX for keeping you close to us. They won’t be sorry…. Best wishes, Evi/Danbury

  58. My stepmother is in Arizona for a few weeks and she asked me to program her U-Verse channel so she won’t miss your first day back at work! By the time she watches your forecast, it will be long gone….that’s devotion! Best of luck tomorrow!

  59. Geoff, your old bosses need their heads examined and my guess is they already know that by now. Fox’s ratings will go up, without a doubt, and yes, it will be because of you. Break a leg and my husband and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. I don’t watch Fox much but I will be now. 🙂

  60. Congratulations Geoff . Don’t worry about right or wrong. You can never be 100% accurate. I remember 2004 Hurricane Charlie in FL. I was in Clearwater. The mets forecast path all week is right over clearwater but it took a wobble over Venice.It’s mother nature.We love you and your forecast.Just seeing you on TV makes us happy.Finally after 4 months we will be watching weather on FOX TV with FOX.

  61. GEOFF! I miss some time checking in on you and you have news – WOOHOO!! Congratulations and I cannot wait to follow you! Fran.

  62. Geoff,
    It has been a long 3 and a half months since we can finally say we have a person back that has the knowledge to give us the weather.Those newbies and Geoff Fox wannabes at WTNH cannot hold a candle to your expertise. Yes you are human and we all make mistakes but,besides your knowledge also comes grace and class.We will be watching.We are also excited about the new science and tech spots at 4.
    To: FOXCT Congratulations on knowing a gem when you see one.
    To: WTNH You had your chance and blew it.You reap what you sow.


  64. So do you think you can get the rest of the Fox61 team to A.) improve their grammar and overall use of the English language? B.) Teach them to proof read their graphics before they go on the air? C.) Take some pride in pushing the envelope and do each “new” thing at an exceptional level, not just a mediocre going through the paces?

    Lastly, do you think maybe your 11P weather could include a shoreline specific variant?
    Face it, there are days when the conditions are drastically different!

    All in all, it is SO great to have you back on the air… your voice alone is like hearing a lost friend again!


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