I’m In A Sea Of Cubicles

Helaine said she enjoyed it though she wasn’t sure she understood it. That’s actually fine. Lots of science stories are complex.

I am sitting deep in a sea of cubicle. There are random voices and keyboard clicks. People are moving around with puropse… well, at least they’re giving off the purpose vibe. Like me they might just be here to hide for a while.

I don’t yet have a desk of my own. That means I’m hanging in the weather area which is ‘on-set’ and where Rachel is working. I’m giving her a little space.

I have been issued a cellphone and laptop. There are systems to learn to get company mail and put my stories in the rundown. That will come with time.

I did my first science report today, a look at the WISE satellite. NASA just release around a million and a half WISE photos.

Helaine said she enjoyed it though she wasn’t sure she understood it. That’s actually fine. Lots of science stories are complex. I just want to make them approachable. I don’t expect to explain interplanteary physics in an instant.

A lot of people here have asked me if I was happy to be here? Mostly they already knew the answer. They just wanted to be reassured their read of their own life was correct.

25 thoughts on “I’m In A Sea Of Cubicles”

  1. Loved the section on WISE the infra red satellite has certainly made some great discoveries. I hope you intend to look at other NASA missions such as Kepler and New Horizons. It would also be nice to talk about Voyager as it heads out of the Solar system into deep space. Still feels special that something Man-Made has made it so far as to be outside the solar system. I loved the Science report and you deserve that well earned break….Looking forward to the 11pm news cast tonight

  2. I take it you were a little excited last evening at the 10 o’clock news….I could hear it in your voice…lol…perhaps “chomping at the bit”..is more like it….you know…wanting to re-unite with your viewers. All in all…a job well done…and a forcast that could be understood. Thanks Geoff, and not to worry. I too just started a “new position” and have just settled into a small comfort zone of familiarity after a few months, so I know that feeling of intruding on someones territory. This too shall pass.

  3. Do you know who you remind me of? Who had the talent to bring science into everyday life, making it so fun to learn about? Carl Sagan, that’s who! In his sphere, it was astronomy. In yours, it is meteorology. But you both have that natural talent to put science in lay language, and make it so darn fun to learn about.
    Love you for that!

  4. I really liked the science segment Geoff! I thought it was pretty easy to understand! I love science and weather so it’s nice to see you on-air again, I can tell you really enjoy what you do! Congrats! 🙂

  5. Oh man, I was so busy with dinner prep today I didn’t catch your science segment. Any chance I can catch it online someplace?

  6. I saw some of the science story – missed the beginning, but it looked interesting. I hope Rachel is okay with the new arrangement – I think she’s terrific, and with you there more people will see her too – I hope it’s good news for everyone.

  7. Thinking about your schedule. You are on air at 4, and then again at 11. You certainly have to be there much earlier than 4 for preparation, and of course there is that 40-45 minute commute each way. Sounds like a long day. Worth it, but long.

  8. Geoff, Fox CT sounds like a much better place than Channel 8. I sent an email to Channel 8 to tell them what I think of their behavior. I never received a reply. I sent an email to Fox CT to thank them for hiring you and to let them know I very much enjoyed everything about their broadcast, including your co-workers on the air and the design of the studio. I received a nice reply thanking me for watching and for my kind words. Channel 8 considers their viewers a “distraction” and ignores us. Fox CT has a chat room. You yourself have described the very different environment you found at Fox CT after working at Channel 8.

    I loved your story at 4:00 today. Congratulations again! Did you find the men’s room? 🙂

    1. Barbara, you were not alone in receiving a reply from THAT station in New Haven. I figured out M. Higgins address from the format of all the other email address and my email went through. All to no avail. I sent FoxCT an e-mail Friday and had a reply first thing Monday morning with a name on it!!! Nice to know our opinion is appreciated.

  9. I loved your science segment today! I had it on my DVR so I could watch when I got home.

    One question, please. You were talking about the colors, etc. – were you saying that ALL the colorful NASA photos are because of heat/cold, i.e., Hubble Telescope and not just the ones from WISE? Wow that really will burst my bubble! LOL

    Thanks Geoff! Love having you back!

  10. I watched yesterday at 4 loved seeing you again. WNTH does not
    care, I have called many times and sent many e-mails and now
    I read online they have hired another weather person a lady
    so they let Geoff and Matt go and now they have 3 people they
    had to hire. I also have noticed many commercials lately with
    Dr. Mel in the front saying something about his weather machine
    and the other guys in the back working on computers. I am so glad
    that Geoff you are back so I guess I won’t ramble on about them
    but I guess it still makes me mad.

  11. It may have been raining in other parts of CT, but at our house, there was bright sunshine, roses and rainbows. Geoff Fox was back on TV!
    As happy as our son, Eric, was to see you on TV last night, I think he was happiest about the note you sent. He said, “See, I told you he was my friend.”
    My heart is filled with gratitude. Your kindness and generosity has overwhelmed us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  12. Geoff: Congrats on the new gig… I hope it lasts until YOU are ready to end the relationship! I enjoyed the science segment about WISE… probably more of what NASA should do for now, vice sending modified aircraft to an orbiting station. I recorded your debut trifecta from 4/18, since I worked 15 hours that day. Unless I missed something, it seemed that FOX CT didn’t give you much of an intro (save for the promo I stumbled across during the Talledega race) until Erika’s “Oh, by the way, welcome” bit at 11:20-something. Then, I thought that you (perhaps) requested it that way. Also, I felt that your forecast segments weren’t very long. Great use of the “sponge” analogy for the transition from virga to precipitation that gets to ground level! I wish you well; you’re the best I’ve seen in my nearly five decades of local TV viewing!!

  13. Geoff, So happy you are back doing what you love to do, the weather. In addition, you are doing science segments that I know you love as well. Wishing you the very best at your new job with FOX. Enjoy every minute of it and don’t look back! You’re doing a terrific job!

  14. Geoff, As you can see many of us who were so upset over the terrible thing the “other station ” did to you, are as happy as we were angry to have you back. I know it seems amazing to you but you were a part of our everyday lives and we became so comfortable with our Geoff Fox. You are part of our every day. What bad weather I will watch Geoff!!! right or wrong ,well, no one is right all the time you always had a learning explanation which is what I have always enjoyed. Besides all of this you shared yourself with us too and made us feel like we knew you personally even if we didn’t. I have been lucky enough in the last few months to have finally met you and I was thrilled and a little embarrassed at my excitement, since I am a Grammy but I felt like I was finally getting to meet and old friend so thanks for the years of sharing and teaching and look forward now to many more yeah GEOFF yeah FOX CT !!

  15. Noticed that when you go to the “email addresses, phone numbers, etc” contact page on Channel 8’s website, that there is a link for everyone else except the General Manager. I wonder if it has always been that way, or if that is something since January. And is there an FCC requirement regarding that? Nah, there are other email addresses. I guess.
    I listened to Chaz and AJ. I’ve read the stories and blogs. I don’t know if this cut was handed to the management from on high. (Cut somebody!) But too many businesses today don’t seem to think that customer service, ethical behavior, class, or humanity are important. I will be watching another local news from now on. Take a guess.

  16. While clicking around I noticed, you have to update your About Me sections on this and your geofftv website. Nice stuff!

  17. i never understood why WTNH was centered in New Haven when the other three networks were centered in Hartford…i guess they were the black sheep station of Ct…glad to have you at center of Ct now…WTNH doesn’t have a clue which sucks for people like Ann Nyberg who also is a great personality…and as for the Dr. not calling you, shame on him…

  18. Geoff – We are so happy to be your “viewers” again! This is great! Please tell the folks @ Fox61 that their respectful, quick reply to an email is really appreciated. Enjoying your work and the newscasts.

  19. Susan says:
    April 19, 2011 at 11:56 pm
    Wooohooo! Yipppeeee!
    Now I can stop channel surfing everytime I want to see the forecast. I simply couldn’t bear giving LIN and its WTNH GM goon the satisfaction of sticking with their new guy. Gone is that crummy feeling I experienced, missing Geoff Fox coupled with the sting from the disrespect LIN demonstrated towards its audience (customers).
    Thank you FoxCt for having the vision and understanding to recognize that for a good many of Geoff Fox’s long time viewers, Connecticut weather is just a bit more bearable and a lot more fun when we learn of it from our weather man, Geoff Fox.
    Everything ” feels right as rain.”

    P. S. Congratulations Geoff. I am very happy for you and your family.
    Geoff, you look great!


    1. Susan, Don’t be misled into thinking we (the viewing audience) are the customers, the advertisers are. If I could bring myself to watch WTNH I’d make a mental note and avoid their sponsors.

      On another note, Glad you’re back Geoff

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