Mr. Science Returns

Times have changed again. Here’s my first science feature from FoxCT.

Thank you Diane Smith! Back in the good old days Diane named me Mr. Science. I enjoyed doing science stories, but as times changed it became something I wasn’t allowed to do.

Times have changed again. Here’s my first science feature from FoxCT.


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  1. I remember those days! Even though I was an adult, I learned something new every time I watched! Never too old to learn something! Who needs Bill Nye the Science Guy?

  2. Mr. Science is back..! Great explanation. Fox on Fox is a lot more than just the weather forecast. Great job,looking forward to more of your science reports.

  3. Great Stuff. Geoff you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge of science. i, at the age of almost 64, have never heard the explanation of hot vs cold in our atmosphere. Very interesting. I love the clarity you make with Science. thanks so much and I do look forward to your next science class.

  4. Geoff you ARE Mr. Science. I always liked Diane Smith and felt her departure was a bit abrupt. She spoke at a charity book and author luncheon for my organization several years ago. She was very nice to give of her time as you do.I like Fox Ct. and your new team but I must confess I miss your banter and on (and off) air friendship with Ann Nyberg. She is another wonderful and classy lady. I am so glad she is still supportive!

    1. I do also miss the banter I always saw with Geoff and Anne. You could tell there was mutual deep respect and affection there. But you can’t have everything. I really was impressed by the science of space segment today — presented in a way I could appreciate and understand!

      1. Yes…the chemistry (pardon the pun. Chemistry…Mr. Science…get it? ;)) between Ann & Geoff was amazing! Something I miss. Glad to have you back on air, Geoff!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this clip Geoff. I missed the broadcast and tried to watch it on but the video would not load. Cannot wait to see future reports! You do have a way of explaining things to really captivates my attention! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the video link! I shared it with my cousin in Boston who always sends me the beautiful NASA photos! Wonder if her bubble will pop too!

    Mr. Science IS BACK! Hooray!

  7. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for posting the science lesson. Very informative.
    I hope you continue to post them for us that are unable to watch the 4 PM weather & news.
    Congrats on your new gig. Good to have you back.
    Watched you last night on the 10 & 11 PM, in case you are keeping count.

  8. Loved your Mr. Science report! No other station has anything remotely like that………so innovative. Great idea! And no one can present it like you! Did I mention how happy we are that you are back???? 🙂

  9. I actually rearranged my TV pattern, to watch the 4:00 on FoxCt. Poor Judge Judy will never recover! No bubbles burst, but impressions rearranged for certain by the segment. As always complicated “science stuff” explained so that all can learn from it. Probably some School kids are going to try to explain this to their teachers tomorrow… LOL that would make a great follow up…

  10. I am tickled pink to see you back on the air giving the weather. I missed you this past winter more and more with each passing storm, no one can give the weather reports like you can.
    Thank you to FOXCT for hiring you. I had my husband tape your 1st TV appearance on Mon. at 4pm because I was at work. You are the same ole Geoff, and don’t ever change. Best of everything to you, Geoff.

  11. Mr.Science,
    Excellent information. Your presentation was wonderful! I’m Very Happy that you are now able to share your science info and knowledge at FOXCT. Something tells me Elm St. may have a few regrets as the days go by. If not, then Elm St. are bigger fools than we knew. We’re so happy that you and FOXCT are our GO TO Station now! A big Thank you to you and FOXCT for recognizing your FB friends. That alone goes a long way I believe.
    Again Congratulations Geoff!

    1. Thank you Ann. No one can replace you either. I will always miss” Burns and Gracie”. No team can compare. You are carrying on beautifully under challenging circumstances. Keep up the great work!

  12. Can’t wait to show my grandson this video–he is a budding astronomer at age 7. He will think this is “so cool”. (His dad used to watch your science spots, Geoff, and I’m thrilled the grandkids are getting the opportunity now!

  13. Excellent piece today Geoff. I’m 50 years old and I learned something today. Please continue these type of science pieces as they are something no other station does in the area.

  14. Once again I learned something. I can’t wait to see the rest of your 4:00 science reports. I am sure that with your extensive knowledge in this area that there will be many more examples to follow. I’ll be watching!

  15. Your never-ending ever-so-subtle disses towards WTNH are beginning to make you seem like a bitter divorcee. Congratulations on the new job, but seriously, backhanded comments directed at your former employer and colleagues make you seem bratty ~ and it almost belittles the new opportunity you have. Forget the past, and be happy that you’re employed.

  16. I agree with Adam in regard to the disses towards WTNH. Dr Mel is an employee of WTNH, told to make a commercial, and that is what he did.

    1. Esther and Adam,

      The interview with Chaz and AJ was the only mention I’ve made of my situation. It will probably remain as such. I made a comment about a very public action which was specifically aimed at me, my situation and those supporting me. It hurt me very deeply.

      1. Disses toward WTNH???? I, for one, find the restraint you’ve displayed throughout the past 3-1/2 months commendable. WTNH was the “party” totally lacking in class, both towards you and their viewers. I probably could have forgiven their inital action, until that wouldn’t let you back on air after your vacation. I resent being considered a distraction. The concept for the commercial, offensive as it was, was just another example of their lack of class, taste and forethought.

        1. Geoff, I agree with Ruth. You have never dissed WTNH. I think you have displayed restraint, and I respect and admire you for that.

          Helaine was very funny on WPLR! 🙂

          1. I agree. Other than the PLR interview, I’ve heard nothing, even remotely, from you toward anyone in the past. You’re a class act, Geoff, someone else might have been heard loudly, nevermind remotely! Fran.

  17. I had no idea about the NASA “Photoshopping” photos lie the WISE and Hubbell to improve their usability and their appeal to us civilians. I guess a visual telescope wouldn’t pick up the gas masses that are so beautiful and would show just a bunch of dots for the suns in the photos. That WOULD be totally uninteresting!

  18. That was wonderful, Geoff. You are so clear. You always know where the confusion may arise and you clarify so that the viewer can follow along. You have the qualities of a great teacher: articulate and enthusiastic. So good to have you back!

  19. Hi Geoff,

    It’s great to have you back in our home via Fox 61 and it’s funny to find out how many of us apparently thought “Fox on Fox” would be a great idea before it was known or became reality.

    Really loved your science segment and am glad to tune into 61 for the 4PM broadcast and see you there (as well as to the other 61 newscasts). Yes, this little Farmington house has switched to 61 from 8.

    You are a great teacher who makes learning fun and interesting, and I believe that makes you a valuable asset to us all in Connecticut.

    I understand that stations are after viewer eyeballs but want to mention that as someone who helps brings more viewers to Fox 61, that also makes you an asset to Fox 61 as well.

    Best wishes for continued health and success and thank you again to Fox 61 for bringing back our Geoff!


  20. Geoff,
    As so many others have mentioned, you were the reason I watched a particular channel for the weather. I also never watched Fox, until this week. As a weather and science junkie, it was nice watching someone who absolutely loved the field and I am beyond thrilled your back on the air. Congrats!

    The science segment, at 4PM, is fantastic. You show science can be cool and we need to use this “cool factor” for our youth. The WISE piece was a great start and I look forward to seeing what you bring to the airwaves each day. Here are just a few suggestions that you might be able to work with..

    -The North Atlantic Oscillation and how it affects our weather.
    -The decreasing amount of clean, fresh water around the world.
    -Concept of red or blue shift and how astronomers use it.
    -The challenges of a manned mission to Mars (i.e Timing, Radiation exposure)
    -Explain the computer models used in weather forecasting and why there are so many.
    -Is sustainability possible within 20 years? 25? 50?

    I’m sure you have a lot of options so these were just a few quick thoughts… either way, I look forward to watching at 4 and 11 each and every night. Keep up the great work!


  21. Geoff, this must be nice for you – to be able to share something other than the weather forecast. Nice for us too. 🙂

  22. Hi Geoff, Just wanted to tell you how happy both my husband and myself are to see you back!! Enjoy both your science segments and having you back for the 11pm news. Good luck, FoxCt is lucky to have you!! They have two new viewers!!

  23. Geoff – Mr. Science is back! I was one of those people who watched your Inside Space show on SciFi Channel way back when, and thought it was terrific. Glad you found a good place to land. Will the science segment be a regular thing? (every day/certain day every week, etc?) Would love to tape it as I don’t think my employer will allow me to go home early to watch you. (Can’t fathom his thinking on that one…)

  24. Hi Geoff,
    I just caught up with your news about your new job as my son noticed you on the 10 pm news the other evening. I’m 82 and my son is 52 and we just learned something new with your science spot. It was so great to hear your voice again. Can’t begin to tell you how disapponted we were when you left (ha! Ha! Ha!) WTNH. The new guys stink. I usually turn on the am show but then wait until 11 for more news and just skip around. And then at my age I don’t always make it to 11. Now I can watch you at 10. I’ll have to give up watching Cash Cab to catch you at 4 but I just might do it! Congratulations and good luck.

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