A Quick Look At Where I Work

Here’s a really quick look at where I work. It’s difficult to fully describe, but the studio and newsroom are well integrated. Everything seems to be in the right place.

I brought the camera to work tonight. Here’s a really quick look at where I work. It’s difficult to fully describe, but the studio and newsroom are well integrated. Everything seems to be in the right place.

Will I feel that way in three weeks? Stay tuned.

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  1. I’m sure it will become second nature, Geoff. You’re still the “new guy” there employee wise…give it time!

  2. When I watch, I can’t help but feel the newsroom IS the studio. It looks haphazard can be disconcerting at times. I guess I’m old school. The newsroom should remain in the background while the on-air staff are in a separate studio. That shows professionalism. The casual atmosphere where the on-air staff roam the area and talk to co-workers makes it feel like party time and news is serious business.

    1. Maybe in the past where a newscast was locked down before air. Being this close now is a major advantage. I think it’s well designed for this era.

      1. Good point. I suppose some younger viewers tend to have a shorter attention span and moving around keeps it interesting. Also, although the set appears to be vast, you still have a feeling of intimacy there.

        1. It’s actually very functional. The newsroom is within feet of the studio. There is absolutely sizzle in moving from place-to-place, but that’s not used to hide a lack of meat.

  3. Geoff,

    Soooooooooooooooo glad to see you back on the air in CT. Kudos to Fox — times two! And I was happy and content to hear, “Don’t go to sleep yet,” once again.

    Fox will now be my new news “home.” Congrats to you and welcome back.

  4. f Ferrucci said:
    >> Fox will now be my new news “home.”

    No kidding, putting Fox on Fox was a no-brainer that hopefully gives them a ratings boost to show for it too.

  5. Geoff, glad to see you back on air. I grew up in this area and remember watching you on TV as a kid. It’s great to see that you’re still in the business and have such a passion for it. It’s really an inspiration to see that your hard work has generated such a strong following. Keep it up!

  6. Do you mean that in three weeks we’ll automatically know how you feel, if you still bring your “camera” to work that night, or if you bring “Clicky” instead?

  7. I was once a print reporter. I would find it intrusive to have a TV studio in the middle of the newsroom. How do the Courant folks feel about it?

  8. I like the look and feel of it, more casual and you feel like you are getting real stories right from the reporters at times….. Bring the feeling of teamwork into it! Geoff is a team player, so it will fit his style well !!!! He always used to let us know ghe was not solely responsible for the weather forecast and presentation of it, by asking co-workers to do things while he was on camera…….brings a family feel to it……. I’d love the atmosphere……makes you know your hard work is paying off, as you see it stream out to the customers TVs!!

  9. How’s your cold, Geoff? I do agree that the FoxCT studio style is different. And I don’t automatically equate different with bad. Sometimes you have to get used to it. There is one thing I am finding hard to get used to and that is the news people, and you not making eye contact with the camera, at least not a whole lot. The eye contact is what draws me in and makes the viewer feel part of the process. And the walking around thing is not bad, IF not overdone. Otherwise, Fox is our station!!

  10. Yay! I just got back from visiting my daughter in CO(landed at 3pm)and caught you on the 4pm show! Great to see you on-air, Geoff!!

  11. So wonderful to see you BACK again on the air.You were truly missed. I am so glad to have you there because we are getting into the “dangerous weather” time of year and I TRUST you’re keeping us safe.I saw you WPLR interview and felt you were sincere and “real”. However I really feel Dr. Mel’s treatment or lack of personal integrity toward an “old freind” was truely an example of how our society has gone down the tubes.You’re behavior through all this shows your “class” and I wish you ALL the best and I will be watching a 4:00 for you to tell us if or when we will be safe from bad weather. Good to see and hear you again !!!

  12. It just makes me feel good to see you back on the air, and I’ve been sticking around for the rest of the Ch61 broadcast, too. WPLR video was great and it’s inspiring to see someone beat back “The Man” and make it in the face of unemployment and the potential need to leave CT to make a new path. GREAT stuff, and we’re proud of you.

  13. Great Pics and great first week on FOXCT! Glad to see you back to the air. I’m a new fan of yours, but I have been watching you on the air for many years! I can’t wait to see more of you as you are the main reason I watch FoxCT now. The Weather is my favorite part of the news as I always want to know what the weather is going to be each day. You’re awesome and now my favorite CT meteorologist. I go to say to a friend of mine in Nebraska as she asks when if Im going to be yet and I always reply with “Not til after Geoff Fox is done with the weather!” She goes “You like that guy huh?” “Yep sure do!” So keep up the great work and see you more on FoxCT Can’t wait!

  14. I’m wondering if, sometimes you are frustrated(already). Like last night (Friday) when you spoke of the Tornado in St Louis, and couldn’t get the picture up when you wanted it. I expect you had seen it on the news screens, but it sounds like they have to get adjusted to you, too.
    It is great seeing you back “in the saddle”. But will you always be starting off with Fox on Fox, or is this just for the promo? It sounds a little “quirky” to me. How often do you do the science part at 4PM. I taped the 4PM news on Thursday, but didn’t find it. Guess I’ll have to keep taping–or dvr’ing.

    1. I discussed it with the producer as we went on. It just wasn’t ready when I hit air. This is a chance you take when you’re live. The video was available by the end of the weather and the producer let me know.

      I will be doing science reports most days at 4p. Friday’s I’ll be doing the 4p weather. This Thursday I had a pre-existing commitment in New Haven. There are two earlier science reports from Tuesday and Wednesday on the CTNow.com website.

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