Cold Update

A few commenters have said I might have allergies. Seriously? After all these years being mainly allergy free?

This morning I’ve hardly sneezed at all. My noise still is filling up, but not like last night. My throat has that “I just sucked on a crowbar” taste. I am fatigued though I just finished seven plus hours of sleep.

A few commenters have said I might have allergies. Seriously? After all these years being mainly allergy free? That’s a cruel fate.

This story doesn’t end well, does it?

10 thoughts on “Cold Update”

  1. Didn’t you say you took some Zinc for your symptoms? If so, that explains the “crowbar” taste. Be happy! Some people lose their sense of taste FOREVER from overdoing the zinc!

    I will bet that under the tremendous stress you have been subjected to since February what with TNH’s antics, you’re immune system is pretty skewed off normal right now and you may have allergies for the first time in your life. I began with terrible allergies the summer after my son was born. (Guess what cured it? ANTI-DEPRESSANTS!! Who knew?? I was never so happy to be DEPRESSED when the allergies went away!!)

    Vitamin D has been shown to be a MEGA-immune system regulator, so I’d take the 2K mg suggested (I take more…).Dr Jim Sensenig in Hamden is the greatest naturopath there is, in case you feel the need for a “tune-up”. They check your blood and hair for levels of what you are supposed to have and determine where you’re too low…then you supplement with what you need! Simple, right? Amazing that mainstream medicine doesn’t get it!

    You have gone through Hell, Geoff, and it’s not surprising if you have colds, allergies, or the like. Be good to yourself!!

  2. I agree. Our immune systems go into overdrive when a stressful situation is presented, and then when the pressure is releases, immune system crashes.

    I know you will feel better soon. And I’m sure you know all the tricks of the television trade (and have medical resources) to stave off laryngitis.

  3. Sorry Geoff, I am the same age as you and last year I developed allergies for the first time! They started again over the weekend and I am here working with a bunch of sneezing, coughing co-workers. There is LOTS of pollen in the air. I wish I could tell you I found a magic pill…….

  4. It’s possible it’s allergies. I’m knocking on the door to 50 and never had too many issues with allergies but when I went for a routine Dr. Appt and I complained of the same things you are, she checked me out and said it’s allergies that have caused my passages to swell up and gave me prednisone.

    I hope you feel better soon Geoff. It sucks feeling like this.

  5. There are so many weird viruses and variations on allergies now, who knows what the hell it is? Hit it. DayQuil, NyQuil, soup and juice, Hall’s lozenges and if it doesn’t go away soon, maybe it’s a sinus infection and needs antibiotics. Good luck!

  6. Yeah, “seriously” I keep saying that to my Dr. Seriously???? He tells me it is very common for people to develop allergies at some pioint in their life, even when you have never had them….. I used to think I was just really unhealthy, because I would feel like I constantly had or was getting or just getting over a cold……..knowing allergies could be the effect is actually good news…….no one wants to feel like they are so unhealthy that is they even see someone on TV with a cold, they catch it !

  7. Geoff,

    RE: Your Cold and/or Allergies

    I think you may have a little cold virus roaaround your system that “hasn’t quite taken hold yet” and hopefully your good immune system will continue to fight it off. I also think your being looked out for, not only from above because you’ve got so much going on right now, but we are all sending you postive energy!

    Take good care!
    ~Diane and John
    P.S. The Reader’s Digest Version: You’re stressed and need to rest! We are so happy to have you back and watch Fox News now with delight!

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