Is Your Phone Ratting You Out?

Every cellphone to some extent rats you out!

I thought you might be interested in seeing my story from this afternoon’s 4:00 O’clock newscast on the iPhone location data controversy and the fact that every cellphone to some extent rats you out!


20 thoughts on “Is Your Phone Ratting You Out?”

  1. Creepy. Yes! There is no such thing as privacy anymore. Is that why the bad guys use a discard prepaid so often?

  2. I must be the only weirdo left who does not mind this. I see it as a tool to assist in the location of Amber alerts, missing and injured phone owners that would otherwise not be found.

  3. We just have to trust in the phone companies to care more about loosing customer trust (i.e. money) than aiding government agencies and municipalities that may want to track its citizens. Also, there is a lot more the random person needs to worry about than their phone tracking them as far as digital technology is concerned. Just use common sense. People think that just because their computer is in their house that it should be private. Use the same digression online as you would use in a mall.

  4. “Where were you on the night of August 13th?” Well, we know where your phone was… Could be a game-changer for criminal and civil law practice.

  5. Re-thinking my choice of new phone….hmmmmm I am at a cross roads. It is that time that comes around every 2 years that I can renew my contract with Verizon and get a new phone at a great discount. Then again…maybe not!

  6. Great Segment on Iphone tracking. I don’t have an iphone as I have a Rumor Touch by Virgin Mobile. Like it so far as I switched from a Mantra to a Rumor touch. They went down in price as they were expensive at the time I got the Mantra at Target in Enfield, CT last Summer. Wanted a phone with no bill to pay. I had my older sibling set me up(well first someone named Alex stole the serial number so had to return for another one) then I switched to the plans I liked then to the Rumor Touch in Feb or March of this year. VM has it’s issues with their internet, texts, etc and I believe they upgraded as they work off Sprint. I Was thinking of upgrading to a android. Not sure yet though.

  7. Geoff, does this mean that pedophiles can locate our children via our photos? Thank you for this report. It really scares me to death. Also, I’m wondering if this same information applies to the Ipod Touch. It’s absolutely true, Big Brother is watching.

  8. It isn’t only phones, it’s our motor vehicles too! I wouldn’t own a “new” car if you gave it to me. I mean, I’d take it, sell it and buy a 1970’s Camaro or Firebird!! LOL Your vehicle records all sorts of info on you. Do you know what’s coming?? Insurance companies will have access to it, and if they don’t like the way you drive, OR where you drive, it will just give them another excuse to raise your rates!!

  9. I just read (since Geoff was not retained, I no longer watch) that TV8 has now dumped Ted Koppy. Another nice guy gone!

    1. Yeah. I complained when they took him off the desk. It was just a matter of time. They’ve decided that anyone with a functioning frontal lobe isn’t welcome. They’re turning more right wing Birther nuts than even Fox (not the Geoff version, btw).

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