Seriously Facebook… This Again?

If Facebook isn’t equipped to fight off this tiny and easily identified threat how will they perform against something big?

With nearly 5,000 Facebook friends I am a spam magnet! Unfortunately for me my goal is keeping my Facebook account accessible to all which makes me vulnerable to everything! The spams started coming early Saturday.

OMG! Its unbeliveable now you can get to know who views your facebook profile.. i can see my top profile visitors and i am so shocked that my EX is still creeping my profile every hour. click below

I have received that automated message at least a half dozen times in the last two days. Each time its posted on my Facebook wall. It is the worm on the end of the hook! It is trolling for fish.

The first one I received came from a friend with an EX. Trust me, she doesn’t care to stalk his Facebook account.

Facebook claims and I believe you can’t do any of the things these spammy scams promise and yet they continue to promulgate week-after-week-after-week. Even worse they’re sent through Facebook’s internal mail system. Is there no filtering?

If Facebook isn’t equipped to fight off this tiny and easily identified threat how will they perform against something big?

Facebook wants us to trust them with nearly everything personal and private in our lives. They’re a long way from getting my trust.

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  1. It’s for that exact reason I removed my account from Facebook in October. Despite all the “blocks” on put on my account, my information was an open book. I’ll stick with LinkedIn and Twitter, which both seem to better enforce privacy policies. I may have lost touch with lots of people by not using Facebook, but it isn’t worth the privacy risk to me.

    1. I trust LinkedIn even less; there is no pretense of privacy outside of the privacy policy. Not only can any paying member see and contact any other user, regardless of privacy settings, unlike facebook and myspace, paying users CAN see who’s viewed their profile. Plans start at $19.95/month.

      Log in to LinkedIn, scroll to the footer links at the bottom and click “upgrade my account”

  2. It’s not just you… I’ve seen a lot of that on my friends’ walls, followed by their spammy posts from being hacked, that come through my feed. It’s very annoying, and does seem to be escalating right now. But I only see it at work because at home I have fb purity. It doesn’t truly cure the problem, but it does hide all of that stuff so you don’t have to see it. More effective on a personal page than a ‘Page’ page, so if you have a personal page, give it a whirl. It’s a breath of fresh air for your fb. Or more like a big ol’ chalky eraser.

  3. I have gotten that same thing come across my wall at least ten times in the last two days. I don’t click on anything that comes across my wall anymore unless I check with the friend to make sure it was real or not. And I scan my wall with Symantec.

  4. I think Facebook is too busy counting their money to be bothered with small stuff like spam. Like the book says, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. That’s their philosophy.

  5. It is starting to appear on my wall again too – there is a web site called “The Bulldog Estate” that tells you about the latest Facebook nonsense like this (this is a legitimate site).

  6. The only spam filter facebook has is user generated. Click the x next to the post, triggered by hovering the cursor over it (right side). You have a few options, one is spam. Second, don’t forget microsoft has a huge stake in facebook and should be able to offer the anti spam features.

    1. Facebook Mail has a “mark as spam” function as well.

      If you go into the message (click the users name above the message on the messages page) and then at the top there’s a button with a cog on it that says “Actions”

      Be sure when marking as spam in newsfeeds you’re marking the application generating the content as spam and not the user. if you block the user, you’ll continue to get spam from the app from other people, but won’t be able to see any more posts from that particular person.

      and as someone who has worked with Facebooks Developer tools, there is no way to find out who visits your profile. The information is not accessible or published. (nor is there anything you can ‘install’ on your profile to collect the info)

      There are legitimate apps that will tell you who has posted on your wall the most, they do this by counting every post on your wall (read: they collect and save all the data on your wall) but again, they can’t tell who’s just window shopping.

      Facebook can be an invaluable tool, when used properly..

  7. I’ve been getting that on a site I run as a regular facebook profile. I never click on spam links. I’m so sorry about the spam though. I have not come across any spam though on either my writing account or main account, but I’ve been out on the lookout for any spam.

  8. I received that one the other day from someone who is a friend of mine. Utter ridiculous I know, but the curiosity thing hit me and I clicked on this silly thing figuring if it came from my friend, they wouldn’t send me something that was bad. Immediately, and I mean immediately my AVG sent up a threat alert. I notified my friend about this. However it does come to mind that these things are sometimes generated using our friends names without their knowledge. I’m wondering if that’s the case with this since I haven’t heard back from my friend yet. In any case, I’ll not be clicking on these silly things again and thank goodness for AVG or I’d surely be in a mess. I agree, why can’t FB do something about this?

  9. Figures with Facebook, who tried to engineer a smear campaign on Google for privacy issues.

    Anyways, one way to stop them (or at least kill the frequency) is to change your viewing Facebook setting from “http” to “https”. I did that with mine about a couple of months ago, and I’ve been lucky with almost no spam hits on my wall/news feed.

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