Forecast: Long Duration Gloom

Flowers and plants will grow. We’ll be a little less happy. No, actually we’ll be downright depressed.

Part of my morning ritual is looking at weather data so I can get up to speed. There’s a lot of green on this chart. I don’t like what I see!

First the good news. During the warm season it’s unusual to have all-day rain. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon to have long duration gloom.

The image at the top of this entry is a screencap from BUFKIT–the Swiss Army Knife of weather. The weather model is the GFS, our go-to model when looking out a week. BUFKIT is read right-to-left, so today is on the far right side and the upcoming week spreads out to the left.

Those vertical bars of green represent rain. At the moment each six hour block through Saturday has at least a tiny bit of rain.

Flowers and plants will grow. We’ll be a little less happy. No, actually we’ll be downright depressed.

12 thoughts on “Forecast: Long Duration Gloom”

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      1. I always hit the like button, Geoff, but I’m not sure I want to share the gloom. Well……okay…….misery loves company! 😉

  1. It is what it is….We had beautiful weather last week (even though pollen was high). So this week reality has to come back. No matter what – we are better than the poor folks by the Mississippi, so no complaining!

  2. I am happy that it’s not snowing. This winter has been very hard to shake off. Gray and gloomy sure beats high water and worry. I just love the glow of the green leaves out the window. We are wrapped in springtime.

  3. not happy with the forecast, but I decided to make lemonade out of lemons. I’m hardening off my seedlings, put grass seed down in some trouble spots that are tough to reach with the hose, and hopefully the rain washes all this pollen away thats seems to be covering everything.

  4. This year I don’t mind the rain…I planted flowers! As long as there is some sun, I’m all good.

  5. We did have nice weather last week too as well. I’m not a fan of the rain myself, but I don’t mind it. I like to get in alot of reading and writing and do other things on rainy days. My neighbor has two small gardens, so her gardens will enjoy it and so will my neighbor.

  6. Well, our Relay for Life is this coming weekend, so I was really hoping for much better news!!! A 24 hour walking event is not always so great in the rain 🙁 Plus the ground will be already wet to set up our campsites….oh well…also can’t hit like on this one!

  7. Really, there’s nothing like the smell … no, aroma … of wet dog! Still, much better than what the folks near the Mississippi River are dealing with – I’ll take gloom (and soggy dogs)!

  8. It seems to me that we’re experiencing a calendar shift. Seems as if May has turned into April and November has turned into October. What I mean is, we’re about a month out of sync. Could that actually be happening?

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