Perfect Day To Get A Car

When I made the deal I insisted I also drive the car. Makes sense, right? I should know the product.

I’m doing commercials for Premier Subaru. That’s a departure for me. I haven’t done commercials since I’ve been on TV.

When I made the deal I insisted I also drive the car. Makes sense, right? I should know the product.

I got the car today and made two quick roundtrips from Hartford to the shoreline and back. It rained. It poured. No problem.

It was the perfect day to get this car! I want something dependable in all weather and rain is just the beginning. Remember I’m at work on those snow days when I tell you to stay home!

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  1. Geoff, I’ve had two Subaru Foresters, and they are fantastic vehicles. At the risk of sounding like a salesman, wait until you drive your Outback in winter weather! They are the perfect vehicles for CT weather.

    Best regards,

  2. Saw that commercial Geoff.It was good and was funny to see that on Channel 8. We stopped watching Channel 8 ever since you left.I watch ABC World news and this was in the last couple of minutes before world news.Good one Geoff.

  3. I was thinking the same thing…I loved that it was run during Channel 8 news! Also, I am VERY glad that you are driving the brand that you are endorsing, that’s a good thing. I have a Forester, which drives a bit “less smoothly” than an Outback, but I love it for hauling stuff around. Next time, I may try the Outback since it has quite a cargo capacity, too. My mother has a Legacy, which is a great little, smooth riding car. We switched over to Subaru after only driving Pontiacs and we are very happy.

  4. I also saw your commercial for the first time last week, on channel 8. Ironically it was followed by a commercial of News 8 weathermen. Typical for channel 8. Guess they are having trouble accepting your success. !!

  5. But boy, are you going to miss your ragtop when it’s not raining! (I suppose you don’t have to drive the Subaru ALL the time, right??)

  6. That’s so cool! I also saw your commercial for the first time yesterday on the About time and it was awesome! My family has always been Ford Fans, but it was great seeing your commercial! Well done!

  7. I’ve not caught the ad yet. Hopefully it is running on FSB or FOX, cuz that other station in New Haven went off the air some months back. 🙂 I LOVE my Subaru Forester! I bought it after owning a Jeep Cherokee for 10 years. This vehicle is MUCH more sure footed in bad weather than was the Jeep. I hope I catch the commercial, but seriously only watch Jeopardy on 8. Otherwise, I’m truly gone from there..

  8. After many cars, Subaru is the only one I will ever purchase. It is without question the very best car I’ve ever owned; I’m on my third one. I now have a 2008 Legacy and get compliments all the time on it. You’re going to LOVE it in January when you have to drive to Hartford in a snowstorm! Nothing is better in bad weather driving. Congratulations! Not a bad commercial either…………

  9. I loved that it was run during Channel 8 news! And I only know this because I was told about it not because I tune in. I refuse to even allow the begining of the news segment be on my TV set and thats a house rule. Congrats on the car and the commercial…’s never a bad thing when we get to see geoff Fox on television.

  10. Subaru has always been on my short list of cars to own…….and you doing their ads may push me there……and Premier has a very good reputation. I hope you kept the MB !!!! that is a classic and way to sweet to give up !!!!

  11. Sounds like you made yourself a great deal. Doubtful I’ll be buying any new cars. CT car tax would kill me on my income. But you are representing a great brand. I saw the commercial this morning on Channel 8 during Rachael Ray. I suspect Channel 8 will be running it all day. So, we’ll be seeing lots and lots of you Mr. Fox and not only on FoxCT.

  12. Wait until you get in the snow with it! My two Outbacks always seemed to get happy in the snow even though I hate snow. (Maybe they are just trying to spite me.) Anyway, I’ve had other 4WD/AWD vehicles and once I switched to Subaru, the difference was incredible how much more sure-footed the Subaru AWD system was.

  13. I own a Subaru Tribeca (2008) and love it!! Best investment I’ve ever made. The gas mileage is good too. I get roughly 280 miles before I fill up the tank and use regular unleaded. The year before my model year the Tribeca used super unleaded. Prior I had a Forester and I liked that too.

  14. I never watch that New Haven station any more. It did go off the air in my house as well and the cable channel is locked out… but when I heard you were endorsing my favorite car in the world, I thought how funny it would be to have this air on “that station”… Ahhh…. sometimes it really is karma…. 😀 (my friend recently bought an Outback and it is so comfortable to ride in. We always tell her we want her to drive when we need to go somewhere for work. It’s a great ride–and has lots of fun extras!)

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