27 Years On-Air In Connecticut

Their partnership would later find its way to court, but back then they were amazing.

It’s entirely fitting that on this my 27th anniversary of being on-the-air in Connecticut I am not on-the-air. It’s been an upheaval year for me here in the land of steady habits.

May 21, 1984 when I began at WTNH Action News I worked with Al Terzi and Geri Harris. Bob Picozzi was our sports guy. I replaced the beautiful and gracious Beverly Johnson. Our two other weather people were Linda Church (at WPIX for a long time) and Bruce MacFarlane.

One day Bruce sort of disappeared and I’ve never heard from or of him again! Strange.

May I talk about Al? I loved working with Al. It can be argued he is the best known television personality in Connecticut.

He always listened to what I said and laughed when he thought I was trying to be funny–even when I failed. On TV that is the finest example of team player. I will always be grateful.

I remember that first September choppering up to the Big “E” with Al. We flew in this little bubble Engstrom cramped in with Al Notzel the pilot. As we walked into the grounds it was as if Al was a Deity. I have never seen more heads turn.

Geri on the other hand didn’t seem to get me. It felt like she disapproved of me every night on TV.

Later Al and Geri were moved off and John Lindsay and Janet Peckinpaugh were brought in. Lindsay never seemed to make the geographic commitment and soon returned to Colorado.

Al Terzi who had been demoted was paired with Janet Peckinpaugh. Their partnership would later find its way to court, but back then they were amazing.

Whatever “it” was Janet had plenty! She was the most glamorous anchor I’ve worked with. She was a real celeb. Viewers loved her. They couldn’t get enough.

My bosses were Mike Sechrist and Wendi Feinberg. I am still very close with both. I have thanked them dozens of times for this opportunity.

Helaine says I still have a lot of TV left in me. It’s good I’m not done yet.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Geoff. I have followed you through the years, and have always enjoyed your humor. It is refreshing to watch someone who enjoys what they do, it is infectious. Thanks for sharing some tid bits into your career…maybe a book down the road???

  2. Yes you do !! Congratulations Geoff !! You caught my eye as a real “man for the people” during Gloria. I have been a fan ever since (even though I moved to SW FL 10 years ago). Seems to me the people in your blog are nowhere to be found today. You, my friend, still shine every night. Something to think about !!

  3. Happy Anniversary Geoff! I’m so glad you can still say “It’s my Anniversary” today! Another 27, and more!

  4. Congrats on the 27 years. “Dont go to sleep yet” because Helaine is right – you do have alot of tv left in you. So good to see you on air again and happy to be watching such a great station.

  5. Happy Anniversary, Geoff. I was a mere child when you came to CT (my story and I’m sticking to it!) and you have felt like family all these years. Good to know Al Terzi was a nice guy. I was in charge of getting him a personalized WTNH jacket when I worked at STARTER and I didn’t get the “warm fuzzies” from him. Since you say he is a good guy, I’ll chalk it up to “a bad day”. 🙂

  6. Does this little interlude mean that you have to leave Fox network also? Say it isn’t so Geoff!!!!!!! I just got used to watching you at 4 and 11pm.

  7. Congratulations Geoff on your anniversary! I remember your first day very well, especially because Bruce MacFarlane used to work with me as well at Tweed New Haven Airport where I was the Chief Pilot for NewAir, the local commuter airline at the time. Bruce, worked in our dispatch area as well as being a flight coordinator/flight follower. He also worked as a DJ on a local New Haven radio station….I can’t specifically remember which one (I think WPLR) however. Bruce also did the voice over for a commercial we flmed about NewAir which ran on WTNH for a while. Like you too, I do recall that Bruce just one day disappeared. Your anniversary is also timely for me as well in another way, because 7 days later, I married my lovely wife Joyce and we’ve been together ever since.
    Happy Anniversary…..again!

  8. Time sure flies (original comment, huh?) Nowadays, if you and Terzi appeared together, people would have sore necks looking back and forth at you two. And right now, I think you’d get the more glances. BTW, Ann Nyberg is pretty glamorous, too! And I’m beginning to become a big fan of Rachel Frank. You’ve had several talented blondes in your professional life!!

  9. Happy Anniversary Geoff! I have enjoyed you in our household for many years and I will continue to watch for many more years! I have been watching you since your debut on FOXCT and never miss out whenever you are on, but I do remember your years on WTNH. You never bore me and never will and will always enjoy the line “Don’t go to sleep yet” I am enjoying you on FOXCT and you are doing such a great job so far and I will continue to watch you, so Congrats!

  10. Happy anniversary! We are very glad you are still around.

    I had to do an event with Al and Janet for my nonprofit in the mid-90s. It was right after they started working together again, at FSB, literally about a week before she filed her complaint. It is a measure of their total professionalism that you never would have known that there was a problem. Even behind the scenes when they didn’t have to interact with the public, they were completely cordial with one another.

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! How fitting that my son has just successfully completed the defense of his thesis to become a Master of Science in Meteorology. He grew up obsessed with seeing your forecast. The call of “Geoff’s on!” would bring him running as a young boy… Your love of all things weather-related was so contagious that it set him on the path to this great achievement!

  12. I’m very happy about your longevity and your new career with Fox; however, if by land of steady habits, you mean CT, statics argue against you. The Day yesterday says Ct’s jobless rate is still stuck at 9.1%, higher than national unemployment rate. Still, the state has gained some jobs; but the Norwich-New London area lags behind even that.

  13. Happy Anniversay, I even heard you on the radio today doing your
    subaru commercial. I know so many people have come and gone on
    many of the stations but glad to see you back on tv where you
    belong. I do like watching Al and Denise together on 3 for the
    early news.

  14. Not only do you have a lot of TV left in you, I suspect that maybe the best TV is still to come! Happy Anniversary!

    (radio in background softly playing “You’ll miss me when I’m gone” by Geoff and the Distractions)

  15. ROTFLMAO…Ed (above) Geoff and the Distractions…. I LOVE it… You have given us so much in 27 years… Thanks to you and Helaine for believing in CT….I know you could have gone anywhere and you stayed with us…. 😀

  16. My Mom always said that I had a huge crush on Janet when I was about 3 or 4. I still consider Al Terzi, Bob Picozzi, Gerry Brooks, Joann Nesti, Ann Nyberg, Geoff Fox, Dr. Mel, and Brad Field the top brass of CT media.

  17. Nothing about Ann as an important colleague???? I wish you well, but personal principles prevent me from EVER watching Fox News.

    1. Karin – you’re talking about my ex-night wife! Ann wasn’t mentioned because I was talking about 1984. She is a good friend, excellent newsperson and one of the most physically beautiful women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

  18. Congratulations, Geoff!!! You are truly one Connecticut’s best! The heck with those that didn’t ‘get’ you. Geri didn’t really ‘get’ anyone…her head was too big. Too bad she didn’t realize that most people really didn’t like her, on AND off the air. (Sorry, lived near her in Clinton and she wasn’t a nice person to most). You are one of the most likable TV personalities around. Here’s to another 27 years!!!

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