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Since I’ve gone to FoxCT I’ve noticed a misconception held by some people who’ve never watched us. They think FoxCT is Fox News.

Since I’ve gone to FoxCT I’ve noticed a misconception held by some people who’ve never watched us. They think FoxCT is Fox News. The people who tell me that do not like Fox News.

I wish you well, but personal principles prevent me from EVER watching Fox News.

A commenter on my blog posted that Saturday. She would probably like us. She’ll give it a try because I’m asking nicely. I can’t get to everyone.

We are associated with FNC, but only in the barest way. They have nothing to do with the way we assign or report news. We do use some items from their straight news reporters like Wendell Goler and Claudia Cowen. These people are down-the-middle reporters. We are also affiliated with CNN and use their reports.

We carry Fox News Sunday. We carry it like we carry The Simpsons and American Idol.

You wont see O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck or Greta on our air.

Fox is owned by News Corp. I work for Tribune Company. We are co-owned, co-located, co-staffed and co-managed with the esteemed Hartford Courant.

I work with people who do a very good job. It’s definitely a step up. Give us a try.

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  1. Who knew? I always felt torn when I watched Fox News just to see your forecast. I thought Fox represented the dark side. Thanks Geoff!

  2. Hey,GEOFF! You all do a terrific job, at FOXCT. BUT, you have to understand, FOXNEWS, can be a bit,”EXAGERATED”, at times. Most democrats/progressives, don’t seem to get a fair shake ,when it comes to RUSH,HANNITY,et al. Having the word “FOX”, in your call letters, doesn’t help, either,BUT, those that are well-informed know the difference!

  3. It’s true. FOXCT, I was happy to discover when I switched to follow Geoff, does not have a right-wing slant in their local news coverage! In fact, I find them much less sensational and more straighforward than WTNH without much of the fluff/filler that I don’t even consider news. I can’t watch Fox News, but FOXCT on WTIC is really a different animal.

  4. Shows you how much that people really watch t.v., and sadly, the commenters show just how narrow minded they can be when it comes to national news channels.

  5. Geoff! Not all your fans share your liberal political views! I am sure I must not be the only conservative. I really can’t see that the weather has a political perspective. I watch Fox News, but also need a local station for the local news. I used to watch WTIC at 10 and then WTNH at 11. Now I just don’t bother changing the channel. And to the liberals who are distrustful of Fox News, I can only say that other news channels are just as slanted towards liberals as you might perceive Fox News to be slanted towards conservatives. In fact, the hard news programs on Fox News are pretty even handed, although the opinion-oriented shows such as Hannity are conservative. But they are clearly labelled as opinion. O’Reilly, well, he is a libertarian so everyone disagrees with him on some issues. To those who think otherwise, Rush is not on TV but only the radio. He is not on Fox News and only infrequently does interviews on any channels.

  6. Although there are many of us who knew the difference between Fox News and FoxCT, it is very easy to think they are one and the same, so I’m happy you explained all of it. It would be a shame if viewers were missing out because of political views. I have never felt that FoxCT had any “slant”…….just factual national and local news…..and of course, the BEST weather team!

  7. Geoff, welcome to the Hartford Market. Never cared much for WTNH news, but always enjoyed your forecast. With you now on 61 and with their addition of a 11:00 newscast, I have a home for my late night news.

    Never thought that people might confuse FOXCT with Fox News. I know WTIC branded themselves FOXCT quite a few years back to tie in with their affiliation with the FOX TV network. Must have worked quite well, not long after WVIT became NBCCT.

    Makes me wonder if it isn’t time for WTIC to consider taking the Fox name out of their newscast, as it could be hurting ALL their news ratings. Face it, CT is a blue state and probably has many people who are turned off by the Fox News Channel. Any association between FOXCT and the Fox News Network probably does more harm then good. The call letters WTIC and the Hartford Courant have a long rich proud history in CT, maybe it’s time for Channel 61 News to draw on that reputation. I miss the old sign off, “That’s the way it is TIC (Tonight in CT)”.

  8. I had this discussion just this morning with my daughter who was visiting from Albany. I got an alert on my phone and she was wondering why I subscribed to FOX News so I tried to explain the difference. I don’t think I did a very good job but she just dropped the subject. I’ll send her this link…lol
    thanks Geoff

  9. Thank you for clearing that up. I was a little wiggy about the Fox News thing. Now I can watch with the shades up, and my heart not feeling betrayed. So glad you are not associated with “faux News”

  10. I actually like Fox News and am not embarrassed to say it. I watched you because I like your style however, the way you expressed it was as if you apologized.. God forbid people make the horrible confusion between Fox News and FoxCT. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the liberal media – cbs, nbc, abc, cnn etc.

    1. Nicole – We’re in business. Our goal is to provide a good product that attracts an audience. If people don’t watch us because of a false impression I want to correct that impression because I want them to watch… or at least give us a try.

      You’ll see plenty of conservatives commenting on my blog. I like that. I’m glad you commented.

  11. FOX News Channel and affiliates of FOX TV Network are two different animals or apples and oranges if you will. And least anyone think FOX News Channel is news it is anything but just as MSNBC, with the former being slanted conservative and the latter slanted liberal and all for the most part as commentary programming.

    As far as CNN goes it has become more “up the middle” as compared to the other two cable news channels and has gotten back to its former roots of offering and covering news and not just talking heads except for during prime-time.

    What we are seeing here in Hartford, and speaking as one who has been in the business, is when available in various markets combining media to make one strong media/news entity by utilizing not only a shared “house” but news staff as well. This, again where available, will be the future and safeguard to keep newspapers in business as Tribune is doing. Eventually I wouldn’t be surprised seeing newspaper and radio being combined in one “house” when owned by the same owner in same or nearby markets.

    This past weekend on PBS there was an excellent program about the media and its future called “Media:Journalism in Crisis”. If you get a chance to watch it I highly suggest doing so.

    While the main theme of the program is the future and fate of newspapers it covers all media starting with newspapers to radio to TV to new media, the quality and reliablilty of news then and now and which format of news will survive in the future.

    Will we get real news or slanted commentary ? Will our news come from professionals or “wannabee” citizen journalists ?

    And should you watch I believe you will be surprised where the United States ranks in the world as far as the money and effort put into news gathering and programming.

    So for those worried about FOXCT being FOX News, don’t. Except for editorial content it is up the middle and straight reporting unlike my blog for example (which can be accessed by clicking my name) of two plus years first started at CT Media/Hearst Newspapers, now independent and which is slanted on the liberal side because of its content, news, issues and commentary regarding the LGBT community.

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