I Work Next To The Tracks

I’m going to spend too much time at the railroad tracks adjacent to the FoxCT/Hartford Courant Building on Flower Street.

Here are a few shots from earlier tonight. This is the Amtrak line leading into Hartford Station. The Courant seems to have an abandoned siding along the mainline.

I wonder if there’s a schedule for this single track line?

6 thoughts on “I Work Next To The Tracks”

  1. What is it that is so captivating about trains, tracks, and stations? The massiveness of the equipment? The caves, arches, and dark architecture? The repetition of track, stone, track, stone, combined with how little these things have changed over the decades? Passengers and the activity, too, are endlessly fascinating to me. Thanks for posting!

    1. I remember walking through at night taking pictures of the engines. one one stopped us not any problems being there. try that today.

  2. Be careful Geoff, clueless cops have been known to arrest people taking photos of Amtrak trains and lines at New Haven, under the false assumption that it’s now illegal to do so under the Patriot Act. Would hate for you to find out the hard way that the same type of clueless cops are in Hartford, too!

  3. That looks really familiar, Geoff! I used to work near the Courant building in the mid 90’s and loved to watch the trains rumble past the back parking lot of our building. There’s something I just loved about stopping to watch the trains!

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