My Dinner Was Chosen On Facebook

Bob, a native of Middletown who I met in Philadelphia and now lives in South Florida was offering food advice in Hartford.

I was musing on Facebook about my dinner prospects tonight. With no company I’d whittled my choices to one: Subway. Then I heard from Bob Leonard on Facebook.

The Franklin Ave. Grinder Shop, which I’m sure is still there, is a must!

Never heard of it! I seemed to be alone. Everyone else has.

Franklin is around 10 minutes from the TV station in a neighborhood often considered iffy after dark. Directly behind the grinder shop are small frame tenements with clothes hanging on the line.

I walked inside and got in line. The man behind me wondered why I was in Hartford. Not everyone knows yet.

When I go to Subway I order a footlong. That wasn’t going to be the case here. A large grinder was nearly $20. I had a half.

A woman in line recommended a mixed Italian grinder which came with lettuce, tomato and peppers. Yum! The half was about all I could handle.

Every city has places like Franklin Giant Grinders. The secret is finding out they exist.

8 thoughts on “My Dinner Was Chosen On Facebook”

  1. Geoff, the hot grinders like meatball, chicken parm, etc are even better. Oh how i miss the days when i could eat stuff like that. There once was a time when there was no number machine and it was every man for himself in line. Great Italian Ice across the street at the bakery too. Man, I’m torturing myself here!

  2. I actually forgot about that place. When I worked at WTIC Radio, we used to get lunch there all the time. Fantastic!

  3. Franklin Giant is the ONLY place to get grinders in Htfd. Used to go there often when my hubby worked in Htfd. Great choice, Geoff! Just don’t be tempted…Mozzicato’s is just down there street…one cream puff & your are done for! 🙂

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