The Gardener Returns

I’ll make it sound like I’m trying to help people at home grow things better. In reality I’ll be asking questions to keep me from looking like a fool!

Years ago I tended to a garden atop Channel 8’s building. If you remember those segments from “Geoff’s Garden” you’re showing your age!

It was a cool franchise, but rooftop gardening is very difficult. The garden was built in a box and dried very quickly. It needed water every day… and when I was gone those who were supposed to water forgot. I quickly learned about blossom end rot!

I had a garden at home too, but as Stef grew older and the Internet became more compelling I lost interest.

Now I’m planting a garden again at work in a beautiful spot on the south side of the Courant building. It gets 100% sun!

Bernie Gullotta who manages our building did the grunt work removing a patch of perfectly good grass and adding soil and weed guard. Robert Treat Farm in Milford will provide plants from their nursery and support in having what we need to grow food and flowers. If I take credit later please remind me of this.

We’ll be running segments from the garden on FoxCT every Thursday at 4:00 PM through the summer, but tomorrow’s planting day and I couldn’t be more excited. My boss has suggested (as only a boss can) there by flowers in the mix with the veggies I crave. Done!

I grew up in an apartment. I am not a gardening expert, but I will bring gardening experts in. I’ll make it sound like I’m trying to help people at home grow things better. In reality I’ll be asking questions to keep me from looking like a fool!

16 thoughts on “The Gardener Returns”

  1. Hey, I remember, but I don’t feel that old. Glad to have your garden segment back…thanks Fox for listening to the viewers.

  2. I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am that you are bringing “Geoff’s Garden” back! I loved it so much and remember it so fondly! Who cares if you didn’t grow perfect tomatoes? It was such a spontaneous and personal segment where you showed your adorable personality and we had a blast enjoying it!
    It is a joy to have that adorable piece of your work back on my TV! Thanks so much

  3. I noticed that the Pond House has beautiful lettuce growing in boxes, by the door, with flowers in and around them. very beautiful.

  4. Once your veggies grow you can do a cooking segment. You should also do edible flowers in you garden to compliment your food. mmmmm Is your garden going to be organic?

  5. Yes, I remember Geoff’s Garden. So glad it’s coming back and thrilled that you’re back!!! You have an amazing personality, so enjoyable to watch. Robert Treat Farm is the best, always get my plants and flowers there, Mary has done an amazing job with the shop–remember back in the days when her father-in-law sold corn and tomatoes. They also have an amazing farmers market on Wed. & Sat.

  6. GREAT IDEA!!! And, not only show people how to plant the veggies, SHOW THEM HOW TO USE THEM!!! And, would be a good thing if you showed how much money you can actually save by doing it…

  7. So glad to have you back in Connecticut you missed some weather events but the photos make it worth it. Why do back braking digging for a garden just do the “Lasagna Gardening” style of gardening. Check out web site – Also, do plant flowers mixed in for the all important Bees. Maybe you could even start a “Top Bar” Bee hive. Very easy compared to the frame hive.

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