Our House Is A Mess

I’m typing this from Stefanie’s old bedroom. There’s really no other place to go.

Our house is a mess! There is nothing on-the-floor downstairs! Not one piece of furniture. Up here on the second floor some rooms are totally empty while others are piled high and being used as warehouses. It sucks!

I’m typing this from Stefanie’s old bedroom. There’s no other place to go.

Minor redecorating. Not easy.

This morning workers who were supposed to be here tomorrow morning showed up at 8:00 AM. We hadn’t gotten home until nearly 3:00.

I hope we’re making progress. I mean, really!

12 thoughts on “Our House Is A Mess”

  1. Sounds like more than “minor” redecorating to me! But things as they may, sit back and reflect on memories from Stephanie’s old bedroom since you’re there. I’m sure most will be happy – perhaps a few sad. All will be poignant I’m sure.

  2. What a drag! But at least it is better than packing and unpacking a move! You know where things are (or sort of) now…

  3. It is a pain…this too shall pass. Amazing how as we get older, we are so resistant to any changes in our surroundings or routine, huh?
    It’ll be ok, tho…Good luck, Mr. Geoff!

  4. Yes, it’s a pain … for awhile anyway! We went through this last fall when putting hardwood floor in the livingroom. EVERYTHING was put elsewhere in the house – bedlam for awhile – but well worth the wait! Good luck in your redecorating!!

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I just paid $200 an hour for two plumbers to do the work of one (not even!) installing a DW, faucet, & disposal!!

    Should’ve checked with Angie’sList…

  6. We just went through this. The painting part was not bad as we only had to move, but not remove furniture. The new carpet in 2 halls and 4 rooms was another story. Much of our stuff went to the garage and is still drifting back in.

  7. Geoff,

    Homeowning as you know, is like a job in some ways. It’s alot of work but there are good times and lots of memories to go with it. Changing things around a little can be exciting when you think about the end result. I think the hardest part is getting started like with any project at home or at work. But once you get going your mind begins to focus on the end result which I think can keep you going until it’s finished.

    Lots of luck and hope all goes as you expect it to.

  8. OOOOOOO you could have painted before refinishing the floors – that way a drip here or there would not have made a difference! Well, live and learn – no painting eh?? 🙂

  9. Piffle.

    We usually move into a house, spend about 10 years remodeling it, then get to move after a few years, and do it all over again–ourselves. We do wood flooring, painting, tile, trim, you name it. The kids don’t know how to behave unless the house is somewhat cluttered with tools and construction materials, and at least one bathroom is ‘off line’ for remodeling all the time.

    My excuse is it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars…and it’s a heck of a good excuse to use to get new tools for the workshop occasionally…

    Currently refurbishing the entire kitchen, installing a built-in vacuum cleaner system, radio antennas, and re-doing a bathroom–all at the same time.

  10. My husband cringes when I say we need to update a room, to him it means total remodel which since he suggested it sounds like a good idea to me

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