A Day Of Reorganization

I carried the box upstairs opened it and looked inside. The first three pieces I saw were broken!

Sunday is usually my day off. Not today. We are putting our house back together. We have been a state of upheaval since January. Today started with a trip to the Depot for odds and ends.

If it’s possible to go shopping at Home Depot without stopping someone in an apron for directions at least once (usually more) it’s an experience that’s evaded me.

I am not a list maker. I succumbed today. It served me well. I came home with everything… but the pony!

This afternoon was dedicated to my office upstairs. I decided to make some changes that are only possible when you get to start from scratch. Most of the furniture is the same, but it’s how it’s arranged and how equipment is deployed inside it that’s changed.

The one component I did need was a stand for my TV. It’s been sitting on a file cabinet for the past few years. Ugly. Dysfunctional. Difficult to see.

I headed out to Target where the perfect TV stand was on sale for $25. Assembly was required, but I’ve gotten reasonably adept at that.

I carried the box upstairs opened it and looked inside. The first three pieces I saw were broken!

Seriously they were just broken in half as if the box had been tossed around by some unhappy Target employees. There were no outward signs. These were internal wounds!

I drove back and picked up another.

Whoops. That’s how my fantasy story goes. In real life it was 7:00 PM on Sunday nearly everything else was closed and there were no more.

I headed to WalMart.

OK–I know. I have written about WalMart many times. I make it my policy not to shop WalMart. Tonight I made an exception.

This time the pieces were fine (though it’s a little disingenuous to call the TV stand’s primary material “wood.”). The whole stand took around 30 minutes to assemble.

I could have put it together sooner except I screwed two pieces upside down. I dis then reassembled my mistake. Tic. Tic. Tic.

The office is 90% done. Just a few little pieces and I’ll be ready to hang some pictures on the walls.

Living out of boxes with varying access to bathrooms, closets and even computers has been a pain. I think we’re finally making progress.

15 thoughts on “A Day Of Reorganization”

  1. I have also tried not to go to Walmart, but as all of the other alternatives have closed it’s gotten harder. I miss G. Fox, Clador, even Bradlee’s – sigh. But none of them would have had the pony either. Once you finish the rest of the room, and get the pony, of course, your office will be perfect!

  2. I do know what you mean about reorganization and rebuilding. It’s very cathartic. Looks good far – good luck with the rest.

  3. Two monitors,
    Two coffee mugs,
    Three remotes…

    Accidents happen.
    Redundancy is good.

    I can NOT believe you bought ‘furniture’ at WalMart!
    +shakes head+

    1. Coffee mugs were to store screws and the like during assembly.

      I should combine the TV and cable remotes. However, ROKU’s remote doesn’t seem compatible with most universal remotes.

      I love having two monitors, wish they were bigger and there were four of them.

  4. I’ll be sending you a pic tomorrow of the four 23″ monitor set-up I have in my office. My co-workers think it is way over the top but know that it satisfies my inner geek. I know I’m more productive because of them though…

  5. Geoff since the weather has change to cooler last week i bought a AC on line at WALMART 169.00 97 cents shipping i expected their normal delivery from DUMB UPS i ordered it on monday morning it was delivered tues morning by FEDEX and ive dont alot of shopping from them but this was the best. and i shop at TARGET too

  6. I also shop at Target. It’s where I purchased my first phone. Also like to shop at Best Buy. Walmart is cool too. The rest of my shopping is done online though. That’s great you are making process and good luck with the rest!

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