I Am The Furniture Assembler

Stuff like this used to intimidate me. No more. I’ve overcome my fears. I follow the instructions scrupulously.

The twenty first century will be best known as the era of furniture assembly. Over the past two years I have earned my doctorate! Tonight I built a chair. It came from Staples. The separate pieces were packed in a box to take up the minimum amount of space.

Stuff like this used to intimidate me. No more. I’ve overcome my fears. I follow the instructions scrupulously.

This was among the best kits I’ve ever assembled. The instructions were totally done in drawings and quite clear. The hardware was parceled out in little plastic pouches numbered to coordinate with the instructions.

I attached the screws as firmly as I could.

In about twenty minutes the parts had become a chair.

How the hell did I flunk shop?

9 thoughts on “I Am The Furniture Assembler”

  1. GEOFF i built 4 of them from STAPLES my daughter has an old one i have a brokin 1 setting in bedroom collecting clothes i see STAPLES changed their free delivery price from 50.00 dollars and up to 75.00

  2. Yup, assembled the same chair myself about 2 mos. ago and agree that it was the best instructions I’ve ever seen. I wish my daughter’s crib that became a toddler bed that will be a full size bed was half as easy to put together. I have to call in an expert (my brother’s father in law) to get the bed assembled.

  3. I love reading the directions on anything that needs to be assembled. Since EVERYTHING is made in China, often the directions have a bit of a Chinese accent.

  4. Got one for the radio shack, and makes operating much more comfortable. Pretty easy to assemble too. I don’t think I even had to go for my toolkit…


  5. I understand You are now having problems with your Sciatica. See when you become a late blooming Handyman. Congratulations

  6. I’m usually just happy these days when the instructions are in English, I just installed a Wireless pc card in an old win XP box and the driver CD that came with it was some sort of Chinese education software, looks like somebody at the factory must have run off the wrong copies, and it made a simple install into a big PIA.

    Best tool for these type of assemblies and regular fix it jobs around the house, is either a Bosch or Milwaukee 12volt mini driver, amazon has a great deal on the Bosch ones, 25 bucks off at checkout, I just picked up another yesterday to store in my kitchen drawer.

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