Where Was Oprah?

Oprah was a no show for a multipart tribute to Oprah!

Helaine is watching the Daytime Emmys (while recording Miss USA). I’m trying to avoid getting caught up in it but obviously not doing a good job. Gladys Knight was brought on stage to lead a long segment honoring Oprah and 25 years of her talk show.

Let’s face it, Oprah has had more daytime success than anyone. Nothing is more appropriate than her getting an award. But where the hell was she?

Oprah was a no show for a multipart tribute to Oprah!

I hope it wasn’t meant this way, but this certainly came off as a diss to the Academy.

13 thoughts on “Where Was Oprah?”

    1. I saw Katy Perry fly to Chicago from London, do Oprah’s show, then immediately fly back to London… and Katy Perry probably doesn’t own her own jet.

  1. No – she is truly a capitalist dream. She is paid well because she generates lots of profit and there’s no doubt she is primarily responsible for its success.

  2. Not only was Oprah not there, but since it showed her with her entire staff on what looked like her Harpo studio set, it looked like it was taped some time ago (while she was still taping her show).

  3. Oprah is the most powerful woman in America. Maybe more powerful than Obama himself, who she helped be where he is.
    Oprah can diss anyone she wants and it does not affect her billion dollar income in any manner, or her new network, or her school for girls in Africa.

    She could even have stopped the housing crisis in the US with some “Oprah-tion” to keep homeowners our of foreclosure, more powerful than the HAMP program. All it took was bringing in some key figures to talk, or backing a book.

    Where was Oprah the night of the Emmys? Somewhere more important, obviously.

  4. Oprah’s was in Chicago Saturday at some cable convention so she could easily have hopped a plane to the Emmy’s in Las Vegas. I don’t think she has allowed her show to be nominated for the past several years so she probably figured that was a good excuse for not showing up.

  5. I was watching the Emmys also and was surprised she was not there they did a 15 minute tribute to her. I also heard she cut her vacation short because her network is doing terrible in ratings . I do watch it but they show the same shows or movies from few years back. I hope it does good with her there now.

  6. OK call me unamerican, but I have never watched one single Oprah show! I really could not care less what Oprah does or doesn’t do…

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