Doggie Disappointment

I thought because a dog was listed on it was available for adoption. So did the person who recommended Echo. Guess not.

I thought because a dog was listed on it was available for adoption. So did the person who recommended Echo. Guess not. I got this email around midnight.

I am sorry but Echo has been adopted.

It’s back to the drawing board. Your recommendations have been very helpful

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  1. Sometimes the dogs listed are done by volunteers. And it may take them a few days to get all the info and update!! Have you thought about rescuing from a high kill shelter? Or go through a rescue group? They wil tell you how trained the dog is. Good with cats/dogs etc. And will leave a space open for them to rescue another! There are also breed specific groups! Just my input! Best of luck!!!

  2. Geoff,

    I work with a foster group that has 202 dogs listed on Petfinder. If you would like (I will only do so upon your confirmation), I will send them a list of your wants (i.e.–puppy, small, non-shedding) and see if anyone has something you might be looking for. We will send you a pic and description and see if it is what you like.

    Let me know,


  3. Hi Geoff,
    I got a sweet, loving, wonderful pup by searching He came to me from Tennessee but is such a great dog that it made it worth the wait to get him here! I lost my faithful companion to kidney disease at only 15 months old and was so heartbroken I never thought I would find a dog as sweet as my poor baby. But I know have a wonderful rescue pup who is doing his best to help me recover from my loss. Tego is doing his best (very successfully!) to help me heal my hurt over losing my poor baby. I would do it all again, the process of adopting was quite easy even though you don’t get to meet the puppy before he arrives I was given great information from both the adoption person and foster mom. Best of luck, you will find your forever friend and it will be well worth the wait!

  4. Chin Up Geoff, you’re new best friend is out there waiting for you to find him/her. I’ve adopted two dogs off of Petfinder, and each time I thought I “missed the boat”. Some advise. If you’re looking to adopt from out of State, have a letter of reference from your vet, a couple of personal reference letters, and be prepared to fill out “adoption” paperwork. My guys came from Nebraska and California. It wasn’t easy, but today…they’re my “best friends”. Good luck and don’t give up. Remember, when one door closes……and you know the rest….lol…Keep us posted.
    By the way, dogs love convertibles…as much as we humans do!!!

  5. There is a rescue group from Alabama that comes into the PetSmart store in Waterford each month. They rescue adult dogs and pups from high kill shelters. There are so many of them and they NEED homes. The process is very easy as the dogs are already here and do not need to be shipped. PLEASE consider calling PetSmart to find out when they will be there next.
    Happy puppy hunting 🙂

      1. I agree Angie, they have been broadcasting on many channels that the shelters are full of dogs and cats needing homes in Connecticut. I just adopted a kitten from Petsmart who does adoptions through CT Humane Society. I am very happy with Roxy and she is very happy with us! Look here first for your Pet as Angie says. Petsmart in New London/Waterford and other locations has dogs and cats. I am sure you can find one to fit your needs and make a cute doggie very happy! Good Luck!

        1. Oh, by the way Geoff when I went in to visit and play with the kittens to see which one I wanted Roxy (Roxanne) adopted me. She meowed, jumped in my lap, played sweetly and I fell in love with her. She is a mixed breed, but it seems she is a non shedding kitty which is a plus!

    1. Sara,

      This is going to be hard to hear, but Lancaster is considered the puppy mill capital of the East Coast. You may have been lucky enough to get great puppies, but if you knew what happened to the breeding dogs you would be heartbroken. You should never buy from a breeder that has multiple breeds of dogs. A good breeder should have just one litter at a time, allow you to walk around their entire property, and give you a health guarantee. Plus, the breeding dog should never give birth to more than three litters in her lifetime. It is just cruel to ask for me and some of these Lancaster dogs give birth to three a year! Here is an ABC video about Lancaster (there is much more available on the internet):

      1. My brother got a pomeranian from one of those places in Lancaster county that was going to put her down because she was the runt of the litter and had hernias. She has grown to be a beautiful but still little Pom and the hernias disappeared on their own. The Mennonites way over breed those dogs for money and it is a real shame.

  6. Check Little Souls Foundation in Wallingford, CT. They have quite a few small cutie pies available. We got our rescue from there, and are very happy.

  7. Really sorry it didn’t work out with them, Geoff. As I recall it did take them a few days to pull our puppy off Petfinder when we adopted – as someone said, it’s probably all done by volunteers. Keep the faith, you will find the perfect pup!

  8. I’m glad Echo got a home. Sorry it isn’t your home, but you will find just the right dog. Or more likely, he/she will find you.

  9. I hope that you can find a dog from one of the Connecticut Shelters, While the out of State rescues may be well intentioned many ill pups are brought into the State. Both illnesses such as Parvo/distemper and internal parasites including Coccidiosis, Giardia and various intestinal worms. I know that Danbury has a large shelter, as does New Haven. Locally we have the Little Guild of St Francis in Cornwall.

  10. Hi Geoff,

    First, glad to hear you are adopting rather than purchasing- good for you!!!
    When it is meant to be it will happen. Don’t lose faith!
    We adopted our puppy last November…we found her on Petfinder. She was at Adoptadog in Armonk, NY (right over the CT border.) This was the most beautiful facility I have ever seen for animals- the volunteers were amazing and the dogs very well kept. In fact, our 5 month old puppy came partially trained! You might want to check them out at They constantly update their info, and they include video of most of the dogs available for adoption. Also, they have one pretty girl right now named ‘Foxie’!

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