Dear M&M

I noticed the packages said, “Fun Size.” No, they are not!

Dear M&M,

I’m not sure what I did to deserve it, but when I came home tonight there were little bags of M&Ms waiting for me in the pantry. I love M&Ms. Health food, right?

I noticed the packages say, “Fun Size.”

No, they are not!

A “Fun Size” should be difficult to lift. It should be measured in pounds. It should be more than I can safely eat without a stomach pump nearby.

Eighteen Ms (I counted) isn’t my idea of fun.

Fix it.

11 thoughts on “Dear M&M”

  1. M&M/MARS, is always finding creative ways, to package there candy! The FUN SIZE, is such a rip-off, compared to the jumbo(or, is it,large??) bag, found in most supermarkets. Then, there is the “DOLLAR STORE” size,WHERE did they get these??? 2, or, 3 halloweens ago???
    Its funny, i fell in love with the CRISPY M&M’s,BUT, they are no where to be found!! I’ve looked in about 20 dollar stores AND on their website. It says they were dis-continued, due to lack of sales.

  2. Geoff,
    I totally agree with you. We need the JUMBO size bag. Good luck with the puppy search. Rocco was 2 when we got him, now he is 10. We just kept checking our local dog pounds and he clicked with us. Our big goofy lovable Doberman.

  3. Geoff,

    I remember the fun size M&M distinctively from the day’s of trick or treating on holloween as a kid. People would hand out these and the small one brick hershey bars all the time. A few houses handed out full sized m&ms and candy bars, but those were more rare.

  4. Mmmm M&M’s. I love the peanut ones. The almond ones and also the PEANUT BUTTER filled ones! but in a pinch, the regular ones will do. You’re right…. those little bags should be labeled “Weight Watchers Size”, not “fun size”. If I’m having fun with M&M’s, I am gonna need at least a half-pound bag! LOL

  5. Geoff, sounds to me like your significant other was trying to soothe your disappointment re the puppy !!
    Have no fear, everything happens for a reason…………which means the right puppy for you is waiting for you. Have faith, you will find him/her. Good luck!

  6. I agree it should be measured in pounds. I enjoy eating M&m’s.It’s one of my favorite candies. I haven’t had them in a while though.

  7. I remember as I’m sure you do when all the candy was full sized and cost 5 cents. Fun size would be like a bag with 100 M &MS in it. They should call the little bag the Tease size cause that’s all they are.

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