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Every summer like clockwork a conflict arises. Some folks like it cold… Some like it hot. I thought it would be nice to finally quantify it.

Every summer like clockwork a conflict arises. Some folks like it cold… Some like it hot. I thought it would be nice to finally quantify it.

You can vote your choice on the right side of the page and leave comments here.

I’m a hot weather guy, but I think I’ll be outvoted!

36 thoughts on “Vote On The Weather!”

  1. As of now I see more people say to bring on the cold weather. Ask again in the dead of winter, after an ice storm, when the wind chill is sub-zero! Guarantee the pendulum will sway in the other direction! People are much easier to predict than the weather–they always want what they don’t have!

    1. Exactly! The vote will change if you ask in the winter. I will always vote for cold – it’s so much easier to warm up than it is to cool down! (how about cooler without feet of snow, or warmer without breaking records?)

      1. Melanie- I’m exactly the opposite! It’s really hard for me to warm up when I’m cold, but if I’m too hot, I go inside the AC and I’m comfortable within a couple minutes.

        1. You are soooo right!!! Give e SUMMERTIME!!!! My reasoning is alittle different though….I can go into a cool car, or work in an A/C environment…but if there is 3 feet of snow outside, and my job decides to CLOSE for the day…I’m screwed…NO WORK= NO PAY!!! 🙁

  2. Personally, I rather it be cold(but not <15F :O ), because you can always put on more layers and/or sit by a nice toasty fire 🙂

  3. Given the price of fuel oil, I think it’s cheaper to run the AC than the furnace.

    I’m not crazy about the heat, but it doesn’t need to be shoveled, and your car doesn’t slide off the road.

  4. Personally, I’m a cold-temperature guy, but I hate winter precipitation. I’d love it if the weather could be, say, in the 50s all the time, with occasional extensions in either direction.

  5. Hot hot hot!! I’m a beach girl & there is always AC. The less clothes the better! and I love my flip flops! 🙂

  6. I have to vote cold! You can always put on layers to adjust to the cold temps. If you don’t have AC on days like yesterday, it’s brutal!(And many of us don’t have the AC.)Down with the HOT SPELLS!

  7. I feel a little trapped in the AC when the weather gets THIS humid (notice I didn’t say this HOT). But in winter, I’m freakin’ trapped from November till March. The weather in winter requires too much manual labor. I can’t get warm for the life of me when I have to keep the furnace turned down so low due to the price of oil. Nope, no winter for me, thanks. It’s long, cold and boring. (BTW if you had asked this question any time we were having NICE summer weather instead of this inferno, no way would the vote swing the way it’s going. Just sayin’.)

  8. LOVE the hot weather, but it really sucks working in a clown wig and costume, in someone’s backyard in this heat and humidity. Thought I was going to DIE at my second party today.

  9. This is an easy one…simply put the cold PRESERVES…the hot ROTS…so yeah I prefer the cold…you can put on a coat & go out…during a heat wave you can only stay in air conditioning in your birthday suit & not go out.

  10. Hot , With Solar panels, it is easier to pay for Electricity and keep cool, in the winter, The Bad Oil man wants my first born…

    My Vote , Summer

  11. I used to be a cold weather person, but after this winter and all that snow
    I will take the warm weather and turn up the ac

  12. I’ll be honest… on days like yesterday it would be easy to hate the heat… but I will and always have been a hate the cold person… Just the thought of snow make me cringe… I love the sun, fresh vegtables from the garden, the flowers, sitting in my pool and the sound of crickets. If you ask my favorite season its spring… I love the smell of cut grass and bbq burning. So my vote is ‘LOVE THE SUMMER… HATE THE COLD’

  13. I’m all about moderation. Fall is my favorite season. If I had to pick from extreme hot or cold I would take the hot option.

  14. I’m saying hot. But quite frankly, my favorite seasons are Spring and Autumn. However, we really don’t get to enjoy either of those seasons very much. But, between cold and hot, I will take hot only because I can’t stand to put on layer after layer of clothing to take the dog out and stand there and freeze my butt off until he decides he’s ready to do his business. In addition, I have a bad back and the mere thought of having to scrape all that snow off my car so I can go anywhere and shovel myself out after the plow piles a snow mound behind it makes me crazy with pain just thinking about it. And, cold is not only snow, but it’s ice too. In the heat and humidity, at least we can get out of the house quickly without having to spend 15 minutes dressing and there’s no work to do to go anywhere. You just get into your car and go.

  15. Although I have many reasons to love the summer months, if we’re talking weather alone, I vote for the cold weather.

  16. HOT! (and humid) With the radio on … “Summer in the City”; “Summer Rain” … “Summer Breeze” … “Summer Time” … etc.
    Everything that requires a name, I name Summer, i.e., my email & my cat, etc.

    Guess that just about answers your question! LOL

  17. Well,GEOFF,I vote for hot weather! Trying to keep warm, in extremely cold weather,especially waiting at bus stops,is HORRIBLE! In hot weather, you know what to expect,keep water with you, and make it to an air conditioned place, as soon as possible. BUT, when its cold, a lot more difficult to do, especially with the cost of heat.

  18. I love summer without the heatwave, I love the winter without the excesive snow, the one that I enjoy the most and we get the less is the spring and the fall…But is absolutely true, people change just like the weather does…when is cold they want it hot, and when is hot they want it cold…I want to say that I take what ever God sends my way, but sometimes I find myself in that group too!!! I’m happy to be alive and see all the summers, winters, springs and falls and enjoy them with my kids <3

  19. Very simple Geoff….Cold Weather….you can put on multiple layers and eventually you will be warm….in the heat…well you can only go so far before people will look at you funny

  20. Having gone to college for 5 years in Syracuse…you can keep the cold cold !

    I am married to a man from Bermuda and he asked me to move to is soooooo hot here aaaccckkk!

    Give me a blue sky….a nip in the air….like we get sometimes in Connecticut…I’ll be very happy !

    Miss you Geoff…hubby every evening says…”wish Geoff was here !…

  21. I was born in August and have always loved summer. The only time in my life when I was uncomfortable with heat was when I was 7 months pregnant in August, but I didn’t complain. I do enough complaining during the winter. And you know, we only have a few really hot days a year, but the cold winter lasts for months.

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