I Love You. I Hate Your Thermometer

It’s not that I mind getting the home observations. It’s that I don’t want to disappoint you but saying you’re wrong.

We hit 103&#176 at Hartford, Windsor Locks (Bradley Airport) and Bridgeport on Friday. That’s a crazy number. It ties the all time Bridgeport record while breaking the record at Windsor Locks.

103&#176 should be enough to keep everyone happy. It is not!

Any day of extremes finds me inundated with extra extreme readings from viewers!

One Facebook friend posted her 110&#176 from a beachside town near New Haven. I’m guessing she read 12-15 degrees hotter than the actual temperature at the time.

I don’t mean to pick on that one person. Like I said, “inundated.”

She wasn’t exaggerating. That’s what her thermometer said. It was wrong!

This becomes a real problem because the last thing I want to do is diss people. On the other hand my info has got to be reasonably accurate to be useful.

On TV we show “air temperature.” That means the thermometer has to be affected only by air and not its surroundings. “Official” readings are taken away from buildings and over grassy surfaces. The thermometer is in a white louvered housing so sunlight is reflected away and ambient air passes through.

It’s not that I mind getting the home observations. It’s that I don’t want to disappoint you by saying you’re wrong.

14 thoughts on “I Love You. I Hate Your Thermometer”

  1. I wonder if you did this same survey in the winter what the outcome would be??? I will have to remind you to do this in the throws of winter! Personally I don’t mind the heat, but this intense heat is too much for me. I went to bed at 7:30pm I was so drained!!!

  2. Man, people were texting others with snapshots of external temps on their dashboard.

    Believe it or not, there was at times, an actual breeze in the city yesterday.

  3. People always seem to want the weather that they don’t have. I personally love the hot, steamy weather and would take this over cold, snow and ice any day!

  4. I can’t stand winter and the COLD SNOWY weather it brings. I can do w/o the humidity now…give me warm weather ANY day over winter!

  5. Give me the WINTER any time. I can always add clothes to get warmer, but I can only go just so far in peeling off clothes, especially running errands! In spite of the icy dams on the roof and having to pay a crew to shovel the snow off. In spite of the 8 ft. high snow pile left by the driveway plower that we had to dig thru so the oil man could deliver yet another tank of oil. Better yet, give me autumn year round!

  6. Your question does not take into account the moderates. I like middle of the road weather. light jacket and turtleneck to summer high 70, low 80 with dew point in the 50s and a nice breeze.

  7. I’m with Beverly.
    However, I swore after last winter, I wouldn’t b*tch about the heat. But this is definitely aggravating my b*tchiness.

  8. I am also with Beverly on this one, but I will take heat and humidity over snow any day. At least you can get into your car and go without first clearing it off and shoveling it out.

  9. What people need to remember, when looking at the thermometers on their cars, is that the temp reading is probably affected by the heat radiating off of the normally very hot asphalt that it is parked on. Mine read 106 the other day, and I’m sure the ambient temp was probably hovering just around 100. I also have an outdoor thermometer at home that is on the east side of the house, so when the sunlight hits it in the morning, it reads high as well.

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