Hey Congress, Enough Already!

Pompous asses don’t want to be associated with you. You’re cheapening their brand!

If the graph of my 401-K was actually a roller coaster’s track it would be shut down! Too dangerous. Too many sharp turns. Too scary.

Hey Congress. Enough already. I’m sick of you. What you’re doing in DC is rubbing off on my retirement funds.

Pompous asses don’t want to be associated with you either. You’re cheapening their brand!

We have a totally dysfunctional Congress. At least one party seems to have forgotten the goal is to advance the country, not defeat the opposition!

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said this last fall,

“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president”

Mitch. May I call you Mitch? Mitch, that’s the most anti-American thing I’ve ever heard a politician say! That’s the single most important thing for you to achieve? Idiot.

I blame a lot of this in the fiery vitriol that has overtaken politics in America. Selling a position has become much less important than injuring an opponent. Partisans get so caught up in the rhetoric they become incapable of backing down.

Compromise? Ha!

I had a small fight last night on Facebook. One of my friends published a link to a series of quotes and excerpts from Barack Obama’s books. They made Obama look awful.

Alas, they were taken out-of-context and in a few cases just made up. Obama hadn’t said those things. It didn’t matter.

When the error of her source was pointed out to my friend she refused to withdraw. In fact she doubled down posting another link. She told me she wouldn’t apologize.

She seemed anxious to hurt this president she reviles. If there weren’t facts matching the quotes she linked to it didn’t matter. Surely there were facts somewhere.

That’s what’s going on in Washington. Policies that looked fine when first introduced become poisonous when adopted by the opposition. It’s bad if the other guy thinks it’s good.

I’ve had enough of this stuff. Congress, you’re screwing around with my life and I don’t appreciate it.

24 thoughts on “Hey Congress, Enough Already!”

  1. Geoff…..I could not have said that any better! I am SO sick of what is going on in Washington. The rest of the world watches in disbelief, how could this have gotten so out of control, this was all completely avoidable……

  2. I’m tired of a Senate that will not a) put forth on paper it’s own plan for consideration or a vote. b) More than 40 cents of every dollar borrowed by the government going to pay just the interest on that insane debt. If you or I, Geoff, worked our personal finances the way the government has been run for too long? We’d end up in jail. They Senate can say “yes” to what’s been passed in the House and spend the next 6 months working out an even better plan. It is insanity that the Senate will not say yes to a 6 month plan to forestall default and insists on something to go beyond the 2012 election. Funny, ABC news did a panel of 5 different folks from various walks of life and political persuasion. They had a plan done in one hour they all could agree on. Seems to me the Senate has got to quite the “my way” game.

  3. So they go and pass a bill in the House which will never make it through the Senate. They knew this when they were doing it, but they did it anyway. I keep hearing people say Obama walked away from the talks. Did not happen that way, it was Boehner, Boner, whatever his name is that walked away and refused to talk any more. I want to see the tax cuts for the wealthy. I want to see speculation stop with the oil prices (which is really what is driving up the prices). I want to see the debt ceiling raised till after the 2012 elections so that it cannot further be used as a pawn while everyday middle class and working class people are struggling. One Congressman I believe it was said he would give back $700 a week of his paycheck to help pay off the debt and would like to see all Americans step up and do the same. LOL, does he realize most Americans don’t even make $700 per week? Everything is politics and NO governing is going on at all. We pay them to play. I want them to stop receiving a paycheck until they prove they can do the job. Then maybe something will get done.

  4. I want to see the tax cuts for the wealthy repealed. Never created any jobs anyway. That is what I ment to write. Sorry for the grammatical error in that. Geesh….

  5. I would like to see the career politician go the way of the dinosaur! It was never the intent of our forefathers to have career’s in politics. It was suppose to be service to your country. So I suggest somehow we get back to that. Limit terms of service. No more re-election for 40 years. Have the politician pay for their retirement like ordinary Americans have to. Have them pay for health care. I remember when President Obama (whom I like) said he has excellent health care. Why can’t all American get cut into the health care the politicians have?
    Now I just want to add a footnote – I am not well versed in politics, however, I do have my opinions. So if you would like to correct me you are welcome to, just don’t slam me for the sake of making me look like a goober. Thank you.

  6. I’ve written to everyone to Booner and our legislators, but I might as well be p*ssing in the wind. They are beyond clueless. 80 percent are PO’d? At this point, it’s probably 95 and they just keep stoking their egos. I think they’ve all been kidnapped by aliens and had their brains and butts swapped.

  7. Mufi, what Senate “plan” are you talking about? The issue at hand is raising the debt ceiling, the purpose of which is to pay for programs THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN VOTED ON AND APPROVED BY CONGRESS. Let me repeat that: ALREADY APPROVED BY CONGRESS. No one’s voting to give the president extra money, no matter what you might have heard.

    If Congress wants to reduce spending, then it should do so when discussing the next budget. Of course, that means you have to tell some Americans that you’re going to cut their benefits or throw them out of work, which can be political suicide. It’s much more fun to hold the country hostage and blame the president.

  8. As a rank outsider from the UK, I must say I find this whole shambolic palaver of a democracy that is being shown by the big white elephant and the ass (in this case donkey but either will do) to be screwing the American people in every orifice it can find, and that’s the polite way of putting it. I was having a conversation with my wife and the root of all the problems comes down to three things.

    1. Lack of Protest
    The biggest problem you face is you don’t make your parties do what you want them to do. I hate to say this America but you need to learn to be more French about things. You probably don’t know that the French have the best health care in the world, the best social security system, working conditions and general help for anyone who needs it, why? Because they’re not afraid to go outside in their millions and complain about it. In France the people aren’t scared of the government, the government is scared of the people, and this is the only way you can get a democracy to do what you want it to do

    2. Lobbyism (if there is such a word)
    You allow business to take care of congress and the senate, if you totalled up all the payments made to all the representatives of government in the United States over the last ten years and instead used that to pay the debt, you would probably be in the black right now. Again you can only do this by making it illegal but as it stands wall street and numerous big banks have much more power than you do because they act as a ‘Union’ on big issues they pay and they harass until they get what they want, I have never personally understood why this country is so anti-union for the most part they are responsible for a lot of good in Western Europe.

    3. Least worse option. American people in middle class America the small town folk that was so prevalent in the run up to the last election, well you in all honesty don’t matter one iota to the government, yes they need your vote every 5 years, but do they care about your 401K or your social security, your well-being/health? Not in the slightest because other than the taxes you pay you contribute very little to the fat pay check they take home. Republicans and Democrats don’t care if they reach a compromise for your sake, or even for the countries sake, they want a compromise for the least worse option for their funders. Your $50 donation or your free time doesn’t cut it.

    So what’s the solution? Well I guess that’s down to your own political persuasion but it certainly involves getting off your backside and doing something about a government that even gibbons would call dangerous. Obama tried to make a speech to some effect to get you to call your representatives in government, what you need to do is stand outside their houses chanting 24/7 until the message is ringing in their ears for the next 18 months at least. I said when Obama was elected Hope is an aspiration not a means to run the country, I hope to win the lottery, I hope for a lot of things doesn’t mean they are ever going to happen.

    I’m not affiliated or impressed by any party in the US I love this country and the people in it your all fantastic and you all live a life to be proud of.
    I do have a socialist leaning from the UK its ok it won’t harm you or infect your brain. But if ever there is a course on how not to run congressional government your seeing it right now.

  9. MITCH MCCONNEL has had PRESIDENT OBAMA in his sites, since he was elected! To me, thats blatant racism,NOT politics. The republican party isn’t strong enough, to reign in the tea party idiots,BUT, they can help democrats over-come their stubborness. BUT, is that politically expedient??? I’m on social security, with little savings. Losing even one check would be DEVASTATING. I hope congress gets its act together, soon, its the PEOPLE that got them elected! (or, was that lobbyists, hard to tell!)

  10. Guess who won’t be out on the street if the government defaults? CONGRESS! Why? Because most of them are wealthy and have everything paid for! I live on meager SSDI (Social Security Disability) payments that put me below poverty level income. My 401-K is almost gone. As another poster wrote, losing one check will be devastating to me! Especially since there has been no COLA (COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENT) in the past two years. Get ready for The Great Depression Part 2 if this situation isn’t resolved.

  11. I agree with you, Geoff. Congress has long ago, lost sight of what their responsibilities are in public office. Next election, we shouldn’t be swayed by their extolling of virtues–they all need to become jobless, like the rest of the country. And all their benefits should END!
    thank you also for your comments on the hateful e-mail that continues to be collecting in our mailboxes. While a lot of good can come from e-mail, it sure has become full of predjudice and bias. I do wish people would research their facts before they hit send!

  12. Geoff,

    Unfortunately, most of the blame must go to Obama. He had a chance to pass a budget and extend the debt ceiling less than a year ago when his party controlled the Congress. He put politics and consideration of the upcoming election over conviction.

    Thus, in Dec and earlier this year he had to “bend over backwards” to appease republicans by continuing failed policies like the Bush tax cuts and deficit reduction during a recession.

    I’m a liberal who voted for Mr. Obama but I simply don’t have faith in his capability as Chief Executive. He certainly has changed nothing about Washington and for our generation has proven that you cannot trust a politicians promises. His management style of compromise and rising above partisanship has fallen on it’s face amidst the Tea Party refusal to acknowledge his legitimacy.

    What really saddens me is the millions of young people who stood in line to vote for him who will never again put faith in a politician. The frothing at the mouth tea party however will continue to incite the country and use their influence to destabilize the nation into anarchy which would I suspect is ultimately their goal.
    The blame now solidly falls on the President.

  13. It appears Prz O. has as much influence getting his party to compromise as does Gov. Malloy. Prez O.’s policies over 3 years has not increased jobs or benifetted our economoy oe improved Americans’ standard of living. Prez O needs to take a stand for what is best for America and not for his reelection. Spending is unquestionably out of control, yet the Prez insist on additional spending. How does adding 1.6 trillion dollar deficit each year help our credit? Now is the time to seriously look at the budget. The Republicans have negotiated against themselves with atleast four plans. Prez O has presented zero plans, he just says NO. Where is his spirit of Compromise? Where is his doing what is right for us? We should all considering using half of our energy & time complaining to PRAY for OUR Congress, Our Prez, his cabinet & Czars.

  14. A general observation:

    It seems to me that some people conveniently forget the fact that a lot of people wanted to make GWB a one termer and were very vocal about it.

    So I find it somewhat puzzling and slightly hypocritical that people find what Mitch McConnell said offensive.

    Personally, I feel the same way. I believe he should be a one termer. Just because he was a one term senator from a machine politic state does not translate to being a good President.

    Machine politics do not know the word “compromise” and the President is trying to enforce that exact same philosophy.

    Now I don’t care whether or not you like the Republicans, but the President is out of his league simply because he’s not used to having any opposition of any kind to anything that he does.

  15. I am suprised that Obama is not blaming Bush for the current Grid lock.

    How can Reid refuse to let the Senate EVEN vote on the ONLY bill that address’s the debt ceiling?? The Dems are afraid to go on record, opposing a balanced budget!! Obama refuses to be a LEADER and offer ANY solution – his recent cameos on TV do nothing. I hope Obama is a ONE Termer, he surely is not a Leader.

    BTW When does Obama plan on getting out of Iraq/ Afghanistan and Cuba?? I seem to recall that was going to happen, aka his campaign clap trap. Worse the US is NOW spending Billions, in a Libyan war that is not allowed under the War Powers act.

    Maybe Obama needs to ask his buddy Rev Wright for some advice??

  16. The Senate did vote – they voted the House version down.
    The Republicans area split party — again. This has happened before (read up on the history of the GOP). When there are 175 members of the GOP underminding their own party – that is where gridlock begins.
    The posturing needs to stop – when they walk through those doors on Capitol Hill the R or D behind their name needs to disappear and USA needs to take its place.
    The biggest problem with Mr. Boehner’s bill is the Consitutional ammendment provision. Leave the Constitution alone. This comes up every few years. We have that same “law” in CT – it isn’t working here – what makes anyone think it will be okay at the Federal level? Balancing budgets isn’t what the Constitution is about. All of the politicians need to stop packing bills with extra junk- all of the riders have helped get us here.
    Give the President (any President) the line item veto.
    I blame all of the politicians — House and Senate. President Obama is the daycare leader trying to get these “kids” to behave. Those with the votes need to learn to play nice in the sandbox!

  17. Way to go Geoff! I posted this on my FB wall. I am also so SICK of the IDIOTS in Washington playing around with such an important issue. Sad to say BUT I AM ASHAMED OF LIVING IN THIS COUNTRY and DEEPLY ASHAMED AND DISGUSTED WITH OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM. These “BOYS” need to grow up and “PLAY NICE” how ridiculous is that!!!

  18. I heard an interesting interview with Dave Stockman, who was Pres. Reagan’s budget guru. He is amazed at how the purported Republican conservatives have strayed so far from Reagan. Reagan encountered a recession much like ours with 10% unemployment, and to pull the country out he selectively cut spending AND raised taxes. In fact he went on to raise taxes several times during his Presidency. During a time when revenues are way down because of so many being unemployed, tying the raising of the debt ceiling to cutting programs, many of which help those in most need without raising taxes makes absolutely no sense.

    In fact, why cave into the Tea Party’s insistance on tying the debt ceiling increase to solving the budget deficit now, when revenues are down. It would make a lot more sense to do this after the recession is over, people are back to work and revenues are back to normal levels. This is the first time in our history that raising the debt limit has been tied to anything, let alone the budget deficit.

  19. Geoff, with family members on SS and SS disability, we don’t know if our checks will come next month. My understanding is that the tea-party, 5% of the republicans, are trying to run that party. They are so busy trying to demonize they don’t give a damn about the whole country or anyone whose views differ from theirs. All we can do is e-mail, call, and make our voices heard. I’m so fed up with this crap I’m nominating my cat, Shelby, for office! She has more compassion and sense than the majority of the politicians disgracing our government.

  20. Just a few thoughts here… our enemies (for lack of a better word) in the deserts & mountains of the MidEast really don’t need to attack our country with airplanes and shoe-bombers… we are literally self-destructing… our elderly & disabled (and I’m one) are worried if they can pay for the rent/mortgage on Monday and have no Plan B available because fuel prices (and the associated hikes in food & commodities that follow) have just about used up the savings… and 44% of money spent in Washington is borrowed from the Chinese??? Honestly, we are hanging by a thread… and WHY are we still giving BILLIONS to foreign countries who aren’t really friendly to us anymore? Instead of struggling to fix a clogged drain when the bathtub is overflowing, let’s just turn off the faucet… we should be taking care of our own first.

  21. I disagree with nearly everything out current president stands for. Still, I hate those emails enumeration his faults. I never forward them. I just delete them. They can do no good for anyone and just make the hatred worse.
    I agree with Mufi. Get a deal for 6 months or so, then work out a longer term plan, in non-emergency mode.

  22. Now is not the time to address the debt. Create jobs, restart the economy and the debt will take care of itself. Look at the Clinton administration. The economy was robust and the debt was lowest its ever been.

    The republicans have not sponsored a bill that has created a single job. They have destroyed and eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    You nailed it Geoff. This is nothing but political football for the republicans. Cause an economic depression and pin it on Obama. If they really care about deficits, they would defund the wars and eliminate tax breaks for the rich.

    Bunch of phoneys. Country first my butt!

  23. I have seen the videos of how our Congress works. They waste a lot of time with useless formality and spent very little time dealing with the issues. Hopefully they will come uo with something soon as my 401K is taking a beating.

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