I Am What I Wanted To Be… Sort Of

I always wanted to be on-the-air, even as a kid. Back then TV wasn’t a thought. I didn’t look or dress like someone on TV!

I’m going to do another commercial for Premier Subaru in the morning. The morning part, ugh! I’ll enjoy making the spot. I really enjoy this TV thing.

I always wanted to be on-the-air, even as a kid. Back then TV wasn’t a thought. I didn’t look or dress like someone on TV!

I wanted to be a disk jockey or (and don’t ask me why) to be a live booth announcer (they were live then) doing station breaks and show opens.

I sometimes listen to old radio shows and fast forward to hear the announcer do the closing credits. No need to listen to the show. The announcer was all I wanted to hear.

I hope this isn’t giving away too much, but I was a broadcaster before I was a weather guy. I became a meteorologist because there’s little on-air demand for someone just being Geoff. I am very good at being Geoff.

I took 53 credits as a grown-up with a family. It was different than going to school the first time. More important.

There are a million places for you to get the weather. For you to watch I’ve got to add something you can’t get elsewhere. That thought is constantly with me.

When I’m on-the-air I work to entertain the people in the studio. Tough crowd. They see TV being made every day. That’s my challenge. If they’re happy you’re happy.

God, I hope so.

My job is just as good as I thought it would be when I lusted after it as a teenager. I know few are this lucky. I count my blessings.

13 thoughts on “I Am What I Wanted To Be… Sort Of”

  1. Even though I am now here in New Hampshire, Geoff, I have the greatest respect for you as a forecaster as well as a person. From the old days to FOX61, you have always come off as the man to turn to for the weather. Don’t change a thing!

  2. We are both blessed to have jobs we love. Lucky for you, you get paid a lot more than I do. But I love my job anyway.
    With the power off, I got to listen to some old radio shows. It was fun. And yes, I listened to the announcer tell us the credits.

  3. Your being lucky has made us lucky, too. Win-Win situation! You bring something special to your broadcasts. Not only your obvious knowledge of the subject, but your personality and your honesty, I believe.
    WYSIWYG, as they say. And WG something special. Thank you.

  4. The biggest hardship my wife is feeling being displaced to a hotel is that they don’t have your station on their channel line-up… we can’t seem to find your forecasts streamed on-line.

  5. When you “perform” for us each night, it appears so easy and natural. Geoff, you were born to be on TV. The love you feel for the job you have shows in so many ways. I really don’t think you even have to try to find something that is going to attract us to you. We are just naturally attracted to your effervescent personality. Keep being Geoff. That makes us very happy.

  6. You are indeed a lucky person Geoff. You have had the opportunity to follow your calling; not many people have that chance. Don’t sell yourself short, you are good at what you do and are quite informative and entertaining to boot! What a GUY ;=D!

  7. I think Diane K said it perfectly. I think you have the perfect combination of meterological skills and knowledge and a fun personality. You were, indeed, born to do what you are doing.

  8. Hey Geoff, You kept us safe and sane during the tumultuous time of Irene and many time before. Soemthing about your forecasting knowledge and calming demeanor just works very well. Keep up the great work!

    The commercials are great, but just promise that you won’t be ‘forecasting big savings’!

  9. Geoff- you got to be what you wanted to be! And the fact that you still want to do it and enjoy your work- that’s the most important thing. And keep doing what you want for as long as you can- you’re a lucky guy and we all enjoy your efforts.

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