I Love Naps

I’ve fallen asleep on airplanes before they’ve taxied from the terminal. I’ve fallen asleep in my chair at work. I’ve scrunched into the fetal position and napped on a hard floor.

I was up at an unconscionable hour today: 8:30 AM! OK, maybe not for you. For me that’s pretty close to my daily bedtime. Today was a taping day for more commercials for Premier Subaru… and now Premier Kia too!

The shoot was over by 11:45. I had a choice:

  1. Go to work three hours early
  2. Head back to Hamden for a nap

I headed south!

Of those few things I can do that Helaine can’t, this is the one where she’s most missing the boat. There is nothing better than a nap to recharge.

As a kid I remember my grandparents visiting midweek after my grandfather had already worked a full day. He would plop in the living room chair and soon be snoring away. As a twelve year old I didn’t get it. Now I do!

I can nap anywhere. The sofa in our family room is my favorite spot. It doesn’t matter if Helaine is watching TV. I’m that good.

I’ve fallen asleep on airplanes before they’ve taxied from the terminal. I’ve fallen asleep in my chair at work. I’ve scrunched into the fetal position and napped on a hard floor.

If napping is ever in need of a celebrity spokesperson I’m available.

If you don’t nap you have no idea what you’re missing. Sad. Your loss.

14 thoughts on “I Love Naps”

  1. Naps ROCK!!!! I have taken them in my car on my lunch break when working long hours. Came back refreshed and ready to tackle my work!

  2. I envy you. Whenever I’ve napped, I’ve woken up more tired than when I fell asleep. The length of the nap doesn’t matter. I never even napped when I was a child. I guess some of us have the nap “gene” and some of us don’t. 🙁

  3. Nap is so over rated as being bad when it’s really good for you. I feel better when I do nap. The good part for now my 3 year old daughter likes her afternoon naps and we nap together. It sure gives me a good excuse for now 😉

  4. I share your appreciation of naps, that’s for sure. But you are doing commercials? The once sacred line between news and advertising seems to be the latest victim in the ever changing media world.

    1. Joan – Yes, the world is changing. However, for years weather people have done commercials, including Al Roker and Willard Scott.

      I value my name and reputation and think you’ll see that reflected in the companies I’m willing to represent.

  5. I laughed when you wrote to fall asleep before the plane leaves the terminal. Sign of a seasoned traveler!! I am not that; my husband Paul is. So I have made him promise to stay awake until we are off the ground. It’s hard for him, but he does it!!

  6. I love to nap just I have a habit of naps becoming a full blown sleep. During the recent power outage was a prime example 30 min naps turned into 5hr sleeps. Although I went to sleep like you waiting for the plane to taxi off the runway, I woke up again flying over Ireland. The only time I’ve ever slept on a plane.

  7. It’s the ole Puritan mentality. As kids we balked at naps. As adults, we often crave them but they’re just not generally accepted. We feel guilty. Sometimes I think we feel guilty for needing to sleep.
    And those who get up at the crack of dawn are seen as being so noble and efficient. I need to get up at 7 a.m. and I feel like I’m barely functional until 10 or 11. I hit a peak about 4:30-5, just when the average work day is ending. Then I squeeze in a couple of hours freelancing, but often have to quit just when I get a second wind, so I can get to bed at a decent hour to cope with getting up at 7 a.m. In the meantime, my husband gets up at 4 a.m. for his job. We’re chronologically incompatible!

  8. I’ve been napping for years. Everyday I announce to my little dog “it’s nap time” and he curls himself up at my feet as I lie back in my recliner and the house is quiet for a good couple of hours. After that I can cope with the rest of the evening. Naps are a necessary function of life IMHO.

  9. Naps are the best….I too can sleep anywhere……I have relatives in HI. I once made the flight back alone. Was asleep before we left the ground in Honolulu and woke up when I heard the pilot tellling us to prepare for landing in chicago !!!!! that was a nap !

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