Walt Disney And Depression

How old is CNBC’s nighttime audience? It’s obvious the people watching are at death’s door. Just look at the commercials!

I’ve been watching a bio of Walt Disney on CNBC. Forget Walt for a second. How old is CNBC’s nighttime audience? It’s obvious the people watching are at death’s door. Just look at the commercials!

A spot just ran for a drug that reduces the risk of stroke. Who goes to the doctor to request the no-stroke drug? They’re not running that on Jersey Shore.

This show is full of life insurance, ‘mobility’ scooter and drug ads. It’s depressing.

More depressing, Disney died he was only four years older than I am. I thought he was an old man?

This was not the feel good viewing experience of the summer.

12 thoughts on “Walt Disney And Depression”

  1. LOL – I relate, Geoff. Just went to my 40th High School Reunion and felt more like I was at a family wedding…”Isn’t that ol’Aunt Betty over there??” “Who are all these old people??” It’s sometimes hard to believe that now we are reaching our senior years. Not yet, though, not quite yet!

  2. Love the blog. Keep up the great work. Would love to interview you one of these days.

    Although quite abrasive, we really are nice people lol

    Thanks for being the dude who gave me my weather report for much of my life & never steering blame when you are wrong haha

    THAT my friend takes balls

  3. actually you are probably talking about Pradaxa… which is getting advertised all over the place by maker Boehringer-Ingleheim (Danbury)… It is an incredible alternative to Cumodin/Warfarin… which millions of people get prescribed… I had been on it for months before I saw a commercial, and had no idea just how much better it was for me… (35% less chance of a stroke) I was just glad to know I don’t have to have monthly blood tests to detect the amount of “rat poison” in my system!

    And BTW… I’m five years younger than you! But I have A-fib, a heart arrhythmia that causes pooling of blood and in turn blood clots which are the cause of strokes… I would shout it’s praises from the hilltops…

  4. Hey geoff, I was talking to a friend of mine, and he said there is a computer model “GFS” that has a interesting Track for about a week from now. He said that it’s very Long way off, and there is NOT much confidence in it. But he knows that I watch all the time. I just wanted to know what you thought .

  5. Back in the 60s, when Walt Disney died, people looked old by the time they reached 50. Also, there are probably a lot of Jersey Shore watchers who are just as likely to have a stroke–they just don’t want to be reminded of it.

    1. Darren – great point! The secret to my grandparents never seeming to age was that they looked like old people at age 60. They didn’t look much different when they finally passed on at 89 and 95! They weren’t so pre-occupied with looking young like we are. Liza

  6. Hi Geoff,
    I’m a CT native and Tampa resident who’s followed your blog since the beginning! I guess you could say “long time reader, first time commenter.”

    Since I’m a Floridian now, I’ve sort of become a Disney nut. That said, I know that Walt was a HUGE smoker, had lung cancer, and was generally in poor health. So don’t worry! 🙂

    (Side note: all cast at Disney points with two fingers because a) some cultures consider it rude to point with one finger and b) Walt always had a cigarette in hand, and would point using both fingers)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Geoff- those commercials are on during the news at lunch time. i don’t know who follows the demographics of the viewing audience but i am beginning to wonder…

  8. TV is riddled with drug commercials – half the time you wonder if the side effects make it worth taking. I never liked to take even advil, however after a major heart attack I take 7 pills daily.

  9. Guess ya do what ya gotta do to keep on going. I am up to 3 prescribed pills. The rest are prescribed by my wife.
    Ya Walt kept the smoking a secret fro the kids. He didn’t want them to start because he smoked. I still think he was a good host for his shows. They have never been able to get anyone with his enthusiasm.

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