I Took Clicky To My Favorite Place At FoxCT (photos)

This is not a dainty job. It’s staffed by hard working people who get dirty! They must stay focused. The equipment doesn’t forgive mistakes.

We don’t just produce television where I work. We publish a newspaper, The Hartford Courant. The whole shooting match is done in our building, right down to printing the paper.

Saturday, during a lull in my hurricane tracking duties I went to the presses. They are three stories tall! Powerful. Loud. Massive.

In a typical week well over a million papers run through those presses. On a typical day it’s millions of pages.

This is not a dainty job. It’s staffed by hard working people who get dirty! They must stay focused. The equipment doesn’t forgive mistakes.

Take a close look at the facility. Beautifully maintained. Spotless. A lot of pride on display.

Here’s a little of what I saw.

15 thoughts on “I Took Clicky To My Favorite Place At FoxCT (photos)”

  1. Great pictures! I love newspapers. One of my favorite things to do is read the morning paper with a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee. Sadly, the morning paper is an endangered species, and I share in the responsibility for that, because I also like to read the news on the internet. I suppose it’s just progress.

  2. Thanks for posting such cool pics Geoff!!! I am going to show them to my daughter so she can see where our daily newspaper comes from!!!

  3. Very interesting. I used to work in book publishing, and I loved doing press approvals at the large printers–Rand McNally in Versailles, Kentucky, was my favorite.

  4. Thanks for the great pics. My mother was a reporter for The New London Day and used to take me to see the presses run whenever she took me with her to the newsroom. Of course in the late 60’s and early 70’s they had typesetters and it was quite a different process! I remember when they started introducing computers into the newsroom…my mother was horrified and thought she would never adjust! She’s 74 now and still editing and writing from home and couldn’t live without her computer!

  5. Great pictures and indeed a clean shop. As a kid in the late 1950s I delivered papers for the weekly Windham County Transcript, and we’d wait for our papers just outside the printing room. They fed the sheets into the press by hand, and it was fascinating to watch. They also had the old Linotype machines to create the lead type for the press. The noise from the Linotype and the press was incredible.

  6. I can’t believe how clean the place looks! Its obvious the COURANT takes pride in its paper. This is NOT your fathers DAILY PLANET!!! Hard to get the COURANT in my area,its dominated by the REGISTER and CT POST. I buy it, whenever i’m in downtown NEW HAVEN (i’m in WEST HAVEN)

  7. Goss presses, huh? Back in the day, I worked for Harris Graphics building presses (predominantly for magazines, though.) Explaining the printing process (especially multi-color) would be a great science segment.

  8. I would love if you did a science segment on the four color press. Or actually any printing process. It would help explain it in my mass communication classes. We do visit our paper in town but it is a weekly with a web press. Sometimes we get to a larger city with Goss presses but not all the students can go because they are working for our media outlets or our small town paper or radio station. We seem to train folks for the smaller weeklies and dailies in rural America. Sometimes one of our folks will escape to a larger place and work for a big daily or in a larger TV market.

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