Where Did Summer Go?

There was disappointment in her voice. I knew what would come next. “Now I’ve got the windows open.” We have fallen off a weather cliff!

“We had the air conditioning on this morning.” It was Helaine on the phone. There was disappointment in her voice. I knew what would come next. “Now I’ve got the windows open.”

We have fallen off a weather cliff!

A few minutes ago I walked across the newsroom and out to a little deck off the lunchroom. Light sprinkles are falling. It’s chilly.

Have I mentioned it’s still officially summer? We’re getting gypped!

Not everyone is as disappointed as Helaine and me. I went to Facebook and began to read my newsfeed.

Christine Palmieri: jeans sweat shirts uggs my kinda weather 🙂
Jan Basoli: Loving this cool air…. windows are open and the breeze is blowing right in……
Erin Raymond: feels like fall!
Ricky Spreyer: This is the weather I wait all year for!!

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. They probably already have their roof rakes unfurled and are praying for snow.

This all comes on the day of my last 2011 garden segment. The first frost is just around the corner. I am not good with cold and snow.

Last winter I had other concerns which took my mind off the weather. Possibly your heard about them?

This year it’s me and my Subaru fighting the drifts and counting the days.

Trust me, I will count the days!

17 thoughts on “Where Did Summer Go?”

  1. We had our concerns too Geoff…..not having our favorite CT weather guy during such a horrible winter! Thank goodness we got you back on the air!

  2. I like the fall weather, Geoff. Bright, crisp days. Chilly nights. Not cold. Not snow or wind chills. But I do love a crisp night!

  3. I have to say Geoff after last year I am with you and Helaine. My roof collapsed on my shed and I lost alot. Yes, the fall is pretty but along with that comes Allergies and Winter ahead five me sunshine and beaches any day !!

  4. Fall just reminds me that soon all the trees will be bare, the days will be short and summer will be far away. And I’ll be counting the days until spring.

  5. What Leslie said. I’m actually sitting on my enclosed front porch in my winter coat and I’m still shivering. What? I don’t smoke in my house. (And yes, I know I should quit).

  6. The outdoor thermometer reads 48.5° and there is a stiff breeze. It’s 10:05 P.M. in Barkhamsted, elevation 1142 feet. Time to get out the wool blankets.

  7. I’m already dreaming about next May. Autumn is just a precursor to winter…..I sure hope it’s nothing like last winter! I suppose I was born in the wrong part of the world…..the Equator sounds about right. 😉 So I am as disappointed as you and Helaine with the waning summer, Geoff.

  8. Not to mention that we are getting cheated on beautiful fall foliage. Leaves are just turning brown and falling off the trees!! Hate that. And as for tonight in my best virtual Sinatra voice: The Canada wind came rollin’ in across the sky….

  9. GEOFF,This is MY favorite time of the year!! Its just beautiful, tonight. Actually needed a light jacket, to take out the garbage,saw a shivering raccoon !!! The forecast for next week, is showers, upper 70’s and HUMID,YUCK!!

  10. just tell me we’ll only get half of the snow we got each storm last winter and i’ll be happy…i like it cold…i sweat when it’s above freezing…hehe…

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