Shhh… It’s A Secret

It was Thursday. We broadcast a segment from my garden alongside the Courant/FoxCT building. When I got there two of our engineers were standing nearby. They had a piece of gear they were admiring. I know what it is. I can’t tell you.

I can describe the equipment as cleverly aggregated. It’s mainly off-the-shelf hardware used in a unique way. One of our guys customized a Pelican case to hold it.

I didn’t realize it when I got to the garden, but I was a beta tester today. Cool.

When we’re ready to show this technology off I’ll let you know. For a geeky guy like me it was exciting. Your mileage may vary.

7 thoughts on “Shhh… It’s A Secret”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    I watched your segment today from the garden. I can tell you I did notice a difference with the sound quality. The sound was going through some heavy compression…it sounded much lower quality than I’m used to hearing. I was going to tweet you about it but thought I would sound picky.

    Now that you’ve mentioned something about some new equipment being used for your segment today, it makes sense. Just thought you should know. 🙂

  2. Nevermind the surprise (although I’ll be waiting to hear about it) What is up with that pepper? Looks small like what I have been picking……Not a good year for Bells? Were all yours like that? I have beautiful plants, just not producing any decent size fruit!


  3. Maybe it’s one of those Wonkavision thingies that made the pepper REALLY small, and they’re planning on using it on-air to miniaturize stuff!

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