Oh My Aching Back

I have no idea what went wrong. It just sort of happened! Maybe it was while I worked in the garden Thursday afternoon. Who knows?

My back is killing me. This is day three. It’s a little better than it was yesterday. That’s the right direction.

I’d say I don’t complain, but Helaine would stand up, walk over and slug me!

“I can board a plane first now,” I said while stuffing a heating pad between me and the sofa. Infirmity has some upside I suppose.

Meanwhile I have no idea what went wrong. It just sort of happened! Maybe it was while I worked in the garden Thursday afternoon. Who knows?

“Your posture has gotten better,” Helaine noted.

Yes, because I’m scared to do anything but stand totally erect! Actually I’m only a West Point cadet from the waist up. Down south my body is contorted with every step.

There’s something going on tomorrow I’d like to photograph. If my back’s a little better I’m there. If not another day of not complaining and pre-boarding begins.

7 thoughts on “Oh My Aching Back”

  1. My back went out once for no reason, Geoff and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced! Heating pads, long hot showers and if you have to leave the couch and go out in public, those stick on heating pads typically used for cramps really do work (and they easily stick on your back). Feel better soon! Take lots of Advil – my doctor recommended three to four at a time.

  2. Geoff, I put out my back very early in my life. First time was a severe muscle pull and I was walking bent over with a heating pad on an extension cord strapped to my back!! Next time it went out was about a week after I had slid a couch on the floor into another room. I learned then that you can do something to your back and it can show up days or weeks later. It would be good to have your dr. look at it. I always assumed my back was muscle problems. Long story short, I finally had to go see a otho, and found out my spine cracked in the front, and when I was opened up the surgeon found it had cracked in the back, so I had a broken back and didn’t have a clue. I’m sure you back is not in the condition mine was but you really should get it checked. Everyone goes through degenerative disc disease as we age – not saying you’ve age ungracefully but you have aged as your in the same generation as I am. Hope you feel better I can definitely relate (with 2 rods and 6 screws now in my back!) Maureen

  3. I’ve had a bad back since 2003. I have all sorts of things wrong with my back which began years ago and became chronic in ’03. If your pain doesn’t subside by Monday, I’d recommend you see your doctor and discuss a recommendation for a good Chiropractor. No manipulation, but let him do some deep tissue massage, ultra sound, and TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy. Also, heat is most effective if it is moist heat and should be used 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. If you’re still experiencing pain tomorrow, I would highly recommend not going out tomorrow. However, if you choose to go anyway, be advised that walking on sand or rocky ground is ill advised. It pulls the muscles in your back in ways that would make you cringe and by Monday you won’t even be able to get out of bed. I know this from first hand experience.

    I know exactly how you are feeling right now and I feel for you. Be a good patient and rest and take care of your back. It will heal much more quickly that way. Sometimes we don’t have to do anything at all to cause back pain. It just happens so quit racking your brain trying to figure out what you did. You’ll never know. Fact is, it happened. If you’re going to take 4 Advil, take one Motrin. Same thing.

    Also, a big bowl of ice cream is good. Won’t do anything for your back, but it will make you happy.

    Hope you feel better real soon. Please keep us posted (how silly. Of course you will, DUH!!!) 🙂

  4. Oh Boy, a chance to complain and give advice!!!
    Don’t stay in one position to long sit, stand, walk, lay down keep changing.
    Stretch out gently.
    Ice not so much heat or those ice & hot stick ons.
    A walking stick ( it looks cool).
    My personal favorite Vodka.
    Good luck don’t rush it!

  5. Great advice Geoff from wonderful people. A heating pad and Advil are your best friends when you hurt your back. You might want to consider going to see your primary care or orthopedist if it’s no better by Monday. No only do more things “act up” more often for less reason after we turn 30 (LOL) but we also take longer to heal. I, literally, feel your pain. Hope you’re able to sleep tonight.

  6. All I can say is NO WAY! My back went out on Friday for no apparent reason as I was walking in my hallway… I feel totally helpless and the pain meds are killing my stomach. Luckily I have my friend’s back brace to help! I literally feel your pain! I am headed to the website your friend Steph posted above! Hope to see you on-air tomorrow.

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