All This And Thundersnow

As snowstorms go this one rocks! No, not because I love snow. I don’t. It’s because this storm’s done pretty much everything that’s been forecast. The snow totals have been (or will be) close. The power outages were as predicted.

At Bradley International Airport we broke the record for this date and for October. It didn’t take much. The October record was under 2″.

There was one added feature that wasn’t mentioned in the run-up, thundersnow! We get this every year or two and it’s always a surprise to people who hear it or see its flash.

Thundersnow is the product of a rapidly developing low pressure system. There is an explosive drop in the barometric pressure which causes a large upward motion inside the system. It’s often accompanied by a burst of heavy, large flakes.

Today’s snow is very wet… almost white slush. It’s über slippery too. It will be very heavy when shoveled or plowed.

This storm will be gone before dawn Sunday. Life will return to normal. What a pain!

7 thoughts on “All This And Thundersnow”

  1. Those flashes with thunder snow scare me. Sometimes lightning in storms like this look too much like power flashes. BTW, I didn’t hear any thunder at all today.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out to North Haven at 10pm — it’s rare we hear our town called out on the air! (must be a ‘hot zip’ with a neilsen meter!!!)

    Great work tonight Geoff.

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